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Add to your email's whitelist or safelist

Spam has become such a problem that email and internet providers have put blocking and filtering systems in place to tell the good guys from the bad.

We applaud every effort to protect you from spam, but the current system is not perfect and can often block desired emails that may mistakenly look like spam.

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Gmail - from within your account...

  • Copy-and-paste into the Search Email bar and click the ▼ located to the right   


  • Click Create filter


  • Check only the boxes next to Never Send it to Spam and Categorize as:Primary (if applicable) and click Create filter


  • If content tabs are turned on in Gmail, our emails may end-up in your Promotions tab; you can move them to your Primary tab by dragging-and-dropping them


  • To turn content tabs off in Gmail, click the Gear icon located in the upper right and then uncheck all boxes on the following screen except the box next to Primary, keep that one checked


Yahoo! Mail - from within your account...

  • Click the Settings icon located in the upper right and then click More Settings


  • Click Filters and then Add New Filters
  • For Filter Name copy-and-paste
  • For From under Set Rules, select Contains from the drop-down
  • Enter for the filter criteria and click Save


Outlook Live, Hotmail, and MSN - from within your account...

  • Click the Gear icon located in the top-right corner and then click More Mail Settings


  • Click Mail and select Junk Mail
  • Under Safe Senders and Domains, click Add to List
  • Copy-and-paste into the domain filed and press Enter


Mac Mail - from within your account...

  • Select Mail and Preferences from the top menu
  • In the Preferences window, click the Rules icon
  • Click the Add Rule button
  • In the Rules window, copy-and-paste for the rule name
  • Use the following settings: If any of the following conditions are met: From Contains
  • Copy-and-paste next to Contains
  • Select Move Message and Inbox from the drop-down
  • Click Ok to save

Don't see your email provider listed? Consult Google and search for Whitelist Instruction [your email program].