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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 25-July 1, 2017

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey out there!

You’ll remember that last week we talked about how the New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd’s influence would carry over for the next four weeks, continuing through until July 23rd’s New Moon in Leo. So, the running theme you may still yet be working with is in Mercury’s tie in there, and this, more or less, is going to be a time of emotional new beginnings brought on by communication.

We open this week with Mars squaring Jupiter which can further add to those feelings of new beginnings by giving us the initiative we need to get things moving. This usually applies to those bigger, longer term projects or goals we have. During this time it will be important not to give in completely to the impulsive nature of it, but rather channel things into more constructive behavioral patterns that involve more carefully calculated risks. Though you may be feeling a little more aggressive, a better way to approach things is to simply stand your ground rather than go on the offensive. Mars will also trine Neptune this week, so there’s a bit of a softer energy at play here, which may help you to use this in a creative way rather than a destructive one.

We also have a lot going on with Mercury, more or less, still tangling into that emotional New Moon influence. Mercury squaring Jupiter, which can help you to feel a bit more optimistic and goal oriented, but may lead to a little trouble with focus. Mercury trine Neptune again, maybe a bit restless and dreamy, wanting to indulge in fantasy and creativity. Throw in Mercury conjunct Mars and more sort of “Grrrrrr! Frustrated!” feelings while at the same time, actually, a fantastic counter to the dreaminess. This can help you to pull the psychological and emotional into the logical and think things through just a bit better. Just be careful not to be too defensive and definitely do not indulge in any kind of manipulative behavior. Mercury is also opposite Pluto this week, which means, sure, those kinds of negative approaches may work short term, but they’ll carry some long-term harm and consequences. So, they are better avoided.

Have a great week and get started out on some of those dreams!


aries-icon.png ARIES

You may be feeling like one extremely eager beaver as we start the week, but a little dismayed if you don’t feel you’re getting the credit you deserve, Aries. Midweek, you start to find your bearings a bit and figure out just the right things to say to get the support you need; and as we move into next week, things seem a bit more balanced.

Aries Affirmation this week: I think, act, and communicate like a leader.

taurus-icon.png TAURUS

If you haven’t been balancing your priorities, you may find that early in the week others seem less than cordial with you, Taurus. Though there may be a temptation to nitpick their criticisms moving on into the week, take a step back and understand that they may feel adrift as your focus seems elsewhere. Smooth things out with a relaxing weekend, and you can start off next week on a better note.

Taurus Affirmation this week: I am breaking old destructive habits and making new successful ones.

gemini-icon.png GEMINI

You may find that your ideas seem on fire this week, though stopping to work on one at a time may be a bit tricky. Streamline your focus and make sure that you are clearly communicating with others and you’ll find you’re able to get some support and encouragement in the things you do.

Gemini Affirmation this week: I courageously open and move through every door of opportunity.

cancer-icon.png CANCER

Early in the week, expressing what’s on your heart may be met with good results, Cancer. Clearly stated feelings and thoughts can lead to deeper discussions about how to resolve long-standing issues and even bigger plans. As you head into the middle of the week, you’ll find yourself able to visualize the steps you need to take and then, closing out the week on a relaxing note helps bring it all together.

Cancer Affirmation this week: I give my life to the world, and the world sends me love in return.

leo-icon.png LEO

As we open the week, you might feel a bit like strutting your stuff, and I don’t blame you, Leo. You have been putting some things into motion, and others do take note, even if they’re not saying so. You’ll find you are able to put more polish on those plans and when it comes time for the weekend ahead, you won’t have any trouble at all letting your hair down with some friends.

Leo Affirmation this week: I have the power, right now, to decide what I want to do.

virgo-icon.png VIRGO

The beginning of the week’s a little topsy-turvy, but nothing terribly stressing, Virgo. Those around you may be a little bit on the dramatic side, but you have had your head down working on plans so it doesn’t touch you too much. Things begin to come together a little more towards midweek, but as we close out the week, you may find yourself a little indecisive. Take some time to relax and clear your head.

Virgo Affirmation this week: I love facing challenges – they allow me to grow.

libra-icon.png LIBRA

This week may seem to go a little more quickly than some, which may have you feeling a bit unsettled, Libra. That feeling fades relatively quickly as a clear plan begins to spring to life and you start to feel a bit more like yourself towards the end of the week. Allow yourself to enjoy some good times with those you care about and engage in some self-care to help recharge on the weekend.

Libra Affirmation this week: I am always in the right place at the right time.

scorpio-icon.png SCORPIO

You may find yourself questioning a little bit early in the week, as you may not be getting quite what you bargained for from a situation, Scorpio. This will lead to a time of analysis both of yourself and those closest to you. Though later in the week, your motivation may lean more towards creature comforts. Allow yourself to unwind and recharge before you take steps based on what you find, this week.

Scorpio Affirmation this week: I have everything I need to overcome this challenge.

sagittarius-icon.png SAGITTARIUS

Early in the week things are a bit fun, with attention being drawn your way. Though things may slow down a bit midweek, you’ll benefit most by taking the time to outline what you want, need, and perhaps a loose framework of how to best accomplish that. You might find yourself becoming a little indecisive and confused as we close the week out, and it’s just best to take your time. Perhaps pamper yourself a bit during this time rather than making certain decisions.

Sagittarius Affirmation this week: Time is the most valuable resource. Therefore, I spend it wisely.

capricorn-icon.png CAPRICORN

You may find early in the week you get a bit of the credit for your hard work you’ve been seeking, though you may also find others’ feelings may be hurt as they misinterpret your intentions, fellow goats. Take the time to carefully outline your position, and by midweek, you will find that it gets a bit easier to draft up and refine your plans. Allowing yourself some time to rest up towards the end of the week may be just the thing you need, but a balance there helps you stay focused.

Capricorn Affirmation this week: I have unwavering discipline, and because of this, I will succeed.

aquarius-icon.png AQUARIUS

Things may feel a bit rushed as you start the week, Aquarius. However, you’ll find it slows down a bit, and it’s a bit easier to outline your plans to others, to get the support and encouragement you need. Further organizing things will help, as you bounce those plans off of others throughout the week. Allow yourself some time to unwind, heading into the weekend, and you’ll find that you start the next week ready for anything.

Aquarius Affirmation this week: I am unique and have so much to offer this world.

pisces-icon.png PISCES

This week may feel a little rushed on the whole, Pisces. However, you’ll find if you allow yourself some focus around midweek, you can see areas of your plans that have room for improvement. Take the time to streamline and open up to others about what you are thinking and feeling. You may find this helps a great deal. Towards the end of the week if you start to feel a little unclear on what the next steps should be, allow yourself some alone time to ground your thoughts and you’ll be better able to see the path ahead.

Pisces Affirmation this week: I have the power to change my thoughts in a second.

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