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April 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscope

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Hello, everyone!

This one’s a busy, busy month ahead, but one that may have its fair share of stops and starts. Several planets stationing retrograde and a tangle of aspects and otherwise to make it interesting. Let’s get right to it!


Aries ♈

The month starts a bit bumpy for you, Aries. As Venus retrograde moves into Pisces on the 2nd, you may find that the funk you’ve been dealing with begins to dissipate somewhat. Though the clarity that you find may not be the most comfortable thing, you will also find that you feel a bit nudged towards some introspection and alone time. Don’t allow yourself to take this too far and end up isolating yourself, but give yourself the space you need, when you need it. Saturn’s retrograde on the 6th may also put some restrictions into the mix, and you may find yourself feeling like you’ve taken some big steps backward. Taking your time will be essential in everything you do, even when you don’t feel like pacing yourself at all. On the 9th, Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus which may have you feeling a bit more off, and dealing with some feelings of being stuck, particularly in respect to your financial dealings and your sense of overall stability. A full moon in Libra on the 11th may have you feeling like there’s a break in the tension where issues can be resolved and things feel a bit more emotionally stable, so this can help to take care of a few loose ends, as well. As Mercury moves back into your sign on the 20th, paired with Pluto stationing retrograde, you may find that things feel topsy-turvey, and challenges arise prompting the need to re-do things, or to work on taking care of things in a more organized way rather than rushing. You may begin to find that some of the love and financial related issues start to abate a bit before that, though, when Venus stations direct on the 15th. Still, things might be a little off kilter until Mercury stations direct in early May, so make sure you are using this time to re-assess things fully. When Mars moves into Gemini on the 21st, you may find that your ideas are slamming out rapid fire, but you’ll want to focus more on the here and now in this and continue to pace yourself, though you may feel a bit rushed. It is a really good idea during this time to find some kind of mental activities or otherwise to help you to channel this frenetic energy more constructively, and definitely make sure you’re using lists to keep up with the things you need to get done. While you might find that progress slows, the transformative energy at play here is definitely moving along, and you may need to use this month to adjust to changes you’ve already made. On the 26th, the new moon in Taurus will help you begin to get things in order, as you may feel a bit stronger in your footing than you did earlier in the month.

Taurus ♉

This month really may be one of those months where you take a few steps back, hit the pause button and take stock of what has happened so far, and what you’d like to see happen going forward, Taurus. Venus is still retrograde, moving into the second half of her trip and you may find that misunderstandings pop up and you may also feel some doubts about your goals going onward. Mercury stations retrograde in your sign which, on top of Saturn’s retrograde in the same week (Saturn retrogrades on the 6th, Mercury on the 9th), things may really feel like you’re getting a paddling for something someone else did. When you take a good long look at this, all those little hints and nudges or even the bigger headaches you’ve dealt with involving the past. Well, there’s your problem right there. The running theme seems to be unpacking all the baggage and tossing it out the window, Taurus. The good thing is the Sun does move into your sign this month on the 19th, which can help you to feel a bit more comfortable in your own skin again, help you to focus on those things you want to get moving on. It may feel as though you’ve been given a fresh start on something, but bear in mind these will be do-overs rather than new opportunities. Things start to feel a little bit less oogy as Mars moves into Gemini on the 21st and you may feel like you can focus a little more now and taking your time is fine as long as you get moving on whatever it is, to begin with. Don’t rush into anything, but do take some definite and well-calculated steps forward now.

