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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 11-17, 2017

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey out there!

Again, we close out the week with a bang! Neptune stations retrograde on Friday, at 16° Pisces, I’m going to keep the Sabian Symbols’ interpretations to the lunation posts, but as this particular retrograde station happens to tie into the Moon, you may find yourself feeling quite a bit more vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional than usual.

During Neptune’s retrograde transit, we often are able to go a bit deeper than we do when it’s in its forward motion. Our inner vision is lit up a bit more, and you might think that all this introspection and intuition would be a huge asset, and it can be. HOWEVER, what can also happen is if we give in to the more negative side of this, we can become a bit paranoid, a bit prone to fantasy and this can make working with Neptune a bit tricky. The thing is if you utilize discernment in what you do, this is a powerful tool for setting some things right, and it’s an intelligent way to use this as the problems you discover during the retrograde cycle may worsen if not dealt with, once it stations direct in November.

That introspection is a very big deal during this. You’ve got to work on your own house, in a very real sense while this happens, and you’ll find the more you do this, the more you keep your focus to your own internal workings, the better off you are. Communication is also very important as often, emotions will cloud things a bit, and being clear, talking out your feelings, and finding outlets for them will help prevent a sort of emotional burnout from taking place.

There is also usually a tendency towards escapism. So, it’s a pretty standard warning that you avoid over-indulging in drinking, drugs or otherwise while it’s in retrograde which is pretty much good advice no matter what the current astrological weather is, but also, you will want to be careful of hanging around people who drain you or are overwhelming, as well as people who do have those sorts of addictive personalities, and be very careful of romances started during this time as there may be a tendency towards seeing them more for what you want them to be, rather than what they are.

The best way to work with this, then, is to pay attention as your illusions begin to show the truth. If you have already been more or less caught up in something you’ve been having trouble facing the reality of, you might just be challenged with things that make it hard for you to do that during this cycle. This may seem like kind of a “Duh,” but the more denial you’ve engaged in, in respect to these things, the more trouble you’re going to have during this particular transit cycle, and it’s generally one of those “The truth hurts” types of things. That said, this can be a remarkably powerful time for you, as well, if you already have been going back and forth over an addiction, a bad relationship, a bad financial situation, or simply just not taking responsibility for things you should be. This would be a good time to do it as even in those cases where your denial or escapism has been strong, you know? On some level, you know, and during this cycle, you can face the truth and prevent further loss of control on your part. If you find that fears and anxieties become a bit more intense, you’ll also find that it’s easier for you to discuss them with others.

To take it to an even more serious place, Neptune retrograde is also a time when new situations may dig up old wounds. If you understand the more negative things that Neptune rules, this helps a great deal: lies and fantasy, being the victim, and martyrdom. If you have been struggling with addiction or other methods of escapism, you might be able to pinpoint the source of the hurts you’re trying to avoid and begin the healing process in earnest. These things can make you feel very ashamed but don’t. Please listen to me, you are not alone, and you are not hopeless. If you have been struggling with addiction, don’t allow the guilt and shame to keep you from reaching out. We have various meditation resources available here, and I can personally attest to meditation being a powerful tool in battling addiction. Beyond that, you don’t have to go it alone, you do not have to, and when you’re going through this, support matters. Addiction Recovery Guide can help you find them, whether you’re looking for something faith-based or secular. There are a wealth of resources here:

Neptune retrograde is also a time when you can work more deeply on your spiritual development and make a lot of healthy changes, whether that means furthering your esoteric studies, getting into fitness and yoga, in particular, or changing your diet.

In short, if there are things that have been eating at you, this is going to be an excellent cycle to take the steps you need to address those, heal, and emotionally evolve.

Have a great week! 



aries-icon.png ARIES

Your focus is strong this week, Aries. You have so many different responsibilities on your plate, and this might be a little intimidating, but if you organize your time a bit better, you’ll find the inroads you need. You may not have been keeping up with your time management, but something will click in you. You are stringing everything together in just the right way. That should provide the confidence necessary to climb even higher and plan for more expansion.

Aries Affirmation this week: Sometimes everything really does fall into place.

taurus-icon.png TAURUS

Your nerves may be fraying this week, Taurus. You have been working towards so many different goals while there are external stresses that keep coming in. Work on finding ways to find your center. Take a few breaths, take a few minutes to yourself. Meditation is an important part tool that can help keep you balanced. You’ll get through everything unscathed. Keep faith in yourself and what you hope to accomplish, but be sure you are facing your fears and not overindulging. This will aid you more in the long term than you know.

