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  • Secret Garden Series: #7 Affirmation Compilation Audio
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Secret Garden Series: #7 Affirmation Compilation Audio


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This final meditation contains a beautiful collection of 60 affirmations that can be listened to anytime. Affirmations are short positive statements that are designed for repeated listening and they can help you combat negative or self-defeating thoughts. Affirmations are subtle but very powerful. You may listen to these affirmations throughout your day or whenever you like.

Repeating affirmations helps you change your thoughts at a very deep level of the mind, helping you heal your mind, body and spirit.

I create my life within every thought.

I am grateful for my life.

My garden is a sacred place.

I easily tap into my intuition.

I am strong and powerful.

My energy is magnetic.

I am perfect - exactly as I am.

I am a beautiful person.

Divine love fills my heart.

I radiate love.

I am surrounded by love.

I am love.

I am worthy of love.

I love myself.

I feel loved and accepted.

I am respected and honored.

I deserve a harmonious and beautiful relationship.

I love myself unconditionally.

I am worthy to receive love.

The Universe supports me.

My life is amazing.

My dreams are important.

My life supports me.

I am thriving.

I am awakening to my true beauty.

I am worthy of EVERYTHING.

I spend time nurturing my dreams.

I am at peace.

I am abundant in every way.

I feel happy & healthy.

I breathe easily and deeply.

My body now purges itself of anything that does not support my optimal health.

This 14-minute MP3 product is available for 30-days and a total of six downloads...this way you can save all your affirmation tracks to multiple devices for easy and repeated listening.

These sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical doctor, they are meant as a complementary procedure. We do not claim to cure, diagnose or heal any ailment...these sessions are meant strictly for the purpose of relaxation and visualization only.

Always listen to hypnosis and meditation audio programs in a quiet environment that will allow for relaxation and even sleep. Never listen to hypnosis and meditation audio programs while driving or operating machinery.


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  1. EXCELLENT! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2015

    Love this program because it's well done and I can easily listen to it in the car or on the subway!