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February 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to Eclipse Season! As I mentioned before, eclipses are a very powerful astrological tool we can use, both personally and on a much more global level, to make big changes. Remember, as you go through the month ahead, you have the power within you to make big changes if you so choose. How those play out and what you may need to do may be daunting, but how you rise to the challenges you face can change the course of everything.

Have a great month!


Aries ♈

The great Jupiter retrograde of 2017 begins this month, dear Rams, and there aren’t many signs out there that could be affected more than you by it. The aspect that really brings the excitement to you doesn’t happen until close to the end of the month, but meanwhile, there’s plenty of action to keep you busy in the meanwhile, mostly with the Sun aspecting Uranus in your sign. But as it’s going to be the theme this Spring, let’s start with the Jupiter retrograde.

The slow grinding down of Jupiter’s overt energies reaches full stop on the 6th, and it begins then to take a more introspective approach on that day. With that said, there’s been a rising discontent with the way things are in the air since November, when Jupiter entered the shadow phase. To some, it may have been a full-on sense of doom and dread, to others, it’s been a kind of growing disquiet over an increasing realization of “I didn’t sign up for this.”

In other words, these people see themselves as the Faust character realizing that the cash and prizes they received for their souls are but tinsel. This realization can pan out in a couple of ways. There can be a greedy grab for more goodies, or you can “fire your boss.” For you Rams out there, it looks likely that it will be the latter, but not after some inner struggling over most of the month. Odd, I know, for supposedly the most impetuous sign out there.

The thing is, while you realize with growing certainty that things “haven’t been right” since November, there are some benefits of this situation that you’re not sure willing to give up. You are, after all, one of the more optimistic signs out there. Even more, the aspects between the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn about mid-month virtually scream for you to manage your “team change” pragmatically.

It’s this wisdom that can protect you from making a mistake at the end of the month. Certainly, when you decide to quit this situation that’s been bugging you, it’s decisive and final. Everyone will to some extent feel it, but few more than you. Now, if you’ve done all the internal processing that the Jupiter retrograde emphasizes, you should be prepared to make the right choice, and not get snagged by the Sun conjunct Neptune aspect at the end of the month.

Taurus ♉

One of the more noteworthy traits of The Bull is to “kick against the pricks.” There’s a lot going on right now that shows how many of the things you have classically held dear are turning sour. The air is urging you to make the necessary changes; eliminate those things in your life that have served their purpose and gone bad. But between your personality and the general astrological weather, this isn’t going to go down so straightforward for you.

This is actually a good thing. All too often, rash decisions lead to other problems, like the proverbial “out of the pan, into the fire” adage. There’s a serious chance of this mistake at the end of the month, but thankfully you have all month to work out the details.

Your challenge is to actually accept that a change needs to happen and to plan accordingly. One of your greatest strengths is in how you plan out things, the entire trick is to convince yourself that you actually need to do that. “This too shall pass” is a bit too passive for what’s at stake this month. While it’s true, letting “This” do exactly that on its own could lead to even more discomfort. Discomfort that could drag you through the process of one of your slow-burn outbursts, and discomfort piles upon discomfort.

So while it’s not the most pleasant things ever to recognize the need for change and to proactively make that change that really is the path to getting what you actually want in your life. It beats the heck out of getting just another thing to endure. You’re among the strongest of the signs for your endurance, but let’s lean on that strategizing this month.

Gemini ♊

Being ever the king of fluidity, February looks like a great month for you generally, dear Twins. There is a catch, though. Despite your skill at catching the waves as they move in, what you need to catch this wave isn’t one of your stronger suits. I’m talking about deep introspection here. You normally consider yourself to be too busy, and often enough keep yourself too busy, to take a hard look within.

You see, it’s easy enough for you to ally yourself with “the winning side” when you see it coming. But this time, being on “the winning side” is about considering your convictions, cutting out what doesn’t work anymore, and building more durable, perhaps flexible ones. Of course, your strengths are in being flexible, and consequently more durable, but you, like all of us, have some dry sticks that could easily go up in flames.

