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March 26-April 1, 2017


Hello out there!


On Monday, we bring in our week and the next lunar cycle with an interesting and seemingly conflicting New Moon at 7 degrees Aries. This links up with that ongoing Venus retrograde and can bring about a lot of hope for us in both love and in our finances. However, it’s important to note that because Venus is still retrograde until April, there may be some risks in both of those areas as well. Sounds kinda contradictory, but it’s not. Read on.

The kicker with this New Moon is that you’re going to want to make sure you’re choosing whatever it is you do with care. It’s really just best to do the right thing during this time, and by the right thing, I mean in those situations where you’re rationalizing but... it’s still something unethical, it’s probably not the right thing.

Due to this conjunction with Venus, things get very interesting. On Thursday, this energy gets a little bit tangled in with Jupiter squaring Pluto. While both of these things can be very motivating, very aggressive energies, they don’t really play well in the context of how far you might go to get what you want, as in, the temptation to do things in a very underhanded way may well be there, and the overall message is reciprocity. Understanding that the choices you make may well have some reward. If you go about things in the wrong way or for the wrong reasons, you may just find that reward to be very temporary or the losses a lot less in balance than you think going into it.

That sounds kind of negative, but it’s really not. You can expect that this is a time of new beginnings and renewal as well. Because of the conflicts you have been dealing with, you’ll find that clarity brings about a fairly direct path forward.

Overall weekly affirmation: Planning ahead prevents unforeseen circumstances.

Have an awesome week!





This week is something of a mixed bag for you Rams. On the one hand, there’s a current of serious business and mental sharpness. On the other, there’s a more laid-back air. Most likely, you’ll be leaning more toward the laid-back outlook since Mars is sextile Neptune for the most of it, which is fine. You no doubt could use a break from the excitement this week. So, go ahead and indulge in something quiet and peaceful, go camping or something.

Aries Affirmation this week: Let the thinkers think, and let the doers do.


Romance is in the air for you Bulls this week. Many of your friends are likely cooking up new ways to do things, others are just chilling out, but you’re more about “Netflix and chill.” For those of you who aren’t in a relationship, something new might be coming along, marriage or engagement for those that are, and a new level of romance and intimacy for those who are married is on the horizon.

Taurus Affirmation this week: Pursuits of the mind are no match for pursuits of the heart.


You, sir or madam, are geeked out to the core this week. Mental activity starts right off with pointed and penetrating idea generation, which seems to go straight to the heart of the matter. About midweek, you break outside of the box. Intuition and innovation are at an all-time high, leading up to a final organizing of ideas. You might be so obsessed with this endeavor that you miss a chance for romance, so don’t geek too hard!

Gemini Affirmation this week: Though my brain is working like a machine this week, I should keep my mind open to more organic things.


Intuition is a theme of this week, as we pierce the veil to hidden thoughts and feelings and lay them open. Romance is in the air as well, and this is something you shouldn’t ignore. Your drive to work might get a bit lax, and that’s okay. It will give you the time and attention to tend to your hobbies, or how about that romantic idea you’ve been having? Take the chance before things get serious at the end of the week.

Cancer Affirmation this week: This week, I truly enjoy the things that I enjoy and appreciate the beauty around me.


This week, you might be feeling a bit lazy, and it’s definitely something “in the air.” Take some time off, by all means! When the body is idle, the mind begins to wander, and what direction does it go? This week, it’s all about the love, man, though along the way, you might think of a new lighting scheme where you change clothes, maybe a new video camera. Certainly, you’re not content with the way things have been.

Leo Affirmation this week: Taking some time off and enjoying myself is a good thing, whether that means ramping up the romance or an investment in vanity.


You are in full geek mode this week, dear Virgo. Ockham’s Razor is the rule from the start, and certainly that gains you some ground in areas that may have been overthought. It’s a good thing you’re open to the vast wealth of knowledge that exists outside of your knowledge base because it seems like the door is kicked wide open between you and the Universal Mind. With the floodgates open, of course, you need to organize it, and the rest of the week happens to be on your side that way.

Virgo Affirmation this week: Cutting through the crap in my thinking opens me to higher ideas.


Sure, love and beauty are your forte, dear Libra, but let’s kick that up a notch this week. On the 24th and 25th, after a bit of aggravated thought trips, the Sun conjuncts Venus, turning the beauty dial to 11. You may find yourself planning a wedding, could be your own, for that matter. When Mars sextiles Neptune, you’re more than happy to take a break from the usual grind. As a matter of fact, this aspect goes a long way to opening that door to the romantic.

Libra Affirmation this week: Taking a break from the workaday puts me in a position to appreciate love and beauty.


Your "no nonsense" approach to life definitely comes to the front at the start of this week, dear Scorp. Those that you feel overthink things come to you for advice on how to cut through cluttered thinking, and you’re more than happy to be their guide to intuitive thinking. Later on in the week, Mars dips into Neptune to cool down, and you’re happy to follow it and take a break from all this people-ing to recharge.

Scorpio Affirmation this week: I am a master wielder of Ockham’s Razor, and class is in session.


Uncluttered and organized thinking are your friends from the start this week, Sagittarius. There is a potential for overblowing things and getting caught unaware by things you didn’t consider beforehand otherwise. By the end of the week, you’ll be thinking this way as if it was scripture, leaving nothing half-baked. Along the way, non-ponderous Mars sextiles Neptune, giving you ample opportunity to shore all of that up.

Sagittarius Affirmation this week: Thinking on the fly and expanding too much on my ideas can expose me to unforeseen situations.


You’re the poster child of “no nonsense,” Capricorn, usually almost to a fault. Not this week, though. You understand that the mind is a monkey that all too often just wants to fling poop all over everything. You are to be the voice of practicality this week while others try to spin clouds into cotton candy. But it’s not all serious and straight edge for you this week. Mars sextile Neptune makes it a perfect time to take some time off.

Capricorn Affirmation this week: I have a firm hand on the wheel when the mental monkey wants to make a mess of things.


You’re a great idea person as a rule, Aquarius, and this is a huge week for you that way. One thing to watch out for is that you probably won’t be able (or willing) to rely on others to follow through on your ideas and make them real. This follow through isn’t normally one of your strong suits, but this week, it’s very much within your skill set to plumb your pipe dreams into a functional water system.

Aquarius Affirmation this week: I have my moments, especially this week, and I have the mental fortitude to see it through to the end.


You wouldn’t be mistaken if you suddenly thought that everyone wants to be your friend this week, dear Fish. It’s a little-known fact that too much “magic” calls for some “mysticism,” and that’s exactly what’s happening with others. Or to be more concrete about it, mental stimulation is high for most everyone else. By the end of the week, they look for you to just chill out with. “All work and no play,” as they say...

Pisces Affirmation this week: My outlook is magnetic to others this week, and I’m more than happy to share my space.