Gemini ♊

Gemini, I want you to take a deep breath. Quite a few of the hassles and headaches you’ve been dealing with will pass, come around the 15th when Venus stations direct. Until then, it’s really going to be best that you are careful with the things you do and say as delays, setbacks and embarrassments may happen. You may find, however, that the end of the month is your light at the end of the tunnel as most of this month is going to be focused on digging into your past. The major running theme for you this month? Addressing those things you don’t want to face, whether they be hurts inflicted upon you or the consequences of decisions you’ve already made: and letting it go. Just like all the transits and otherwise, it is a process, and it really is a process that while, yes, you should be patient with yourself. You also know when you’re stuck and when you need to move on something. Mercury’s retrograde station on the 9th might have you feeling just a bit out of sorts anyway, being as it is your ruler and in Taurus, it gets a little sluggish and weird. Throw in Saturn’s retrograde station on the 6th before that, and you may be feeling downright lazy, and you know what? That may be just what you need, for now. Giving yourself room to breathe, room to rest up and recuperate is a good idea, as is working your daily routine so that you are better balancing things longer term. Heading into the second half of the month, you’re going to find that once Mars begins to move into your sign. You do feel a bit peppier, but... there’s an almost scatterbrained quality to it. So, you need to find constructive outlets for that energy because stops and starts can happen if you’re not focused on better planning things out. Don’t try to rush the process and you should be fine.

Cancer ♋

April is going to be a fairly weird month for you, Cancer, but a lot of the slowing down may come as a welcome break and a chance to reflect on some things. We begin the month still yet with Venus in retrograde and with Saturn on the 6th and Mercury on the 9th following suit. Though you know there are some changes you need to make, you may really just not be feeling it during the first part of the month. You might actually be feeling a bit selfish, which honestly, I tend to encourage in Cancers because that’s not typical. The Full Moon in Libra on the 11th will provide the added boost you need to take care of things on the home front, whether that be letting go of situations or things that just aren’t working or finding better ways to get everything moving along much more cohesively. Mid-month, you’ll start to feel some of the more oppressive energy lift just a bit- and you may feel like perhaps the slowdown was a needed thing. In the meantime, it’s a fairly good idea to take a look at your past, and the choices you made, as well as those things you’re still carrying that hinder you so you can begin to take them on. This window of time may really have you questioning quite a bit and having some doubts, but as long as you use those doubts to dig deeper into the why, you’ll find that they don’t derail you. On the 21st, when Mars moves into Gemini, you might just find yourself feeling a bit more introverted as people begin to wear on your nerves a bit more than usual. This is really a good time for you to work on how you speak up for your boundaries and being better able to communicate your needs, but also a time when you really should be recharging rather than taking on more things if you can avoid them. Saturn’s retrograde will certainly help with that as it does promote some mellower or even lazier feelings in you, and if you’ve had a longstanding pattern of not being able to communicate your needs and wants effectively. This cycle may well be just what you need to get that on track.

Leo ♌

As Venus, still yet in retrograde moves into Pisces on the 2nd, you may find that you’re feeling a bit distant and unsure about how you feel about intimate matters, Leo. It may be that you are questioning quite a bit and need some space. Yet, at the same time, you don’t really *want* it. It’s important to understand that everyone needs a little time to step back, now- and that’s just where you’re at. This doesn’t mean those love and money projects are done for, but it does mean a second or even third look is in order. In those cases, some of these things may well actually be beyond their prime, and one of the major themes for you this month is going to be letting go. Mostly, in respect to the past and the emotional impact it had on you. Whether that’s in terms of love or the way you handle your finances, odds are pretty good there are a couple of self-destructive habits that just need to go the way of the dodo now. You will find that the Full Moon in Libra on the 11th actually gives you a much-needed breath of fresh air and vitality after some challenging times, and gives you a much stronger sense of your own potential as things come to light that help you feel ready to move on. Still yet, however, dealing with both Mercury and Saturn retrograde this month, you may find that you aren’t getting as much attention as you hoped. Again, as I mentioned in the first part of the horoscope, this is a good thing because right now, you have got to do you, without worrying about what others think. It’s really just best to go into introspection mode, correct those things you know have been hanging you up, let go of those things that haven’t been going anywhere, and get ready because though the retrogrades won’t be direct at the end of the month. You may find you are feeling a bit more ready to tackle the future. Don’t worry, it’s not going to eat you.