If you have a Sagittarius in your life, I would lean heavily on them for advice. You may have them beat on sheer data collection, but this month’s theme is about collation, and that’s where Sag has the advantage. They can also teach you a thing or two about strategizing your changes so that your inner structure, such as it is, is less fragile.

Simply put, you’re adept at building houses of cards in the conventional way, balancing cards on top of each other. Sagittarius can show you how to glue or tape it all together so that it won’t topple.

The urgency of this thing can’t be underrated. There are many cycles you should break, and habits you should quit. But it’s never as easy as “quitting,” now is it? More wisdom from Sagittarius this month involves “best practices” that you can use to replace some of your follies. One such folly is procrastination. One habit that can routinely get you in a fix is putting something off until you have no choice but to face it, and your thinking could be skewed by stress.

This rash sort of decision-making has a huge risk of leading you astray this month, in possibly the worst of ways. Start early, keep at it, and don’t stress about it. That’s how you catch this wave, and the rewards of riding this particular wave are huge.

Cancer ♋

Normally for you, dear Crabs, when Jupiter does something, you go right to it being “an act of God,” “Being touched by God,” or “Did you see what God just did to me, man?” Yet on the same token, you “know” God in ways that many other signs don’t. Well, this month looks like something a bit different. It’s not always that God comes inside for a cup of tea.

That is, when Jupiter retrogrades on the 6th, you’ll be internalizing divine energy that you usually keep outside of yourself for the sake of adoration. It is, in many ways, realizing your own divinity, but this comes with the price of responsibility and personal ownership... or maybe “integrity” is a better word for it. As this powerful force internalizes, it’s a good time to do the unthinkable. It’s time to clear your closets and lose some clutter.

You’re every bit as married to the past and willing to undergo any level of discomfort to keep it as any Taurus out there, dear Cancer. While this isn’t typically a bad thing, and certainly not horrible right now, you will have to let go of some things by the end of the month, and that’s a tall order for you. There will come something of a time for reckoning at about the middle of the month, near the Full Moon. That is, a time of reckoning for all your outworn habits and perspectives; those dear bits of memorabilia that are ultimately junk now.

With all that said, that’s a good time to start sorting through things and examine the things you do that are actually harming you. Those pleasures that have tarnished and their corrosion is making a mess of things. Enduring the discomfort to keep them rather than enduring the discomfort of letting them go is... well, a bit masochistic and self-harming.

You have to admit, though, that as begrudging as you can be of clearing the collection of clutter, you’re usually pleased with the results, and this is heartening. For instance, you may be initially mortified at the idea of converting your photo albums to digital media. After all, it doesn’t have the same emotional punch as a physical photo that the person in it might have touched. But then, your tendency to have backups and redundant measures won you over. You may have even experienced the wisdom of this move by having lost the original photo album in a fire, a mountain of clutter, or mold/mildew. You conceded that it was a good idea.

It’s this exact course of events that you’re looking at this month, dear Cancer. “Out with the old, in with the new.” You see, when you get rid of those old crummy things, you make way for new shiny things.

Leo ♌

Dearest Leo, it looks like you’ll be insulated from some of the more work-heavy transits this month. That’s not to say that you won’t have to knuckle down and get introspective – we all will – but things are largely at arm’s length for you. The lack of immediacy could be a temptation for you to not worry yourself with reflecting beyond what the mirror shows, and I strongly advise against that. Things that happen on the fringe of our world have a way of affecting us eventually if we don’t pay attention.

Besides, your ruler The Sun is in the opposite end of the zodiac to you right now, in the sign of Aquarius. If there’s ever a time of year that you need to put more than usual focus on others versus yourself, this is the month to do it. You may have noticed that important things have happened to your life without asking your permission in this month over the years. Maybe you’ve even been blindsided because you weren’t paying attention to the right things.

This can especially be a thing during the Full Moon this month, falling on the 10th. The Moon will be in your sign, while the Sun will be in Aquarius. Essentially, you could well be put in the spotlight and called upon to see the bigger picture – humanity as a whole – rather than those closest to you. I’m sure you know how the “6 degrees of separation” works, and how it applies to you, at least in theory. There are times and situations where you might forget the interconnectedness of everyone, and these are your blindspots that get exposed.

