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  • Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde with Meditation
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Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde with Meditation


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Harnessing the Power of Mercury Retrograde with Meditation is the first in our As Above, So is Below Series. This series is designed to introduce you to the power of Mindfulness and in particular, how it can be used to more peacefully, effectively and calmly approach astrological and numerological transitions, like Mercury Retrograde that begins August 30 and ends September 22, 2016.

• Are you anxious about Mercury Retrograde? Who isn't

• Do you dread times of transition and change? You're not alone

• Looking for help harnessing the true power of Mercury Retrograde? We can help

Release your anxiety, fear and tension surrounding this Mercury Retrograde and make it a positive one with this beautiful and professionally written and produced meditation by our own Wellness Expert and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Leslie Riopel, MA Psychology, ACHT.

"It's so important to be mindful in everyday life - and even more so during a Mercury Retrograde period. Our As Above, So is Below Series refers to the idea that our lives are influenced by many things, both above and below - in the sky and on the earth." Leslie Riopel, MA, ACHT

This exquisite MP3 recording will help you use the powerful energy of the Mercury Retrograde to release patterns and behaviors that can be holding you back and there are no better ways to do this than looking within oneself and being mindful.

The powerful transitional energy of Mercury Retrograde can benefit you in many ways - and it's a great time to take a step back and re-evaluate old behaviors and mindsets that may be keeping you from living your best life possible. That's the purpose of this meditation!

Retrogrades allow us to revisit, revise and turn that old negative energy into positive energy. During a retrograde period, it's also important to slow down, be more mindful and be more aware of the energy and people that surround you.

Take this joyous and relaxing guided trip with Leslie and put the power of this Mercury Retrograde to work for you with the help of mindfulness and this wonderful meditation recording.

All MP3 products are available for a total of six downloads over a 90-day period...this way you can save all your hypnosis audio tracks to multiple devices for easy and repeated listening.

These sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical doctor, they are meant as a complementary procedure.

We do not claim to cure, diagnose or heal any ailment...these sessions are meant strictly for the purpose of relaxation and visualization only.

Always listen to hypnosis audio products in a quiet environment that will allow for relaxation and even sleep. Never listen to hypnosis audio products while driving or operating machinery.


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