Virgo ♍

Balance in your love life has been a recurring theme so far which I am not telling you anything you don’t know here, Virgo. It’s going to continue to be the theme as you begin to see those areas where either you’ve been giving far, far too much with nothing in return or those areas where maybe, your own focus could use a little work as your patience levels with others aren’t exactly the highest for now. Either way, you’re going to find that being more authentic, being truer to you, and what you want actually tends to make everyone happy. Looking at the data for you this month it becomes pretty clear you’ve got two sore spots towards the end of the first week and then again around the 21st, Virgo. While most people are going to find interesting revelations, yours do seem to be clustered around those dates. What’s awesome about all of this is that you step up to these challenges and you will find that a lot of the issues you have been dealing with for a long time are finally and completely resolved. Another couple of allies you’ve got this month: the Full Moon in Libra on the 11th and Venus’s movement into Aries on the 28th. Though you might be feeling a bit more sensitive during these times and more than a little fed up with some situations, if you can ground yourself, organize your thoughts a bit and then clear the air, you’ll find the air truly does clear, and major transformations may slowly begin to peek through whatever hurtful or challenging situations you’d been dealing with. Additionally, you will find that all of these things come together to give you a much stronger clarity that enables you to work on the stability you seek in earnest.

Libra ♎

April really looks like a big and longstanding case of the “I don’t WANNA” for you, Libra. Can’t and won’t will be an important distinction here, throughout the month as others will definitely change their views on you if you attempt to make a “won’t” into a “can’t”. Granted, once Venus stations direct on the 15th, you will feel a bit less stressed and a bit less out of sorts, which will help a great deal. However, Mercury’s retrograde is going to hit you in some ways that drag up emotions you may have buried a bit too deeply, and now cannot be ignored. This will likely also give you insights to a lot of the issues or concerns you had surrounding money and love in the past few months. So, it’s important to have constructive outlets for the more intense feelings: a journal, a trusted friend, counseling or otherwise, in order for you to be able to finally work them through and end some negative cycles in your life. Be patient with yourself and with others, however, as you go about this as your emotions may get a little bit turbulent. You may also have a lot of indecision going on, and in this case, it may work in your favor. Remember, when you are feeling emotionally intense, it isn’t a sign that you should act right then, but rather something to further explore to better discern what the choice should be, ultimately. The Full Moon in your sign helps you to feel like you’re seeing some of the rewards of work already put into place, or if you haven’t been so awesome, some of the consequences. Still yet, though with the retrogrades, some of these may not be as readily apparent as usual, but whether it’s positive or negative, take the hint. When Mars moves into Gemini on the 21st, you may be feeling a bit more open to things again, and all of this may well merge together to create a nice pocket of balance in which you can resolve some things, tie up loose ends, and begin working on projects. This holds particularly true if said projects involve communication. (Write the book, already!)

Scorpio ♏

You, more than most of the signs, have a very clear head when it comes to the fact that love is not always sunshine and roses, Scorpio. This month, you may well find that feelings of warmth may well switch to a bit of insecurity when you recognize the more feeling you have, the more you have to lose. This is actually, believe it or not, something you need to address because you’ve been here before and each time you have, many of you might see the self-destructive pattern that ensues. This also applies to money. Stability does the same thing when you think about it. Fortunately for you, all the retrogrades, the Moon and otherwise, sort of have your back on this, though, it may well be in that “I need a good shove to do this” sense. As the month opens, it may be harder to focus than usual but, if you push through this to get into your respective zones, you may accomplish so much more than you think. Allowing yourself creative outlets during your free time is essential, and it’s a fantastic time to learn a new hobby or even, find a new passion in terms of letting your mind wander in positive ways via artistic outlets. Between Mercury and Saturn both hitting you in the breadbasket in terms of relationships, you may well find that keeping your mind occupied is essential, especially if you are in a relationship. Boredom, tedium and otherwise may lead you astray- and cause very hurtful ramifications. If there is a serious issue under all of this, now is a great time to hash it out and deal with it. If you are single, this influence can be a blast… if you can motivate yourself to get out there and have fun, but having fun needs to be clearly stated, and that’s all it need be, which can be hard as a lot of the influences at play may make for intense encounters that seem like fate, but are more than likely hormonal. However, once the New Moon in Taurus hits towards the end of the month on the 26th, you may just find that if you’re seeking depth, it finds you.