Taurus Affirmation this week: Balance will prevent burnout.

gemini-icon.png GEMINI

This week is all about you, Gemini. It is time to take some time for yourself to get everything figured out. Alone time may be necessary. You can find so many solutions if you can just calm your mind a bit, so this is an important priority. This may be the beginning of an overhaul of certain situations that you haven’t been very happy in. So many changes are coming your way as a result of your ongoing hard work. Keep a level head and remain positive, it isn’t as scary as it seems!

Gemini Affirmation this week: Calming the mind calms the life.

cancer-icon.png CANCER

You should be proud of yourself, Cancer. You have been confronted with quite a lot over the course of the past few months, and much of it may be showing you some things you hadn’t wanted to address, but should. This week you may find that you are finally figuring out what you really want and it may take a bit of adjusting, but you are right with it. Get it all together and see what you can do to have a little more fun this week. Spend some time with those who support you emotionally.

Cancer Affirmation this week: It’s not about what happened, but how I continue to react to it.

leo-icon.png LEO

Don’t rush around, Leo. This week should be about taking the right amount of time before making major decisions mostly in making sure it’s really what you want. There may be a few things that you’ll have to adapt to and can’t put off, but if you don’t have to make a decision this week, you should hold off. Keep things as simple as possible. You will find patience much more fruitful than you might think in the moment. So, pull back where you can.

Leo Affirmation this week: Sometimes, things are worth the wait.

virgo-icon.png VIRGO

Look inside yourself this week, and deeply. Everything that you need to know is right there in your heart, Virgo. Whether you want to admit to it or not, there are so many things you’ve been avoiding. Think about how wonderful things could be if you just allowed them to fall into place. No more avoiding the important things in favor of the minor details.

Virgo Affirmation this week: I can face my fears and in doing so, find my strengths.

libra-icon.png LIBRA

If you have been neglecting certain health issues or concerns, it may be a good time to get the ball rolling on some of those changes, Libra. Additionally, you may want to work on not spreading yourself so thin and learning to set up some healthy boundaries. Know when to say “No” to those who continue to take without giving back. More than that, you may want to do a little digging in terms of why it is you’ve let things slide, here.

Libra Affirmation this week: I shouldn’t cross oceans for someone who won’t jump a puddle for me.

scorpio-icon.png SCORPIO

With your focus stronger than ever, it may seem a little odd that insecurities would still be hitting you from time to time, Scorpio, but this can be very normal. Find someone you can talk with about the things you’re feeling and about your plans. You may also find that in doing so, you forge a much stronger bond than you initially thought, which will become important as things come to light in the coming weeks.

Scorpio Affirmation this week: Allowing myself to be vulnerable isn’t always a bad thing.

sagittarius-icon.png SAGITTARIUS

Some things may pop up this week that you haven’t thought about in the longest time, Sagittarius, and parts may seem mighty tempting. Resist them. They’re not the solution you’re looking for. Other emotions from the past may not be so pleasant. So, it is important to draw the line if things get too tense. We all have baggage, and we carry it with us, but we don’t have to let it define us, either in how we feel or how we do things. Continued clarity and honesty about what you feel is necessary to move on from this point.

Sagittarius Affirmation this week: I am brave enough to not only face what I feel, but do something about it.

capricorn-icon.png CAPRICORN

Stability is important this week, fellow goats, but emotionally, it may be hard won. You have been all over the place, and you may not know what the outcomes are for the various aspects of your life. It is time to look inward to find out why it is you’re allowing so much of these external factors to steer your boat, now. If you find yourself continually picking at an emotional wound… first off, stop that! Secondly, figure out why you’re continuing whatever it is you are that keeps you wounded and begin to heal.

Capricorn Affirmation this week: Suffering is not a show of affection, and those who care won’t ask for it.

aquarius-icon.png AQUARIUS

Are you where you need to be, Aquarius? Many signs are finding themselves second guessing their positions. This is a time when we have to rethink the steps we’ve taken until this point. You will likely want to focus on your emotionally driven endeavors. Even you need to take the occasional step back to analyze your emotions and your motivations, and this is a good week to do it.

Aquarius Affirmation this week: Giving myself time to think is important.

pisces-icon.png PISCES

You may find yourself feeling a bit more emotional than usual this week, Pisces. There are a lot of reasons to explore and examine those thoughts, particularly doubts that come up this week because it may be less your emotions and more your intuition at play here, prodding you with some warning signs. Be careful to not allow yourself to take things at face value and you will find you catch those problems before they can truly start!

Pisces Affirmation this week: When not everything is as it seems, I need to reflect on why that may be.

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