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February 19-25, 2017


Hello out there and welcome to the final week of February!

This week’s an interesting one with a couple odd transits there that will probably do some weird stuff with the way you communicate. First, on Monday, you’ll have a sextile with Mercury and rebellious Uranus that can lead to seriously thought provoking conversations and in some cases, unexpected news. This combination tends to get people pretty worked up and emphasizes communication in a way that begins with the light bulb going on, and many people feeling ready to talk about... well, their various light bulb moments. Additionally, you may find your intuition is kicked into high gear, and vivid dreams give you insights into solutions you might not have considered.

This runs into Tuesday’s trine with Jupiter and Mercury really nicely as this brings about more optimism and hope, but also helps you to line out better goals according to your plans and inner voice. Learning new things, making big plans and being able to absorb knowledge is certainly favorable during this time, and you may find that working through business matters gets a nice boost as well. That would actually be something I highly endorse, and keeping your communications as clear as possible becaaaaaause, then on Wednesday, there’s a square that may challenge all of that. I know, I’m sorry, don’t shoot the messenger.

Pluto and Mars square up which can sometimes lead to confrontations and other issues with power. Now, this doesn’t have to be such an issue if you have a good handle on your plans and where you want to take them. The thing is, even if you do, others may not. So, you might be on the lookout for issues like this that stem from insecurity, and just be careful to uphold healthy boundaries when you see someone trying to play a little head game involving power or control. The upshot of this particular square is that if you do continue to work your way forward, and you’re not engaging in shady dealings, you might find progress happens steadily.

However, again, not everyone’s experience of such things is in a healthy way. So, just keep your nose clean and do the right thing for best results. I say this because, well, this little window of time this week, we’re going to sort of bring it all together with a sextile between Saturn and Mercury. Long term goals, common sense, taking care of what you need to… all pretty well favored under this one. Honesty and taking your commitments seriously; those are two things you should be doing anyway. But, in this case, you’ve got a rather interesting collection of challenges and one big, cosmic father figure on your butt, making sure that you do.

All in all this week if you keep things on the level and keep it moving forward, you should find you escape relatively unscathed. Now, those people you encounter who decide to take it down a less positive path, not so much, but you know, that’s just something to bear in mind when you run into them.

Have a great week!




You may feel like you need to work for a cause or find something to be passionate about lately. Endings may have made things feel kind of rough, but, you adapt because it’s what you do well. The period you’re in right now has got you really considering those things that matter most to you and planning accordingly, which direction do your dreams lie and how can you best achieve them? Give yourself a chance to mix and mingle both professionally and personally, this week. If you have been thinking about seeking out some special talents, do so.


Taurus, you will find this week is one of those weeks that has you thinking along new lines and perspectives, which is apparently a trend for you this year, isn’t it? You will be contemplating newer and better ways of doing things, and thinking about who can best help you with all of it. You will be gnawing on some serious thought processes and perhaps, considering the way forward. However, when those unexpected things come up, and they will, you’ll be able to work them through because the way you explore your thoughts this week will help. Even when it is not related, it will all work out very well for you.


You may be feeling a sense of tension and conflict this week, particularly when it comes to family life. Don’t imagine that this is something that cannot be resolved because it can be. Those experiencing this energy will be needing to open up, to be open to hearing and to get the communication flowing so that a new beginning can emerge. Don’t try to avoid the issues or to distract others from them, but rather, open the discussion with understanding and work things out in a better way. You will find that even though some of this is painful, taking the first step will be the way forward to better times.


You may be feeling your oats just a bit this week. Whether this is personally or professionally, keeping that can do attitude may be a little rough as others aren’t so encouraging. Do what you can to keep your spirits up and do not take those people seriously. Though other people in your life may be trying to keep you at their level, you are meant to thrive. So steel yourself against their criticisms and remember they only want to drag you down because they feel bad about what they’re not doing in their life and the improvements they aren’t making but should be. You just keep moving forward.


It may be that this week just has you in one of those moods, Leo, one of those times where you’re feeling like playing more and working less. Kinda stinks when you’ve got to take care of things, doesn’t it? But you will be able to balance the two if you maintain a good attitude and enjoy yourself all day if you hang on to it. If you find yourself struggling to remain in a good mood this week because of others, bear in mind that other people have struggles you might not know about. Though they shouldn’t be taking it out on everyone else, that may be what’s at play here, and it likely is not personal.


You will get the most satisfaction this week through your activities with others, Virgo. Take the initiative, be creative, and reach out to that person that’s so intriguing you, whether they be someone you’d like to know better as a friend or something more. Those not seeking connections will find that spending time with loved ones really helps to bolster the spirits. Spending time with like minds will help to lift your spirits and have you feeling a stronger sense of things to come. It may be that things are just not all they appear to be, and exploring things a little further will help you to better understand why it is that you feel as you do about reaching out.


You might be one of two sides of things here Libra: you are either of the group that’s feeling the things are finally coming together or you may feel frustrated and held back. The reason there are two groups: free will. Take note of those around you who are feeling very optimistic. They’re setting goals. They’re working through them. They are taking the initiative. Though your self-confidence may need a boost to help you feel this way, sometimes the very best way to get that is to just go get that. Whatever that may be. Go ahead and take some steps. You’ll only regret those you never took.


Time to be more spontaneous, Scorpio, and stop trying to organize other people's lives. You will see that it isn't so hard to just allow things to take shape sometimes. The unexpected also has a wild charm all its own. You may be finding that there are things sparking your interest and your imagination now. It’s important to follow through on looking into these, as an interesting configuration really does have you sniffing out your destiny these days. This week, small hints may really give you a push in the right direction.


You are a very hard worker, Sagittarius and lately, that’s been taking a bit of a toll on your spirits. You may have questions and concerns about how fair and equitable your friendships or even your relationships are, and digging a little deeper may help you to find that not everything is as it seems. You could have understanding this week but also recognize that you’ve got to act on it. Don’t be afraid to start separating the good from the bad, getting rid of those attachments that hold you back now.


If you’re feeling like perhaps your own creative tendencies aren’t being fed by what you do. It may be time to have a little balance. In order to change your life, you have to remember that “change” is also a verb. We are more adept at it than most, but, on occasion, waiting on something to change is akin to “wishing” when it’s simply better we get the ball rolling ourselves. Rather than struggling to try to mold someone into what we feel is best and waiting on that to happen, it may be time to just allow them to take their own path.


You often inspire those around you, whether you realize it or not, whether they express it or not. I do know that there are some of you out there that really need to know this for this week, and I hope you’re feeling me, here. You have a magnetic enthusiasm for life, a joy, and a creativity that is nothing short of beautiful. Don’t give up, and when you tap in, be sure to share that joy. This is an absolutely vital thing, too, because as you give, you also receive. If you feel something’s lacking it may be that you’re the one to give it.


Try not to let it get you down this week, Pisces if it seems like people are not picking up their end of the deal. You are a hard worker, and you tend to expect the same of others. Unfortunately, you might find this taxing on your relationships, both personal and professional, as others do not always do as they should. While you may know this to be detrimental to them, trying to help those who won’t help themselves is exhausting. Stick to those that are willing to give it their all, too.