You do get something of a fair warning on this event, and the remainder of the month just a few days before the Full Moon. The Sun sextiles Uranus; your ruling planet and exalted planet enter an aspect that urges you to look at a bigger picture than what you normally do. Otherwise, what comes at the end of this month could be... well... uncomfortable.

Jupiter opposite Uranus happens on the 21st, and this more often than not points toward impulsive, even rash decisions. This has been an issue for you before, as we all know, and here is a point where if you’re not careful to avoid it, you could easily fall right into it. While your decisions here wouldn’t be as disastrous as others, it can still be a slice of humble pie for you.

In short, dear Leo, don’t put things off, but don’t rush through them either, or you could miss a huge stroke of good luck!

Virgo ♍

There are many things that you grate against, dear Virgo, and this can largely protect you from rash decision making at the end of the month. The thing is you have to be careful about those things that you aren’t fond of, that you criticize, in fact, as the featured theme is one of “as within, so without.” You can’t hardly see some “stupidity” out there that on some level you aren’t culpable for.

The great thing for you, though, is that internal work is one of your stronger suits, so that should you find yourself criticizing others, you’ll be painfully aware of that exact quality in yourself. Naturally, it will well behoove you to look within yourself before letting loose your tongue, and bite it if need be. Instead, let’s process these things out of our system.

Your greatest ally during this time is in your friend Taurus. You can sometimes find yourself in situations where an “unforeseen” can blindside you, and taking more time for preparation can help you spot those before they happen. Don’t wait for inspiration and ideas to occur to you as is your wont. Sometimes you have to grab things by the horns to get the best results.

No procrastination, but slow and steady planning, is the general theme for everyone, especially when it comes to rooting out and replacing negative habits. You realize this perhaps just as well as Taurus, given your “gardening” mentality. Weeds and bugs are quickly enough removed, but an ounce of prevention (like, say, planting marigolds in your garden) saves a ton of work. This applies to every facet of your life.

There will be some rash and drastic mental processes in the air toward the end of the month, a situation which you abhor. You tend to freeze in fluster at this, and this kind of preparation goes a long way toward preventing that awkward situation. When The Sun conjuncts Neptune on the 28th, providing that moment of confusion, you should be more than ready to make the necessary adjustments to make it through without a whole lot of effort.

Libra ♎

You perhaps than most others are going to be entrenched in the astrological events of this month, dear Libra. Jupiter in your sign and the Sun in your compadre Aquarius are the big movers and shakers, and we both know how you like to be in cahoots with the big guns. So what does this all mean to you?

The biggest event, and one that carries through the entire Spring, is that Jupiter is going to be retrograde, meaning that those energies are internalized. We find our fortunes not outside of ourselves, but within, and that often means clearing the clutter. Often enough, when we do this sort of thing, not only do we find things that don’t matter anymore, or things that have gotten jagged and dangerous, but also extremely valuable things that we had forgotten about.

One of your core qualities is a sense of fairness, and this is ultimately what we’re all having to consider this month. The struggle is going to be one of “getting what’s mine because things have been unfair” versus “if I want what’s fair, I have to be fair myself.” Thankfully, the question comes up before the idea of what’s been unfair to you becomes an issue. This gives you a chance to be a bit less partial.

Don’t put it off, but once started, don’t be rushed and superficial about considering how you’ve been fair or unfair in your dealings. Above all, don’t look for validation outside of yourself, because as cheesy as it sounds, the wealth is within you. Seeing things this way can go a long way toward avoiding the feeling of “being ripped off by the universe,” which ultimately leads to feeling like you need to “claim what’s mine.” Often enough, this is a very imbalanced point of view and doesn’t do society any good.

And that’s the thing, without that internal view being in effect, the greedy point of view is a huge risk for everyone, especially you and Aries, toward the end of the month. Certainly, a revolution is afoot, but it’s best done when the revolution is internalized. You know all too well how today’s revolutionary is tomorrow’s tyrant, and this is exactly what’s at stake.

