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Money During Mercury Retrograde

For those who aren’t familiar, Mercury has a relatively fast orbit. Roughly 84 days, and 3-4 times a year, Mercury passes between the Earth and the Sun. Each retrograde itself will only last around 21, 22 days. However, the weeks before and after usually still hold the energies of the retrograde itself. The shadow phase before will begin to [...]

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What is Mercury Retrograde? (Part 2)

I have already explained a little bit about what Mercury stationing Retrograde really means, in a prior post, you can read that here: What Is Mercury Retrograde? One thing that I am forever telling people is that to really figure out how to end the various cycles you see play out during any planetary retrograde cycle is in determining [...]

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Why Have Your Child's Birth Chart Done?

Frequently Asked Astrology Question: Can I Have a Natal Chart For My Child Done? The short answer to that one is that yes, you absolutely can. I don’t think I have to tell any other parent out there how sometimes it’s easy to feel completely blindsided by the particular experiences we do. They say it’s the toughest job, except I have [...]

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Introduction to the Planets

Astrology studies the cyclical movements of the planets and the planetary influence on human life. People live on Earth. So, astrologers developed a geocentric model where the planet Earth is the center point of observation, but that doesn’t mean that the other planets orbit around the Earth. In astrology, Earth is the center of observation; [...]

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Were You Born "On the Cusp?"

Ever had a friend born on the cusp? It means their birthday falls close to when the Sun was departing one sign and giving place to another sign while still carrying energy leftover from the sign they're leaving. Folks born on the cusp sometimes feel like their Sun sign doesn’t really fit and for some [...]

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

First, the prerequisite: “What is Mercury Retrograde, anyway?”  Mercury is a quickly moving planet and as a result, 3 or 4 times a year it stations retrograde. Much ado has been made of this particular transit, but it’s really not as intense as many would have you believe. What happens is there is an optical illusion [...]

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Money and Your Birth Chart

We get asked about two things more than anything else: Love and Money. Let’s take a look at how you can find money in your own chart, or when to be aware of losing money. You get the idea. Houses The 10th house is pretty obvious because it’s the house of career and financial status. Ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, this is [...]

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Compatibility Reports for Love

Invariably, at some point in everyone’s life, the question arises, “Is my sign compatible with my romantic interest? My partner?” And that’s a really great question, except, as with every other thing in astrology, it’s really not that simple. A while back, we had a look at Venus in the natal chart in our astrology lessons, and that’s part of [...]

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Astrology: The Mother of All Sciences

In many ways, astrology is the mother of all sciences. Astrology uses scientific knowledge about the heavenly bodies along with other scientific tools such as star charts to predict the future. Both astrology and numerology are used to generate expectations about events that may happen in the future. The basic premise behind astrology is that the heavenly bodies such as the [...]

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