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Star Blast Horoscopes for May 21-27, 2017

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey out there!

This week’s major astrological event is the New Moon in Gemini on Thursday.


A little refresher on what a New Moon can mean for you: You see, this is going to mark the end of one lunar cycle and the start of another, a 28-day cycle, not just something for Thursday, but rather something that the impact sticks around for a bit. It’s a great time to take stock in the things that have been going on, and sort of allow yourself either some do-overs or even straight up new beginnings working straight on through to the next New Moon in June.

Not much going on with this New Moon, actually. No aspects to it, it’s just sort of… there. A lot of people have made much ado about the fixed stars and otherwise, but really, I tend to think there’s something at play which will have much more impact; a grand trine that does involve the North Node, which will then activate Saturn trine Uranus. As I mentioned before, that’s a really positive thing, and it will foster change that doesn’t get everything all freaked out and chaotic, but rather things more in your control or easier going in terms of getting things back on track or otherwise, just changing up your life.

In general, a Gemini New Moon is a great time to think about the areas where you’ve either been at one end of the spectrum or another: if you’ve been a bit on the inflexible side, it may be time to learn to work on adapting. If you’ve been a bit flaky, work on that, too. It can sometimes provoke a little unneeded drama. So, you may want to watch for that in both yourself and others. For the most part, you’ll probably find that sort of thing can reveal areas of your life where you want to cut some ties or possibly, work on how you communicate with those you’d like to keep.

Have a great week!



aries-icon.png ARIES

In both work and at home, you might be feeling a little on the busy side, as though things are a bit more hectic this week. Don’t let people and circumstances overwhelm you to the point you burn out. You need to work on setting appropriate boundaries and sticking to them. Balance during this time is absolutely essential, but now more than ever as you have areas you’d like to focus on more, but can’t, you’ve got to lay down the law with some energy sucks in your life.

Aries Affirmation this week: Saying “No” to others is often saying “Yes” to me.

taurus-icon.png TAURUS

For the next week, carry around a pencil and paper, Taurus. You’re going to find your best ideas hit you when you least expect it! These ideas need fine tuning and fleshing out because they are made of pure brilliance. Perhaps it’s time to put a whiteboard in your shower after all. Whatever you do, make sure you’re noting these random flashes of insight for later use.

Taurus Affirmation this week: Dreams are only dreams until they’re made goals.

gemini-icon.png GEMINI

As this month winds down, you may be finding yourself really lost in your thoughts more often than not, Gemini. That’s okay. When you get like this, do a little digging and see where your mind and heart are trying to take you. Are you really getting everything you need? If you feel like maybe you deserve better in some situations, there’s a good chance you are right about that. Don’t be afraid to calmly, but firmly stand up for yourself.

Gemini Affirmation this week: Asking for what I want and need is the best way to get it.

cancer-icon.png CANCER

You may just feel a little bit annoyed at others this week and questioning what the heck they’re doing in your life, Cancer. Unfortunately, that may actually come into play for you this week. Mood Wise, you’re going to be a bit on the darker, perky side. It’s hard to explain, but you’re going to be feeling a little less tolerant of annoyances, and a whole lot wittier. Be careful what you say, this week and to who you say it. Gossip could hang you up hard. So, just avoid the big mouths, and you’ll be fine.

Cancer Affirmation this week: Being mindful of powerful words uses them to my advantage.

leo-icon.png LEO

Have you been noticing that tech issues have been popping up and just making things a royal pain, even now that Mercury has stationed direct weeks ago? The Universe is, in fact, tapping you on the shoulder, trying to let you know there are places where you can trim the fat. However, when you go with the cheaper option purely because it is, you’re going to have to put out so many fires that it’s no longer really that inexpensive. Get it done right, Leo. Corner-cutting won’t avail you a bit here, and this isn’t your usual way anyway.

Leo Affirmation this week: Standing up for the right thing sometimes means standing alone.

virgo-icon.png VIRGO

As we go into a new month, this week, take a minute to think about all the good in your life, Virgo. You have been struggling with feelings and thoughts for a bit now, and that’s not Pluto and Saturn retrogrades still talking. You’ve got some very real changes you want to make in your life. You’ve been avoiding them, but they keep coming up, even in dreams. It’s time to make a plan and go with it.

Virgo Affirmation this week: Positive thinking won’t make the changes, but it will help me see they can be made.

libra-icon.png LIBRA

You find your mind is just buzzing with ideas this week, Libra, and you need to wait. Waiting is no fun for you when you’re not willfully procrastinating, but these ideas need time to percolate, to brew up stronger and you need No, you need to fine tune those plans and make sure all the gears are in their proper places. This holds true in each and every area of your life. So, don’t shy away from the ideas, but do your research to make sure you can implement them well.

Libra Affirmation this week: Further fine-tuning bold ideas make them that much more effective.

scorpio-icon.png SCORPIO

Life is starting to do some weird stuff, Scorpio. The energies are intense and transformative, thanks to Pluto retrograde, which does tend to dip into the weird and change things a bit. However, the upshot of the odd delays going alongside is, taking a little time to work with those changes will really lend a boost to everything you do. You are so well equipped and into transformation that you rise to the challenge and you thrive. Give yourself permission to enjoy the transformation and understand the slowness of it is sometimes with good reason.

Scorpio Affirmation this week: When it seems “Hurry up and wait” is a thing, channeling my energy is key.

sagittarius-icon.png SAGITTARIUS

A number of things have been mucking about with your perceptions lately, Sagittarius. Take extra special care in who and what you’re giving the side-eye to. You may be missing the real culprit as you go up against someone who can be a real ally to you. If you find yourself really questioning things internally, it’s best to open up and ask those things directly. You’ll be surprised at the stunning insight and inspiration that springs up as a result.

Sagittarius Affirmation this week: Regrouping before I react and then responding is important.

capricorn-icon.png CAPRICORN

It may feel like your moons swing in the blink of an eye: much faster than you’re getting anything done this week, Capricorn. Rather than struggle against your moods, why not take this week to look into where they’re stemming from. Don’t be the person who ends something meaningful over a small thing, dig deep to determine what big thing makes it seem worse. This week for you should be all about considering why.

Capricorn Affirmation this week: A balance of heart and mind is needed.

aquarius-icon.png AQUARIUS

Twists, turns and surprises may be bubbling up this week for you, Aquarius. Roll with it, lean in, and enjoy the ride. It can be a tremendous rush! Don’t worry, this putting out fires phase of things will soon be over and a much smoother, much more beneficial energy will begin to flow as creative minds come up with some awesome things. Collaborate and really, give it all you’ve got. You are on the way to something so much bigger than you know, just yet.

Aquarius Affirmation this week: Adapting will show some solutions I may have missed.

pisces-icon.png PISCES

During this week, avoiding anything even remotely resembling gossip, particularly around the office or in work related things and this will benefit you a great deal, Pisces. Be very mindful of your words during this time, as they may be misconstrued. A little trip into nostalgia land may be just what the doctor ordered to have you distracted from the lack of organization and hurriedness, revealing possible solutions and giving you much-needed smiles along the way.

Pisces Affirmation this week: Clarity often means keeping it simple and uncluttered by emotional expressions.

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