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Financial Astrology: Understanding the Different Types of Astrology

I have decided to switch gears, again, this month. One of the things that I am noticing out there in the New Age and Astrological community is people are having a seemingly difficult time with the difference between types of astrology. If they understand those differences, even more still are sort of duking it out over which are [...]

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Financial Astrology: The Second House

Last month, I gave a lecture for The Gathering For Financial Consciousness , an event put on by Dr. Dana Williams. It was a real pleasure to sit down and talk about these things because I think all too often- you talk to anyone who works in the metaphysical niche and money almost seems like a dirty word. The thing [...]

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June 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscope

Hello out there and welcome to June! It’s going to be an interesting month. So, let’s get right to your horoscopes. Have a great month! VictoriaAries ♈ During the first week, you may find yourself feeling a bit more emotional as your ruler, Mars moves into Cancer, a water sign. This may have you feeling quite a bit [...]

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Living Life with PTSD

PTSD can leave you feeling damaged and broken. Those with PTSD often experience symptoms far beyond the actual occurrence that may have caused PTSD. Living with something like PTSD can literally make life unbearable. PTSD, or posttraumatic stress disorder – once known as shell shock or battle shock, is a very serious condition that can develop [...]

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The Pain and Agony of Social Anxiety

Sometimes you can get anxiety from other people. If you suffer from social phobia, you might become very anxious about being with other people or simply anxious being in large crowds. Those with social anxiety or social phobia might also have trouble talking to other people in a social setting.People with social phobia might also [...]

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Mercury Retrograde - August 2016

Okay, I suppose before I get into the nuts and bolts of this station- I should do the standard blurb: Retrograde planets are not really moving backwards, they just appear to be due to an optical illusion. They tend to have sort of, I don’t know, periods of time both before and after where sometimes you can feel the [...]

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Dealing With a Lack of Appetite - What You Can Do Now

Do you suffer from a lack of appetite because of a medication or health reasons? Are you sick and tired of everyone trying to get you to eat? Appetite control is a very complex subject, involving signals from outside and inside the brain. It's important to maintain adequate caloric intake for homeostasis and survival, but for those who struggle with trying [...]

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Financial Astrology: Using Eclipse Cycles

I thought for a while, as I had this drafted, if I wanted to go into this for the financial astrology blog post this month. I remember talking about the impact of the eclipses a little with others over the course of 2016, and mentioning that during certain events, we were in fact, planting the seeds for that [...]

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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 4-10, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Hey there! This week our Transit Spotlight is on Friday’s Full Moon, which is going to be at 18-degrees Sagittarius. I actually wanted to introduce you all to the Sabian Symbols this week, because this happens to be [...]

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Star Blast Horoscopes for May 28-June 3, 2017

Click on Your Sign to Read Hello again and welcome to another week! We close out the month of May with an interesting trine on Wednesday, but our Transit Spotlight’s just a bit lighter this week. Mercury trine Pluto may help to better your [...]

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