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#1 - What’s your return policy?
#2 - How do I use a coupon, gift or certificate code on your site?
#3 - How are your products delivered?
#4 - How long does it take to receive my order?

•  How are astrology and numerology readings delivered?
•  When will I receive my astrology and numerology readings?
•  How will I view, save and print my astrology and numerology readings?
•  What if my name was different at birth?
•  What if my gender was different at birth?
•  What if I don’t know my birth date or time?
•  What’s your return policy on astrology and numerology readings?

•  How do hypnosis and meditation work?
•  How are hypnosis and meditation audio programs delivered?
•  When will I receive my hypnosis and meditation audio programs?
•  How will I download my audio programs or ebooks?
•  What’s your return policy for hypnosis and meditation audio programs?

•  What should I expect after ordering a custom mindfulness program?

•  What should I expect after ordering mindfulness coaching?

•  Who is and why should I buy from you?
•  Is my personal information safe on your website?
•  How can I pay for my order?

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More FAQs to help before completing an order

How are orders delivered?

We offer two type of delivery depending on the products you purchase:

•  Immediate Digital Download – Our MP3 Audios, eBooks, MP4 Videos and other multimedia offerings are available for immediate digital download for a period of 90-days from the date of purchase on our site. You can download your products from your secure online account.

Apple Mobile (iOS) Devices - Apple's mobile iOS does not allow the download of MP3 or MP4 files directly to their mobile devices. You will need to first download the file(s) to a desktop computer, import them into an iTunes library and then sync iTunes with the mobile device to listen.

If you try and use the files without following the above steps, your device will attempt to stream them over the internet, usually causing skipping and other poor performance characteristics.

Use can also use a third-party app from the App Store, like MP3 Player Free, EZMP3, VLC, Musixmatch, Groove and there are more. Astrologic Answers does not recommend, endorse or support any third-party apps.

Non-Apple Mobile Devices - Android, Windows and other mobile devices allow direct download of MP3 and MP4 files to a mobile device for immediate listening.

Desktop (Non-Mobile) Computers - Desktop computers allow direct download of MP3 and MP4 files for immediate listening.

•  Personalized Astrology and Numerology Readings – These products are made to order and delivered by email in high-quality PDF format. Orders are sent from To ensure you receive your order, Whitelist in your email program.

•  Custom Mindfulness – You will receive an email after placing your order with instructions on how to complete a detailed needs assessment so your program can be written. We will email you the written script once complete for your review. Once approved, we will begin recording your custom program and deliver it in MP3 format.

•  Mindfulness Coaching – You will receive an email after placing your order with instructions on how to schedule your coaching session. Coaching sessions are performed using Skype, Google HangOuts, Email or US telephone and in English only.

How long until my order is delivered?

•  Immediate Digital Download – These products can be immediately downloaded and then redownloaded for up to 90-days by logging into your secure online account. A link is also included in your order confirmation email.

•  Personalized Astrology and Numerology Readings – Our personalized reading reports are made to order and delivered by email in 3-to-5 business days.

•  Custom Mindfulness – Custom programs are complex to create and require your input and approval. They are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks but can sometimes take as long as 4 weeks.

Mindfulness Coaching – Coaching sessions are scheduled on an individual basis and at times that are mutually agreed upon between you and the coach.

•  How do I use a Coupon, Gift or other Certificate Code?

  1. Add products to your cart and when done shopping, click "Proceed to Checkout" and choose if you are a New or Returning Customer
  2. Log in or create an account
  3. Choose "Bill and Ship to Same Address," select “Free Shipping” if applicable and then click "Continue”
  4. Enter your coupon code in the "Gift Certificate or Coupon Code" box located on the right side just above your order total 
  5. Click the "Apply" button for your discount to be applied.

Please note that only one coupon can be used at a time and coupons cannot be combined.

What if my name was different at birth?
In Numerology, your personal numbers and the course of your life are determined by three facets of you:

  1. Your birth date, which cannot be changed,
  2. The name you were given at birth, which cannot be changed, 
  3. The name you use today -- which can absolutely be changed multiple times throughout your life.

Changing your name can actually change the course and quality of your life. However, for astrology, your reports are unaffected by names or changes in names.

What if my gender was different at birth?
Gender, if required for astrology and numerology products, are informational only and help to identify use of the proper personal pronoun in the report. Gender is never a driving factor when producing astrology and numerology reports.

What if I don’t know my birth date or time?
An astrological birth chart is a scientific calculation based on the exact alignment of the planets at the precise moment and place of your birth. Birth chart accuracy has been greatly aided through the use of modern day computers. Many astrologers refuse to provide astrological readings if the exact time of birth is unknown since it affects the outcome. will produce your report in the absence of an exact time of birth, so long as you know the place and date of birth. Simply use 12:00pm as your birth time if it’s unknown. The accuracy of your report will be affected, and we always recommend using the nearest birth time, if known, for accuracy.

