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  • Arthritis Hypnosis Audio
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Arthritis Hypnosis Audio


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Are you tired of living in pain? Is arthritis and pain taking over your life and stealing your joy? Are you struggling to get out of bed and struggling to get through the day? Are you looking for a natural cure for arthritis? Believe it or not, hypnosis can help by helping you learn how to use your mind to lower the threshold of pain you perceive.

Imagine getting up in the morning, pain free? What if you were able to effortlessly move through your day, feeling a new energy and vitality? Our natural cure for arthritis hypnosis session can give you a new lease on life. It really is that simple. You deserve to feel good once again, and it is possible.

Hypnosis is so powerful it has even been used in place of anesthesia. You can train your brain to simply ignore the symptoms of pain, so you can start living a better life, a healthier life. It is important to realize that pain is your body's warning system that there is something not quite right. If your pain is something that has been treated and the pain is "not required" then the use of hypnosis is a wonderful choice of treatment to reduce or eliminate it.

In this session, you take steps to reduce and manage your pain through the use of powerful imagery. The truth is you can retrain your brain to interpret pain signals differently. While your body generates nerve signals your brain has to interpret those signals. How the brain interprets those signals determines what kind of feelings you have in your body.

You can change your typical response and you can change how your brain interprets the dis-comfort associated with arthritis. Once you learn this trick, you can start living your life the way you are meant to live it, enjoying each and every moment and moving freely.

In this session, you learn to dis-associate from your pain, and move into feelings of comfort. Set to the music of Kevin Macleod's "Peace of Mind," and the lovely sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls in the key of C, you will experience healing on two levels, through relaxation and through the healing tone of the musical note C, which helps heal the body's root chakra, which is also associated with arthritis.

All MP3 products are available for a total of six downloads over a 90-day period...this way you can save all your hypnosis audio tracks to multiple devices for easy and repeated listening.

These sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical doctor, they are meant as a complementary procedure. We do not claim to cure, diagnose or heal any ailment...these sessions are meant strictly for the purpose of relaxation and visualization only.

Always listen to hypnosis audio products in a quiet environment that will allow for relaxation and even sleep. Never listen to hypnosis audio products while driving or operating machinery.


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  1. Very Useful 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd May 2017

    This recording mixed with my meditation practice nicely. Good recording and very calming narration. Definitely helps me to feel better.