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​What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the cycles of the planets. By observing the cyclical movements of the  planets, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the cycles and patterns in our own lives. Astrology can be a powerful tool to unlock a greater spiritual connection to the universe. Although astrology is not fortune-telling when [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for September 21-27, 2016 in Love and Money!

Hello and welcome to your lucky numbers and days for the week ahead! As I mentioned in our Star Blasts, this is an interesting week for love and money, for sure. Like I said there, be careful of those get rich quick schemes and as usual: anything that looks too good to be true, it [...]

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Happy Birthday, Libra! September 23-October 22

Happy birthday, Libra! The Sun moves into Libra right around September 23 and will be there until October 22. Of course, this changes a little from year to year, but not by much. My very favorite poet, E.E. Cummings was a Libra born into Libra decan 3: October 14, 1894. The three decans of Libra are: Decan 1: September 23-October 3 Decan [...]

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How to Be a Co-Creator in Your Own Healing Process

When it comes to illness and disease or something like cancer, attitude is everything. While it may be hard to think positively in the wake of a cancer diagnosis, one thing we know for sure is that a positive attitude is much more healing and restorative than a negative one. When it comes to your outlook, attitude is everything because [...]

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The Power of Positive Thoughts When Facing Cancer

Are you stressed or anxious of facing a cancer diagnosis? Do you have days when you are in pain or days when you just can't get out of bed? Is it hard for you to relax and let go?If you spend the bulk of your time worried and diseased focused, you might just be holding yourself back. If you are [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for September 14-20, 2016

Hello out there! This week’s got a lot of interesting energy rolling around with it, as well, so be sure you take a look at our Star Blasts for the week to get a much clearer picture of how those things play out in love and money. Taking risks based on intuition and good solid hunches [...]

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Living With Neuropathy

Neuropathy or nerve damage is a condition that occurs when injury or disease damages the peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nerves are the nerves that originate from your brain and spinal cord and they extend to your skin, muscles and tissues. The nerves are like the communication lines of the body. Electrical signals from the brain travel through the nerves [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for September 7-13, 2016

Hello out there! Don’t forget, we have a little bit of the ol’ Mercury retrograde rules applying: so, take special care in your communications with loved ones so that you’re able to slow down and prevent big misunderstandings. In terms of investing or other financial investments- you might actually find your instincts getting a bit of [...]

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September 2016 Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Hello again- Welcome to September! This is a busy month, and you're going to find you can really use much of what's going on to begin to close out your year on a high note. Let's just get right to it- oh, and I have provided what I hope is a helpful general overview for you about what you [...]

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The Mystery of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a complex disease that can sap your energy and leave you feeling exhausted. Although there is no one cause, that doesn't mean you cannot lead a healthier life because meditation can offer you real relief. Mindfulness techniques like meditation allow you to escape from the day-to-day pain and focus on healing, which can be very soothing and relaxing. Focusing on healing [...]

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