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Daily, Weekly & Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Star Blast Horoscopes - tomorrow's insights today! Now with daily, weekly and monthly formats for love, career and general overview horoscopes - all in  one place!

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Star Blast Horoscopes for July 9-15, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Your Horoscope Hey out there! Welcome to another wild week, and this one really IS one. I had been doing a little reading, and you know, I am familiar with the names for the various phases of the moon, though [...]

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July 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscope

Hey out there! We open the month with Chiron retrograde which I get more into in this week’s Weekly Star Blasts. Be sure to check those out for a basic understanding of how this may influence you. On to July’s monthly horoscopes! Have a great month, VictoriaAries ♈ The month opens with Venus moving into Gemini, which will help [...]

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Star Blast Horoscopes for July 2-8, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Your Horoscope Hey there! This week might start out on a little bit of a tense note, but don’t worry. It mellows somewhat towards the weekend. ☺ Take a look at those tensions and see what can’t be resolved. Also this [...]

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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 25-July 1, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Your Horoscope Hey out there! You’ll remember that last week we talked about how the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd’s influence would carry over for the next four weeks, continuing through until July 23rd’s New Moon in Leo. [...]

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Mercury Stationing Retrograde

I have already explained a little bit about what Mercury stationing Retrograde really means, in a prior post, you can read that here: What Is Mercury Retrograde? One thing that I am forever telling people is that to really figure out how to end the various cycles you see play out during any planetary retrograde cycle is in determining [...]

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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 18-24, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Your Horoscope Hey out there! Our New Moon this week is a really positive one. Though it closes out the week on Friday the 23rd, you may be feeling a bit ready for that new start early on in the [...]

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Where is Your Rising Sign's Ruler?

Prior blog posts in this series: August July June So, for September, we’re going to take a look at the ruler of the rising sign’s planet and its placement. Actually, if you have your own chart wheel- this is a fantastic time to go ahead and pull it out so you can follow along. If you don’t, well, you can pop right on over [...]

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The Power of Mindfulness when Coping with a Terminal Illness

Meditation and mindfulness and other mind-body practices can help you live in the moment and learn to appreciate each new day that comes along. When dealing with a terminal illness, mindfulness can offer you great relief. The present moment is really all we have - because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow has not yet happened. Mind-body techniques like hypnosis and meditation are very [...]

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