Sagittarius ♐

I have actually been discussing SO much of what you guys have going on with Jen- because she is also a Sagittarius, that I can nearly recite the month for you from memory. For one thing, the Mercury retrograde in Taurus is actually going to be a really sweet deal for you guys, particularly those of you who have felt a stuck or challenging shift in your work-life. You will finally have a comfortable amount on your plate and begin to feel things are moving along at such a clip that you might overdo it. So, I’m just gonna give you the heads up, make sure you have dedicated self-care routines in place for yourself to keep the balance, and don’t get so wrapped up in making money you lose sight of what that money’s there to support, whether that be just you yourself, or your family, it can be very easy for you to get locked into tunnel vision and miss out on some cues in your personal life or issues that are bubbling up until they explode. Health concerns on your part will play a key role in things and if you have let go of some of your healthier habits in the name of being busy, this may hang you up and cause challenges and delays you can no longer ignore. Additionally, getting to the heart of what’s TRULY important to you, what you need to thrive will be a factor in this month’s whirlwind o’ stuff- and you’ll need to listen more than you speak when it comes to those closest. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but in doing so, the things you learn will help you far more than attempting to force your issues on others. A challenging Venus square to Saturn is going to bring up some things you might not have wanted to look at, and it may well be a major blow to your ego, but if you work with it, if you address those ego traps you’ve been caught up in, the growth you’ve been yearning for will follow as the roadblocks to the path you seek are cleared. In the middle of the square, you’re going to find that the Full Moon in Libra helps you to finally close a door or two on emotional situations or friendships that just haven’t been all they should be. If you have found yourself giving someone the side eye for some time now, there may be good reason for it. You’ll find that though it’s painful, letting go helps to open you up even more to the better things ahead. I know I am not exactly mapping out your dates here, but the truth is, pretty much everything at play this month tangles up together for you and makes for an overall story that finally needs told. Listen to the one closest to you, and get ready to tell your own.

Capricorn ♑

I spent a lot of time gnawing and stewing on how best to explain April, fellow goats and I think you probably know exactly what that means: because you probably do that, too when it’s time to lay down the truth or relay one of those “YARGH” things. BUT, the biggest overall thing about April is, though we are going to not so much feel like being out there, instead, really wanting to withdraw, care for ourselves, and nurture ourselves, it’s just time. Whatever it is that’s going on within you, you know that it has been clawing its way out of you, for some time now. Whether that be taking on a new position at work, moving things along in a relationship, closing some doors, getting more active in your community or activism, or simply, speaking your truth with abandon, it is simply time. Loud and proud, Capricorn, loud and proud. Still though, a ton of headaches this month but a ton of allies, as well. Nobody handles Saturn the way that we do, and this is because, well, it’s our ruler and we tend to get whanged with such transits a bit harder than others. Have been all your life, what’s another retrograde, right? Anyway, this one centers around who we are, why we are the way that we are, and letting go of those emotional excuses for the crappy things we sometimes do, both to others and to ourselves. Tall order, but, we are all about tall orders. The point then isn’t to beat yourself up, but rather embrace who you are, love who you are and recognize that whatever negatives came along for the ride: a spine of pure steel did, too. A resolve unlike anyone else has got. If you have felt stuck, it may be time for a little radical honesty and being out there and authentic. Show the world what you got and when you don’t feel like doing so, those are the times you should challenge yourself to do so further. Mercury retrograde, for our part, might make challenges with focus a bit more… challenging. Consider it resistance training and do not skip butt day. This is when you need to be patient with yourself and others, but, not indulgent, Capricorn. Give yourself the time you need to take care of things, do not rush through, and you’ll find you navigate these often obnoxious waters with a bit more ease than most, which will tie right into things rather nicely as we move into Taurus season, incidentally because right around the 19th, you may feel like all eyes are on you and you are probably right. Rather than feeling really aggravated or nervous by this, however, you may just find yourself feeling more confident and optimistic, ready to put everything you’ve worked on into motion.

