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Money and Your Birth Chart

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

We get asked about two things more than anything else: Love and Money. Let’s take a look at how you can find money in your own chart, or when to be aware of losing money. You get the idea.


The 10th house is pretty obvious because it’s the house of career and financial status. Ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, this is also where you’ll find the medium coeli on the cusp there. This will usually give us a great idea of where this person’s going in theirs. You can also get a pretty good look at how this person is going to stand in society and if they will or will not become something of an authority in that particular area. You also need to bear in mind that this is the highest point in your chart. It’s also a very, very public house. So, you might also check out your 1st house in relation to this as your 1st house involves your appearance and the way you come across to others.

Now the 6th house is going to be where we find, first off, your health concerns. But also, this is where how your work rolls. This is all about your work ethic, and well, that’s kind of important if you want money. If we’re looking at basics, that’s where we go. But, if we wanted to take a look at those events that transform your financial status or even the money you make with others, maybe the 8th house. Sometimes, if I am looking into money as it relates to marriage or even people who might attempt to derail you in making money, the 7th house. You might look at the 11th house to figure out how a person would make their money and accumulate stuff via their work. You’d look at how the ascendant plays with things because you always do, no matter what the issue may be.

I would also maybe look at the 2nd house for assets, and as I mention in the image, planets don’t tell you much. Even if you do take a look at the cusp there, if you keep it at the surface level, it’s just not a lot of information. I mean, are you looking at Venus and Neptune there in my 2nd house and thinking, “Heeey, maybe she could interpret dreams?” (I do. But that’s beside the point.) Honestly, their placements say more about my love life than they do my financial resources. However, Venus isn’t a bad thing as well. She rules that house. Neptune, on the other hand... Well, I get a little stupid when it comes to money. For me, it’s not so much that I am not organized or good with money. It’s that I just don’t care about it much. I care about it as it relates to making other people happy, and I care about it in terms of doing good things; but boy, you loop back around to my Jupiter there and it’s entanglement with Venus...and we get to the other thing I look at:


I have never been really very sure why it is in these write-ups, aspects are always saved for last. My eyeballs go from house to planet to aspects, just kinda like clockwork. Pow! There’s the pattern. I have a hard time writing about just the planets or just the houses because that’s not really much more than the little lights you see in the forest. Sure, you know there’s something making those lights, but what’s working with them? Would you run towards them not knowing if they were good or bad? Well, here’s where we get into aspects.

Of course, I mentioned there are “good” aspects: trines, sextiles and the like. They might give you a bit of a boost in things, but then again, they may also create a tendency towards over-indulgence which is not generally good for money. So, why would I not celebrate seeing Jupiter and the Moon hanging out in Leo in my 10th house? Why does that Venus in my 2nd house not thrill me?

For a few reasons, actually. If you’ll look in the middle there, all those lines with all those little symbols on them, there you have some of the reasons. Most of them are pretty ironic, actually, but first, let’s take a look at Jupiter there. Aspect-wise, not too bad. However, that placement does tend to make me just a bit indulgent to begin with. And a bit on the needy side, at times. So, Jupiter conjunct my Moon, what is that? Well, here’s the first point of connection. That basically denotes a generous character and in some circles, my karma is in giving. In giving, I receive. This is where we move on, though into aspects because my Moon just so happens to let you know which Love Language I engage in most: I am an Acts of Service kind of gal. It’s how I show everything and tends to be how I notice things, too.

Meaning, little things matter a lot, and when you loop it back around to the Jupiter in Leo, I bawl like a kitten lost in an alley when I’m not getting the attention I think I deserve. It tends to make me lack motivation because why bother if I can’t give it away? And, then I get into a rather unfortunate soft aspect between Jupiter and Venus which means when I hurt, I get lazy. I pull back. I wrote all of that out not to have you wondering about me, but to show you how entangled things can be. For some, this will depend a great deal on the aspects at play. If you take a moment to consider how your emotions tie into your money, how you feel about it, even if you think you don’t have a material side, you’ll probably find that in some way, yes, you actually do. We can usually find that by looking at things this way.

Bit of a warning, though, about the so-called more challenging aspects: squares, oppositions and the like. People tend to see those and they immediately do this silly knee jerk response, thinking that they’re destined to be poor or something. First off, that’s not how it works. Secondly, free will is still a thing, and your chart is not your script, it’s a tool. Third, some of the most famous, most wealthy people you will ever find have challenging aspects in their charts, and you want to know what happens? Self-made people who went from nothing to something. They find strength in that adversity, they find motivation in rising from underdog to top dog, and that’s exactly what they do. Perspective truly is everything.

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