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Your Lucky Numbers for August 31-September 6, 2016

Hello out there! I think this week, the emphasis should be on communication when it comes to love- don’t allow yourself to get too bogged down in second guessing things or assumptions and you’ll be able to handle pretty much anything. In terms of money, be a bit careful, but having some fun probably will help [...]

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Is a Lack of Sleep Ruining Your Life?

Going to sleep and sleeping soundly should be an enjoyable and very natural process. However, sometimes it can be difficult to go to sleep and stay asleep. For those who simply cannot sleep, no matter what they try, mind-body therapies like hypnosis or meditation could, in fact, act like a magical cure. A lack of sleep can also affect your immune [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for August 24-30, 2016

Hello out there! Early on in the week, things will seem pretty good for both love and money- but, keep it balanced. Don’t fall prey to over-the-top impulsiveness. Good luck! Victoria Aries Highlight Days for Money: Tuesday and Wednesday Highlight Days for Love: Wednesday Aries Numbers this week: 01-09-20-30-31 / 02 Taurus Highlight Days for Money: Wednesday and Thursday Highlight Days [...]

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Is Diabetes Keeping You From Living Your Best Life?

Are you currently struggling trying to maintain a healthy diabetic diet? Is living with diabetes leaving you feeling overwhelmed or restricted? If you are having trouble maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, there is a better way. Techniques like hypnosis or meditation can be very effective when it comes to helping you stick to a healthy lifestyle. Living with diabetes can certainly [...]

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The Good and Bad of Chemo - What You Need to Know

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Do you feel like the chemotherapy side effects are worse than the cancer itself? Do you experience nausea much of the day? Chemotherapy drugs are powerful medicines that can cause intense side effects. If you are going through chemotherapy and have discussed the possible side effects with your doctor, hypnosis is a [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for August 17-23, 2016

Hello out there! With that lunar eclipse happening- it’s a wonderful week to plant some seeds for long term gain that you’ll hope will grow. Whether that be initiating a new relationship, starting to change things to grow closer in an existing one or investing: that’s where it’s at this week! Best of luck! Victoria Aries Highlight Days [...]

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Happy Birthday, Virgo! August 22 - September 22

Happy Birthday, Virgo!You’re in good company- and though most Virgos prefer to hang out behind the scenes, running the show: well, there are a number of celebrity Virgos including Keanu Reeves, Stephen King, Cameron Diaz, and Richard Gere. Virgo is thought to be based on the Greek goddess Astraea- daughter of Astraeus and Eos. Said to be the virgin goddess [...]

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The Pain of Substance Abuse

Addictions are often deep-seated behaviors. For those struggling with substance abuse, life can be very hard. Substance abuse can rob you of your ability to enjoy your life fully. It also insulates you from healthy emotions and it can take control of your actions and thoughts. Alcohol dependency can be described as the need or desire to consume alcohol in [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for August 10-16, 2016

On your marks, get set, budget! You’re going to want to start getting things nice and organized as of last week: we are in that shadow period before Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo. More on that, of course, next week: because even though it doesn’t station until the 30th: this one’s a neat one and it [...]

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Free Astrology Lesson - August 2016

THE RULERS OF THE HOUSES Before I begin, I’d like to give you your keys to looking at astrological elements. These graphics will help you to better figure out what you’re looking at- and I will help walk you through the where. We talked about this in July’s astrology lesson, about minor aspects, which won’t really be shown here- [...]

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