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  • Multi-Media Stop Smoking Program

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Did you know that research shows, when use properly hypnosis has a success rate of slightly above 66%. Compare that to the success rates of trying to quit on your own: 5%, using behavior therapy 25%, or using Nicotine Replacement Products, 25% and hypnosis looks like the best option out there. In fact, there is no other method supported by research that even comes close!

We know first hand that stopping smoking can be one of the most challenging endeavors one can undertake. There are not only nicotine withdrawals, there are immediate changes in habits and routines. A need for oral fixation is common, and weight gain following cessation is even more common. Then there's the increased tension, stress and the need for ongoing relaxation in order to be successful.

Our comprehensive Multi-Media Stop Smoking Program is designed to effectively tackle each of the key challenges you're likely to encounter when successfully stopping smoking. Because the human mind adapts remarkably quickly, it operates best when new and changing stimulus in introduced. This five-part program includes meditations, hypnosis, numerology, forecasts, in both audio and pdf formats.


Included are all the tools you'll need to manage your own stop smoking cessation regimen, and it includes:

  • Our Introduction to Hypnosis Audio - learn what hypnosis is and how to use the practice effectively
  • Our Stop Smoking Now and Forever Hypnosis Audio - the core hypnosis track to condition the mind to let go of nicotine and habitual cravings
  • Our Stress Relief Meditation Audio - for many, smoking is a response to stress; for others stopping smoking can generate new stress; this meditation will help you to manage and reduce your stress level
  • Our 4-7-8 Deep Breathing Relaxation Meditation Audio - maintaining a state of inner relaxation is key to helping you keep from turning back to old habits during periods of stress; this meditation will teach you the remarkably effective 4-7-8 relaxation technique
  • Our Natural Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio - since weight gain commonly accompanies stopping smoking, we've included this track to keep you on the right side of your weight
  • Our Numerology Report with 1-year Forecast - this incredible insightful and comprehensive report includes a 1-year forecast to help you identify periods of upcoming stress so you can plan and protect your stop smoking success beyond the first 30-days

In all, this program includes 1-1/2 hours of professionally recorded hypnosis and meditation MP3 audios available for immediate download. Plus there's a 35-page custom numerology report with a 1-year forecast that's delivered by email in pdf format approximately 3-5 business days after ordering.

What are you waiting for? Order today, get started now and plan your next year as a non-smoker with the help of your 1-year forecast report.


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