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"Malachi communicated in a really human and sincere way! That means a lot in this techno age."

Jill J


"Victoria Reinertsdatter is my go to advisor. She has been for years. No matter the medium she has an almost uncanny ability to sift through the static and bring out what you NEED to hear. Not want. Need. Put Victoria on retainer and you'll never go to another reader."



"Jen's readings are very insightful and provided me a lot to think about. She is quite personable, made me feel very comfortable, and is engaging during a reading. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading these days. She's fantastic!"

Andrew B


“I was faced with a tough decision regarding a possible career change. I reached out for a quick reading to aide me in making my choice. She didn't give me a definitive yes or no answer. She did, however, give me all the pros and cons of changing jobs in easily understood terms. She took the time to describe each card's meaning and how it related to my dilemma. I felt confident about the decision I made and am very happy where her guidance has lead me. I would definitely recommend her and do plan on using her services again.”

Jennifer Marie


"I really enjoyed your reading. While all of it described my relationship with my best friend, some of the things listed we had already moved past, but it was still extremely accurate to how our friendship has developed. It was just an exceptional reading overall, and it was great to learn more about each other. I LOVED it. Also, I'm fairly certain she and I are a power couple that are going to take over the world :D Thank you SOOOO much!!! You are amazing!!!"



“BIll has been a very accurate reader with me he has predicted that I would have more business coming in and also a change in finances for the better. He has helped me to see a great change in my life too. He saw that I would be writing and also my health was good and also a move which all came true he saw great things ahead for me and gave great details to show me things. All the stuff he predicted came to pass he is an excellent person to work with. “



“I've known Bill Duvendack personally for about six years. I've have attended many of his classes, workshops and webinars. I've also had many valuable tarot readings. He brings us to our fears and instead of us meeting it with trepidation, he is able to spin the experience with eye opening life lessons that is not only enjoyable but welcomed. What a wonderful gift and I am extremely grateful for the experience. The money that you're investing is not in Bill but in yourself. Bill takes an active role with clients. He balances respect for the client’s time and convenience with your need for something you can use. His approach and delivery is unique and of the utmost high caliber. The bottom line is you get results."



“Amazingly Accurate…”



"Loving so much the Star Blasts! Thank you for all you do here :) I received my Natal Chart with Asteroid Report a few months back and absolutely loved it! I now have it in a binder and I refer to it quite a bit. The information in the report is amazingly accurate. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Tarot Readings too! Great work here! Keep it up :)"



"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - Absolutely the best meditation series I've ever used! Highly recommend, you simply won't be disappointed!"



“Great Customer Service.”



"GREAT SERIES - Absolutely amazing and highly effective. You are able to download meditations and store in your documents for years to come. Highly recommended."



"GREAT POSITIVE APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS - I have been listening daily for 3 weeks. I love the positive affirmation. I find it much easier to avoid the triggers previously impossible to give into. Thank you!"



"WORKED LIKE A CHARM - I got this MP3 and I quit smoking 20 days ago. With the help of this MP3 it has been the easiest quit I've ever done. Minimal cravings and the suggestions work. No weight gain either!"



"I QUIT!!! - I quit smoking from the very first day I listened! I have tried many times before, and the hypnosis doesn't even TELL you not to smoke any more, it's weird, but it works 100%! I am sooo happy with this product!"



"WONDERFUL! - I've tried meditation before with varying results. This program left me well-rested and relaxed. Thanks!!!"



"FEELING BETTER ALREADY - This recording is very relaxing and gives many positive messages that help me to feel stronger."



“Great as a present, put mine on a flash drive and took it to Kinkos and printed it on good paper and binded it.”



“I heard from an acquaintance, he [Bill] was a reader of tarot and did not sugar coat his interpretations. While waiting for my turn, I watched a young woman storm out in anger after a reading with Bill. I thought, “Good! Finally someone willing tell me like it is!” Don’t take me wrong; it was not in a cruel way, but a non-judgmental, very honest, not to mention uncanny reading. Since then, I have been to him a few times for tarot and Astro-dice sessions. They have always been spot-on and very helpful. They usually pertained to relationship issues and my professional life. In a nutshell, Bill told me I needed to go to the doctor and get a full check-up, blood work and all… Start taking vitamins, or whatever to keep my health up. I told him I would. In response, he said, “Do it! Don’t blow it off!” I assured him, I would make an appointment. Soon after, I made an appointment with a doctor. I found out I was in the beginning of a very serious illness. If I had not taken Bill’s advice and not been proactive, I would have succumbed to the disease.”

J Lynn


“Very thorough and accurate picture of my life and personality. I truly enjoyed reading my birth chart analysis.”



“I read this report and acknowledged most of what was written for myself and my partner - there is a few things to take note of and this should enhance our relationship for our happiness together.”



"Love everything u guys do!"