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Astrologic Answers began serving customers in 2012 by selling computer-generated astrology reports. As we began to learn about our customers, we added numerology products to our lineup.

As time went by, it became clear that a majority of our customers were using astrology and numerology, not for entertainment, but to gain valuable insights into themselves, their lives, other people and the future.

After carefully considering customer needs, in 2015, we partnered with Leslie Riopel, MA, ACHT - a master educated psychologist and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist. After a thorough collaboration, we introduced our first line of alternative-wellness hypnosis and meditation audio programs exclusive to Astrologic Answers.

Our audio programs have been designed to address many of the same needs that customers identify in astrology and numerology readings. These programs proved so popular that by the summer of 2016, our hypnosis and meditation digital library had grown to include over 125 different single and multi-pack healing programs.

We have continued to see that, while personalized astrology and numerology readings were helpful, our customers needed more one-on-one support to delve deeper into the occult and other forms of mindfulness – hypnosis, meditation, deep-breathing, etc.

To meet these needs, in Fall of 2016, we partnered with three exciting professionals to become our Spiritual Counselors and started offering personal One-On-One Spiritual Coaching services along with Live Astrology, Live Numerology and Live Tarot Card Readings by video chat, text chat and email.

We’re proud to introduce the newest additions to our team, our Spiritual Counselors, Reverend Victoria Reinertsdatter, Occultist Jen Devillier and internationally-acclaimed Reverend Bill Duvendack.

Leslie Riopel, MA, ACHT – our Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Expert, also, began offering personal One-On-One Mindfulness Coaching services to assist customers in learning about (and getting the most from) hypnosis, meditation and other forms of mindfulness.

With input and help from customers and visitors just like you, we’ve come to see our products as a holistic lineup to help customers identify and address issues in their own lives.

We’ve seen the occult – astrology, numerology, tarot prove itself as an excellent tool for identifying issues (personality traits, relationships, money, career, future, etc.). We’ve, also, seen customers overcome and address these very same issues using mindfulness programs hypnosis, meditation, affirmations.

Astrologic Answers is an alternative-wellness resource, offering a variety of digital products - non-physical and 100% Green – along with free resources to help people learn about themselves, identify issues that are important to them, and offer tools to help overcome those same issues.

So far, in our first four short years, it's been our distinct pleasure to have served more than 100,000 customers from five continents. We’ve enjoyed learning from each of you how we can better meet your occult, mindfulness and alternative-wellness needs.

We love to hear from you! The good, the bad, the corny…we want it all. So please Contact Us and let us know what’s on your mind.

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Christopher Roesner
Astrologic Answers