Secret Garden Series: #1 Secret Garden Meditation Audio

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The secret garden is a symbolic way of referring to that wonderful little-known place that exists within you. This mysterious place holds all of the answers to whom you really are deep down inside. Your secret garden is a place where you can look within and let yourself go.

Your garden can be anything you want, need or desire. It's a place that grows as you grow. The secret garden is, of course, a metaphor for your mind.

This lovely meditation is a wonderful introduction to the Secret Garden Meditation Series. Through the simple practice of a daily meditation, you will begin to develop an inner awareness. These beautiful meditations are meant to nourish the heart and soul. They are written in a manner that allows you to tend to your garden building on each experience.

There are 6 beautiful meditations in all plus a meditation that focuses solely on affirmations. Each one can be enjoyed on its own. Feel free to work your way through all of the meditations in order or skip around if you like. It is recommended that you begin with this meditation  - before moving on to the next one so that you have a better understanding of what the secret garden really is.

In this meditation, you can discover the magic and mystery of the secret garden of your mind. As you enter through the garden gate, you may discover something different every time you visit. This meditation allows you to explore your secret garden as you travel down its sacred paths and release anything that may be holding you back in life. In the secret garden, you may choose to sit and rest - or you may feel like cleaning up the garden of your mind.

This 36-minute MP3 product is available for 30-days and a total of six downloads...this way you can save all your meditation tracks to multiple devices for easy and repeated listening.

All of the meditations are set to the beautiful meditation music of Christopher Lloyd Clarke's Pure of Heart. The music, "Pure of Heart" is an elegant piano composition that will soothe your mind, body and spirit. The music is very slow in tempo and gentle. As you listen you’ll find yourself drifting through the music as it flows gracefully from one progression to the next. Pure of Heart is a quiet and contemplative, but touching musical composition filled with emotion.

These sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical doctor, they are meant as a complementary procedure. We do not claim to cure, diagnose or heal any ailment...these sessions are meant strictly for the purpose of relaxation and visualization only.

Always listen to hypnosis and meditation audio programs in a quiet environment that will allow for relaxation and even sleep. Never listen to hypnosis and meditation audio programs while driving or operating machinery.

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