Make sure you’ve well considered the pros and cons of every opinion you have, and have a concrete idea of what’s good for everyone before the 28th. When the Sun conjuncts Neptune on that day, perspectives can be a bit cloudy, and that all too often leads to bad decision making.

Scorpio ♏

Your tendency to compartmentalize could be a great disadvantage to you this month, dear Scorpion, as well as your tendency to procrastinate. On the latter point, I will say directly, don’t put off until tomorrow what you should do now, because even though you’re the king of burning the midnight oil, it won’t afford you enough time to avoid making rash decisions, which is another feature of your personality you’ll want to avoid. We know all too well how you have a tendency to wait until a situation is unsolvable and burn the whole thing down. It would totally be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Now, about the compartmentalizing. Often enough, this has been a great way to insulate yourself against some of the less fortunate events in your life. But the thing is, it has gotten to the point that you feel you have lost much of your spontaneity, as your exalted planet Uranus is located “quincunx” your sign in Aries, meaning that this is also compartmentalized away from your immediate concerns. It’s effectively been ignored.

This arrangement works out great for you when you’re in a mindset to build something stable in your life, and Lord knows you’ve been tired of playing the Phoenix; destroying and rebuilding, hoping to find something better. The thing of it is, this spontaneity is an essential part of who you are, and to ignore it is to let it brood and fester until it becomes a compulsive, impetuous thing.

Claiming this spontaneity before it leads to unhealthily impulsive behavior will require you to use one of your strong suits: your mad detective skills, applied internally. You see, the thing of it is, having Uranus locked away in an unused compartment is much like having a ticking bomb in a secret room in your house – a room that’s secret even from you. The pings it will be getting from the Sun and Jupiter this month means that this ticking bomb could well explode toward the end of the month. The results are obviously devastating.

Now, let’s say that you’ve pulled the right candlestick or book to reveal the secret room behind the bookcase where the bomb is hidden. Now what? How do you defuse that? Do you clip the red wire, or do you put it in a blast box for a controlled explosion? Really, the latter is the better case, and I can’t emphasize enough the importance of the word “controlled.” You can’t just let the thing go once you get it in the box, or it will blow up the box in your hands. It’s all about having it destroy something you don’t need, not something healthy, otherwise, what’s the point of removing this threat?

We all have internal traits that are no longer serving us. In fact, they are harming us. Let this ruthless explosion blast away what’s holding you back from wholeness, and remember to keep the baby when you throw out the bathwater.

Sagittarius ♐

You’ll definitely be feeling the changes in the air this month more than most anyone else, dear Archers. Your ruling planet Jupiter has been grinding down since November, making things feel a bit less than ideal. The 6th will be a milestone in that process, as Jupiter comes to a stop and starts heading retrograde. You’ll realize that your “muchness” comes from within, and start acting accordingly.

Now, this is where things could go well, or badly. Do you feel like you’ve been ripped off or shortchanged in life? It’s a good idea to consider why you feel this way; far better than to look outside of yourself and point a finger as a kneejerk reaction. If, on the other hand, you feel like things have generally been going well, and this is just the ebbs and flows of fortune, there isn’t much else to say.

But chances are, unfortunate is how you feel about the past few months, and this needs to be talked about. It’s all too easy to make a grab for goodies, “claiming what’s mine,” and generally saying “screw y’all, I got mine, Jack!” This way of thinking only affirms that you’re a “have not,” and keeps that cycle going.

On the other hand, if you realize that you’re not the only one who’s been screwed, your idealistic nature can kick in and work toward actual changes that benefit everyone. “The revolution will be internalized.” There are plenty of outworn ways of thinking and doing that we’re all facing, and face them down we must. Insanity is doing the same things in the same ways and hoping the results will be different.

As I’ve said for other signs this month, “As within, so without.” The internal changes we make will reflect in our outer world. You above all, dear Sag, know this and need no convincing of it. It follows that as we change our perception, our view of the outer world matches it, and becomes that in concrete ways.