Aquarius ♒

The theme for April for you, Aquarius may well be “Information Overload,” and this can get very distracting, particularly as during the first part of the month, all you really want to do is to stick to your old routine, keep things comfy and in many cases, just be downright lazy. When I say lazy, I hope people aren’t taking that in an overly negative way. It’s just the best way to describe the sort of “blah” feel that I can think of, and motivation may be hard won for a bit. But win it, you must.

A lot of self-work and introspection that’s been going on merges with details you get about other people, situations and your financial life which can create a distracting blur of feeling like you’ve got to do about nine million things at once. You do not, nor should you. Will multi-tasking not be your friend and the overall lesson of all of this? Learn what your priorities are and stick to them. If you already have a budget or a plan in place, now probably isn’t the time to do an about face with it: though you might see areas of it you can improve upon and that’s absolutely intelligent. As always, Mercury’s retrograde station may bring with it a slew of communication issues- but, you might feel as though you must reconnect, and that’s a good plan, too. Just be careful not to take things the wrong way, assume things, and clarify anything you’re not clear on before you respond and you can duck a lot of the major problems that can come about. Around the 11th, you’ll find that the New Moon in Libra brings about the culmination of some things, and sparks your interest in learning more. Emotional situations may actually smooth out a bit, and as this energy extends through Mars moving into Gemini on the 21st, it just gets better still and having a creative outlet for a lot of things will help this along even more. You will find this combination alongside being clear with others helps you to close the month out on a high note, even if it starts just a bit sluggishly as on the 26th, a New Moon in Taurus gives you greater insight into new things you want to get moving and helps you to stabilize many areas of your home life.

Pisces ♓

You might not make many friends in April, and you might push away some false ones, Pisces, but ultimately this is a very good thing because the running theme for you is going to be healthy boundaries and you standing up for yourself in them. At the same time, you are going to want to have a bit of balance in this. You’re not a heartless person, and you don’t want to come across as one, but understanding that saying “No” to people who are overloading you or taking without ever giving, that’s not being heartless, even if they seem to think or express so. (And if you’re dealing with a narcissist, you can almost bet they will. Do not allow people like this to make you feel bad. Instead, recognize it for what it is, and you’ll feel even more solid in your decision to cut ‘em off.) At the same time, though there’s an awful lot at play here which can at times make you downright grouchy. You need to be careful not to snap on people for no reason, and be patient with not only yourself but others in respect to certain things.

Saturn and Mercury’s retrograde cycles begin and put them together, you may be feeling a bit less like tackling the things you need to. You might also attempt to avoid the issues you really should be dealing with and while pushing yourself to the point of being either physically or emotionally exhausted isn’t the thing to do, avoiding things entirely in the name of “just taking a little break” when the break never ends won’t be either. Instead, adopt some balance. If you do work on the whole boundary thing, that’s half the battle right there. Often, you do so much for others you just don’t have much left over to do for yourself, and that’s something you’re working to do away with now. But also, if you swing the other way and go completely selfish. That’s gonna smart hard, later. Don’t forget, Saturn’s the Lord of Karma and with Pluto’s retrograde hitting on the 20th as well. Now is no time to decide that because others were selfish to you, it’s time for you to be utterly selfish either. You know in your heart the right thing and the right thing pairs with balance to create much better situations all around. The Full Moon in Libra on the 11th, and then, the New Moon in Taurus on the 26th will create an interesting cycle for you. The new moon can be used to face some of those more intense emotional issues you’ve been holding onto, which can help you to explore deeper feelings with others and, then, you can use that New Moon at the tail end of the month to go on unhindered into uncharted territory with a much stronger sense of support, optimism and purpose.

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