How will I view, save and print my astrology and numerology readings?
Please be sure that your computer or other device has Adobe PDF file reading capabilities. If it doesn't, you can download Adobe PDF Reader for free at or you can visit the iTunes or Google Play stores to find compatible apps.

Who is and why should I buy from you?
Astrologic Answers began in 2012 by offering astrology products. We've since evolved into a full alternative wellness resource offering astrology, hypnosis, numerology, meditation and more. We take pride that all our products are 100% GREEN and delivered right to your email inbox in high-quality Adobe PDF or through digital audio download. To learn more about us, you can look at our history.

Is your website secure?
You can feel comfortable submitting your personal information online at Connection to our store is through 128-bit encryption that is monitored and verified by McAfee and GeoTrust.

Our store is hosted on lightning-fast SAS 70 Type II certified servers and our data centers employ hacker deterrent security provisioning, three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls.

We boast Secure Sitewide Socket Layer (SSL) protection so every page is secure on our website. We also utilize 3rd party credit card processors so your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

What is your return policy?

•  Immediate Digital Download – If after purchasing any of our audio programs, you're unhappy for any reason, we’ll gladly substitute your audio for any other of equal or lesser value. Limit one exchange per customer. Custom Mindfulness excluded.

All warranty and audio program satisfaction claims must be emailed to us within 60-days from the date your order was received. Claims must include: original order number, date and amount of the original purchase, the exact reason for the claim and include a copy of the product you are returning.

•  Personalized Astrology and Numerology Readings – We will gladly remake or replace defective products resulting from our errors or omissions. We cannot accept returns for made to order items except when errors or defect are solely the cause of our staff or team.

•  Custom Mindfulness – We cannot accept returns or make refunds for these custom and made to order items. We will, however, correct any defects in your custom audio program and work with you personally to help ensure your satisfaction.

•  Mindfulness Coaching – You may return unused Mindfulness Coaching sessions for store credit only. Please email us your return request. Requests must include: original order number, date and amount of purchase and the exact reason for the return.

How do hypnosis and meditation work?
Meditation is really nothing more than a means for entering a hypnotic or trance state. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all drift in and out many times each day, like day-dreaming or tuning-out. A simple definition for this hypnotic state is concentration on a single thought, idea or outcome at the exclusion of all others.

Meditation actually has the exact same definition as hypnosis. And in their most basic forms, hypnosis and meditation are nearly identical methods that achieve this common trance state. The primary difference, if any, is that hypnosis usually has a deeper induction period and a more focused outcome (phobias, compulsions, pain relief, etc.), whereas meditation outcomes are usually shorter and more generalized (relaxation, stress relief, etc.). This subtle distinction makes each a bit more appealing for certain conditions and symptoms.

There are many positive reasons to practice meditation and hypnosis. The benefits are so compelling that a number of Fortune 500 Companies, professional sport teams and educational institutions are incorporating meditation and hypnosis into their cultures, training programs and curriculum. Notable examples include Apple, Google, Target, the Seattle Seahawks and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Some of the benefits to the use of meditation and hypnosis include:

  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Improve concentration and creativity
  • Increase self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Increase happiness and increase joy
  • Reduce chronic pain and boost the immune system
  • Reduce fear and unwanted behaviors
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Help you sleep and tackle addiction

Guided meditation as a form of self-hypnosis -

Our meditation programs include spoken words and therefore can be categorized as guided visualizations or guided meditations. These programs are intended to take you on a journey of imagination, led by a narrator and with a specific outcome in mind. This could be relaxation, peace, stress relief, helping make a choice and the list goes on. It’s really the induction of a shallow hypnotic state to achieve a singular outcome.

Our hypnosis programs can be thought of as longer guided meditations. There’s really very little difference between hypnosis and meditation except the length of the program and the more focused outcomes for hypnosis that are more applicable to certain conditions like overcoming phobias, compulsions, unwanted habits and the like.

There is such a broad overlap between hypnosis and meditation that the distinctions are blurred because the outcomes are so similar.

Cultural acceptance -

Like the practice of yoga that two-decades ago was almost unheard and considered mysterious and voodoo-like by some, the benefits of hypnosis and meditation are becoming more known and mainstream. Yoga is now a $20-bil industry in the US alone. But meditation and hypnosis are beginning to catch up as more of their benefits are being proven and their use is becoming more widely accepted.

Meditation has become more culturally acceptable in the western world. Hypnosis has unfairly gotten a bad rap due to stage hypnosis stunts that portray people and unconsciousness and losing their will while in a hypnotic state.

Clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis are not stage hypnosis and neither can make you lose control or lose your ability to exercise independent judgment. The stories of participants making fools of themselves on stage under hypnosis are just that, stories of fiction made to entertain.

In summary, both hypnosis and meditation are completely safe and effective. Each provides a pleasant, relaxing and generally positive experience. Our programs have helped thousands of people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. They can help you to do the same.

How can I pay for my order?
For your convenience, you can pay for your order using PayPal, most major credit cards, any remaining store credit, a valid gift certificate balance and/or in conjunction with a valid coupon code. We never store or otherwise record you credit card or other payment information.

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