Capricorn ♑

This month, we’ll need to rely on our adaptability, fellow goats. Fluidity is your friend at times like this, as much as you prefer rock hard stability. It’s all too easy for you to see a Jupiter retrograde as an unfortunate turn of events, instead of as a chance to embrace the wealth within.

And that’s the thing, while power can be a difficult burden to bear, you have at your disposal the nuclear power station that we call Pluto on your side. You’ve long since adapted to how this naked power can strip you down to your essential elements, and learned to make it work to your advantage. Of course, that can be easy to forget sometimes, but now it’s more essential than ever to remember it.

Negative thinking is everyone’s enemy at the best of times, and it’s especially everyone’s enemy now, especially yours. Of course, Jupiter’s momentum grinding to a halt over the past few months is a force beyond your control. It’s beyond anyone’s control. The trick is to not look outside ourselves for our validation, our “success = proof.” It’s to find that diamond-hard self in ourselves that unconquered spirit, and send it out a’conquering.

Some advice on that: It’s probably not in your best interest to consolidate your power bases this month, as fluidity is essential for survival. You’re never one to do anything impetuously, so you’re mostly immune to the Sun-Uranus transit at the end of the month, and the resulting horrible business decision represented by the Sun-Neptune conjunction on the 28th. This immunity completely frees you to keep everything lean and mobile during a time when it would be a mistake to entrench yourself.

Aquarius ♒

Hooo boy, Aquarius, this is a busy month for you! Like everyone else, you feel the effects of Jupiter’s retrograde, and one could say that positively emboldens you to move on a great number of your goals. It doesn’t hurt that most of you have a birthday this month. At any rate, the Sun is shining in your sign, putting you in the spotlight.

It’s perhaps you more than anyone else who needs to be careful this month, dear Water-bearers. With all this internal validation going on, it could all too easily go to your head, and toward the end of the month, it could lead you to some rash decisions that would not end well. You’re usually good about putting others first, of being concerned about the collective benefit, so that’s not entirely the problem. The problem is that you could make your move toward your ideals prematurely.

Patience is a virtue that you really need to emphasize, as well as distinguishing what you think is for the best versus what actually is for the best. We all have to emphasize our strengths and shore up our weaknesses for the maximum benefit from the Jupiter retrograde. Otherwise, things could go incredibly wrong on the 28th. Not only do we have to do this internal work in question, we have to be well-adjusted in it so that we can act with confidence, or more likely, “not act” with confidence.

As you might have already experienced, timing is everything, and you have to know the path of least resistance to get the maximum benefit. Otherwise, we beat our head against a wall, and a rather solid one at that, to no effect. Working out the when and where of your movement is essential, and this requires patience.

Pisces ♓

Ever having your finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, the Jupiter retrograde this month is kind of a big deal to you, Fishies. Not to mention the fact that Jupiter still holds duty as a ruling planet for you guys, it’s an extra big deal. This could be a huge month for you to truly shine or truly get greasy.

When Jupiter’s energy gets internalized, consumption is a real concern. Too much food, too much drink, too much ambivalence, going one toke over the line is far more possible now than usual. On the same token, the best parts of what make you a Pisces can really come to the front and take center stage.

Your inner world is an incredibly rich and vibrant place to be, and Jupiter is quite at home here. The thing is, as a strong swimmer, you can either drag him down, or you can effectively take him to the deepest places and expand those great and wonderful things that you normally keep hidden away from others.

You’re normally good at blending in with the crowd, and it’s a huge defense mechanism for you. The thing is, you’re going to stand out during this time anyway, and hiding your vices simply won’t work, rather, you should display your virtues. You’re going to be known for one or the other this month. So, the choice is yours.

Of course, this does suggest some asceticism on your part. A little restraint is definitely in order. The importance of this can’t be underscored enough. There’s an impetuous vibe in the air at the end of the month, and if you’re not careful, this could lead to a very bad decision. The Sun is conjunct your ruler Neptune, very seriously emphasizing what you’ve done during the impetuous time frame symbolized by The Sun opposite Uranus. Overindulgence could lead to serious disaster at this point.

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