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Meditation vs Hypnosis

Meditation and hypnosis both use the focusing power of the mind to help people make lasting changes. Both practices can help one increase mental clarity, focus and concentration. Similar to other wellness practices like yoga or Guided Imagery, both meditation and hypnosis have many benefits. Studies have shown that those who meditate on a regular basis actually show increased activity [...]

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12 Zodiac Signs (Part 2)

In our  12 Zodiac Signs blog, we talked about how the elements and qualities are the basic ingredients of the zodiac signs ("Signs"). Each sign has a combination of basic attributes unique to itself. Then, we add the influence of its ruling planet and we get the complete features of the sign. However, the most important [...]

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Your Ascendant/Rising Sign

In astrology, the Ascendant is the point at the eastern horizon where a specific sign was rising at the precise time of your birth. The Sun is born at sunrise when the Sun is on the Ascendant in the birth chart. Every two hours, a new sign is rising or emerging. At the end of [...]

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Money During Mercury Retrograde

For those who aren’t familiar, Mercury has a relatively fast orbit. Roughly 84 days, and 3-4 times a year, Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun. Each retrograde itself will only last around 21, 22 days. However, the weeks before and after usually still hold the energies of the retrograde itself. The shadow phase before will begin to [...]

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What is Mercury Retrograde? (Part 2)

I have already explained a little bit about what Mercury stationing Retrograde really means, in a prior post, you can read that here: What Is Mercury Retrograde? One thing that I am forever telling people is that to really figure out how to end the various cycles you see play out during any planetary retrograde cycle is in determining [...]

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Why Have Your Child's Birth Chart Done?

Frequently Asked Astrology Question: Can I Have a Natal Chart For My Child Done? The short answer to that one is that yes, you absolutely can. I don’t think I have to tell any other parent out there how sometimes it’s easy to feel completely blindsided by the particular experiences we do. They say it’s the toughest job, except I have [...]

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Introduction to the Planets

Astrology studies the cyclical movements of the planets and the planetary influence on human life. People live on Earth. So, astrologers developed a geocentric model where the planet Earth is the center point of observation, but that doesn’t mean that the other planets orbit around the Earth. In astrology, Earth is the center of observation; [...]

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Were You Born "On the Cusp?"

Ever had a friend born on the cusp? It means their birthday falls close to when the Sun was departing one sign and giving place to another sign while still carrying energy leftover from the sign they're leaving. Folks born on the cusp sometimes feel like their Sun sign doesn’t really fit and for some [...]

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