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Why Have Your Child's Birth Chart Done?

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Frequently Asked Astrology Question: Can I Have a Natal Chart For My Child Done?

The short answer to that one is that yes, you absolutely can.

I don’t think I have to tell any other parent out there how sometimes it’s easy to feel completely blindsided by the particular experiences we do. They say it’s the toughest job, except I have never really seen it as a job, either. Though there are many different styles of parenting, many opinions on the same and otherwise, I do think the one thing that any parent out there would agree on is that raising teacup humans is challenging.

Of course, I have done charts for all three of my boys, and the reason being: these are pretty important insights into a child’s personality and a whole lot of other things. We can see where their strengths lie, what may be pitfalls, what kind of potential they hold, what may derail that. However, what I have always felt more important was, looking at your child’s chart enables you to better understand this little human you’re raising.

Though, understanding doesn’t make the challenges easier (see my 4-year-old’s chart), it just makes it easier to be mindful of the person inside that is actually learning to do a whole lot of frustrating things and may not have the vocabulary or life experience to explain it all to you.

Of course, we know that environmental factors, your choices and free will change things for us, and this holds true of our children, as well. Not only that, though, our choices in their lives and the environment we provide for them will, too. 

I won’t go into the Sun signs here because those are the basis. Also, though, the Sun sign tends to show us our potential, but how do we use astrology to help our children (or even ourselves) to reach that? Well, typically, we take a look at the same issues we face, only we do so with a whole lot more forewarning than we ourselves get. Nothing like starting fresh, right? We should also always understand that, just as you can look through your own life and possibly tie those events to correspondences in your chart, well, your child or children can’t do that yet. Even though you’ve got this tool to use to better understand, there’s still so much life ahead of them with which all of your choices, theirs and otherwise can change things.

For instance, look at Fish’s chart up there. My boy’s got some gnarliness there between his Mars and Moon. Impatient? Oh, just a little. Assertive, we could then figure out, well, he’ll need some help with his patience levels, and possibly given this placement, keeping him as physically active as he wants to be would be a huge asset in helping him work through a lot of that more aggressive energy. This is just one example. There are so many we could go into, just as there are in your own chart. Still, there is also a beautiful aspect there to Venus: a very deeply, passionate and expressive personality emerges. (And well, he’s four now, so we’ll see about impatient and throwing fits as he gets older. For now, though, that’s pretty much every kid in this age group. Lol)

Speaking of that nicer, soft aspect there, I have mentioned before that the trines and sextiles tend to reveal areas where things go well for us and things are in balance or have great potential for it. Then, the squares and other hard aspects, of course, are where we see blockages and challenges, but also we can see the very clear talents that a child possesses by looking at those. Understanding the oppositions and squares in any chart may feel like you’re getting a laundry list of what’s bad, except it doesn’t work like that, not for anyone, let alone your child. What you’re looking at there is where you can help guide your child through structure, discipline, patience and otherwise so that their biggest strengths can be further built and that is one of the most helpful things of all, to me.

And it’s very true, we can definitely look at aspects to both the Moon and the Sun to have a much clearer picture of things. His Sun is clearly Sagittarius, and with that hard aspect to Jupiter it makes, we are looking at somebody capable of big time tall tales, big time hope, optimism, and that can also be a frustrating thing, teaching him to accept his failures and learn from them would be a big deal, and there are a few other things we can see here that would benefit him. We can also see by several other things, being taught or told what to do is not an easy thing for him. Oh, intelligent? Yes… and capable of learning? Most certainly… but stubborn and rebellious is splashed pretty much all over his chart. When we look at the aspects between planets, we also have to look at things like the planet itself. If you’ve got a couple of Malefics, you may be looking at much more out there things than say, the same aspect between two of the Benefic planets.

I suppose what it boils down to is that again with children, just like adults, we can certainly look at natal charts and utilize astrology to be much more mindful of the developing personality we’re raising. This does go back to when we create anyone’s natal chart, we’re looking at essentially, this picture of what was going on right then, at the time of that person’s birth. So, your child’s natal chart will be no different in that, really. This is who they are, who they may become and some indications of things to note along the way.

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