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Detailed Birth Chart and Interpretive Report


Product Description

Are you looking for some deeper insight into your life? Have you lost your sense of purpose or joy? Do you wish there were an easier way to navigate through the challenges and obstacles of life? If you are struggling and looking for a higher purpose, you need look no further than the art and science of astrology and our Detailed Birth Chart and Interpretive Report.

This Detailed Birth Chart and Interpretive Report has everything you need to start living your life with more enthusiasm, passion, and joy. With this report, you can gain that deeper understanding of the events and circumstances of your life so that you can begin to overcome them with ease.


In the Birth Chart Interpretive Report, you get:

  • An introduction to astrology.
  • Your Life goals showing the Sun and Jupiter in the signs and houses.
  • Your Home or aspects of the Moon in the signs and houses.
  • Insight into education and communication looking at Mercury in the signs and houses.
  • Insight into Relationships with Venus in the signs and houses.
  • Insight into Motivation with Mars in the signs and houses.
  • Insight into Career with Saturn in the signs and houses and the Midheaven.
  • Insight into Creativity and Originality utilizing Uranus and Neptune.
  • Insight into Challenges in life utilizing Pluto.
  • Insight into your Purpose and joy looking at the Ascendant in the signs and houses.
  • Conclusion.

This beautifully designed report is approximately 20-24 pages, and it can help you take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Astrology is both a complex and meaningful science, and it takes years of study to apply successfully. However, you can reap all of the awards of this ancient science and get those answers you need to start living your life with more peace and joy and balance.

Imagine being able to foresee those upcoming challenges? Take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves. Supercharge your life's goals, as you learn to rely on your own unique birth influences. Wake up each and every day feeling motivated and inspired about your life. With this insight gained in this Birth Chart Interpretive Report, you will naturally be drawn to new opportunities as you shift your mindset and your life to a whole new level.

The truth is you are a powerful creator of your own life - you create the magic. You have everything you need in this Detailed Birth Chart and Interpretive Report to start changing your life today. Don't wait another moment to gain that valuable insight into your own amazing life - get our Detailed Birth Chart and Interpretive Report and start changing your life today. Aren't you worth the effort?

Delivered straight to your email inbox in only three days, these custom-made, comprehensive reports make great gifts that tell people you went the extra mile. Everyone will enjoy discovering, page after page, how the unique yet predictable cycles of the planets provide remarkably accurate insights that help us to understand ourselves and others more completely.

Please note: All of our products are 100% custom made based on your individual birth information, allowing them to speak to and about you individually as well as in specific and concrete ways. Each report is presented in a beautiful full-color high-quality PDF format emailed to your inbox within three-business days and ready for color printing, if you choose.

  • 100% custom made and personalized with your unique birth information.
  • Presented in a lovely high-quality, full-color PDF document.
  • Delivered in PDF format by email within three to five business days.
  • Makes excellent and personalized gift-giving ideas.
  • Intended for persons aged 14 years and over only.

We use the exact text and other information you enter to produce a custom product.  Double check your entries.  We are not responsible for errors resulting from inaccurate, false or incorrect customer data.

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  1. Very nice 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Feb 2019

    It was more accurate than I thought it will be. Thank you so much!

  2. Very impressive! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2019

    I have seen things written about my sign, and even had someone I knew tell me what my moon sign is (Gemini). I haven't seen anything like it, it's the most personal astrological information I've ever seen about me. It's as though the person who wrote up my chart knew me personally, but that isn't true. I was amazed, thank you.

  3. Very detailed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2019

    Easy to understand and informative!

  4. Alignment of the stars. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Feb 2019

    The astrological report was mainly spot on with some eye opening insights as well. Totally enjoyed the report. Thank you!

  5. INTERESTING READ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Feb 2019

    My daughter gave it to me for Christmas...I enjoyed it so much I bought her one and three other friends. I read mine, gave it to her to read, then we discussed it together and then I went back and highlighted all my similarities....great discussion article....especially with people you are close with. Got mine through Groupon ....just a few more dollars than a greeting card and so much more enjoyable.... cannot go wrong...

  6. Enlightening and ACCURATE! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Jan 2019

    At first I was skeptical, though I believe in astrology and numerology... It hardly seemed realistic that someone I didn't know at all could know so much about me just with the limited information I gave. But my reading brought me to tears... Made me chuckle... It was a surprisingly emotional response as I read each line and realized how incredibly accurate everything was. Even things I didn't openly acknowledge or understand were made clear to me through my reading. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who's skeptical or even not, who just wants a little insight and direction or who is completely lost and doesn't know where to begin. This was... By far... One of the best decisions/purchases I've ever made.

  7. Quite accurate and revealing! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2019

    This birth chart reading was quite useful and worth the buy. I was weary of buying it as many of the Groupon reviews said it was too generic and repetitive, but I found mine to make sense, was insightful, and wasn’t generic. I highly recommend this, although having a Birth Chart Reading done in person in conjunction with this is super helpful, especially if you aren’t very knowledgeable about astrology and need clarification on all the terms and concepts.

  8. Astrology Chart 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2019

    Very detail informative reading. Pretty spot on!

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