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Star Blast Horoscopes for June 18-24, 2017

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey out there!

Our New Moon this week is a really positive one. Though it closes out the week on Friday the 23rd, you may be feeling a bit ready for that new start early on in the week, anyway. It comes along with really interesting Mercury aspects, which may have you taking stock of the way you’re conveying things to others.

The bigger thing here is that you may feel just a bit moodier under this influence. With Mercury conjunct the Moon, you’ll feel more sensitive to others and yourself. You may find, though with the Sun also getting in on the act, long deep conversations help you feel revitalized and give you a renewed sense of purpose, which is a very good thing if you’re using this particular New Moon’s energy to let go of some old wounds and get new things on the right course.

It’s also a great week to make friends, initiate romances, or even bring partnerships closer together. On the whole, this is a positive set of influences that you’ll find beneficial should any friction arise from emotional expressions. Sometimes, you become aware of an issue and know just the right things to say to correct it, which seems to be a theme this week.

To use the Cancer New Moon influence to your best benefit, from the 23rd onward till about the first week of July, you should work out your plans on paper in an organized way. If you have some excellent ideas you’ve been sitting on, now is a good time to express them to others and work out plans for implementing them.

The key here is that solutions can be found by better organizing things before you actually express them or work on them, whether they’re plans or expressing yourself emotionally, you’ll find doing that helps whatever you work on to have much greater impact and get things done.

See you next week!


aries-icon.png ARIES

The week begins on an energetic enough note, feeling a bit like now’s the time to turn the page and get moving on, Aries. You’ll find though that as the week progresses, the devil is in the details and you might be wise to plan things out a bit more before you act on them. Though sometimes it may seem like hurry up and wait, you’ll be glad you put the preventative steps in motion.

Aries Affirmation this week: Doing things right the first time takes less time than correcting them.

taurus-icon.png TAURUS

You may feel just a bit perturbed, case of the Mondays, really, Taurus. In true CoM fashion, that’ll pass fairly quickly so being careful with your words will be important. Allowing yourself to take further steps to solidify and move on existing plans is your best bet in the week ahead. Be careful to clearly communicate your plans with those involved to avoid emotional tangles and hurt feelings.

Taurus Affirmation this week: If you’re going through hell, it's almost over.

gemini-icon.png GEMINI

You may feel a bit like you’re being pulled in several directions at once this week, Gemini, as practical matters get somewhat hindered by emotional concerns. Take the time to clarify your position with others, and you will find you’ve got more support in your corner than you may have imagined you did.

Gemini Affirmation this week: Sometimes we’re only alone as long as we fail to reach out.

cancer-icon.png CANCER

Though things have been a bit on the frustrating side, you’ll probably feel a bit like there is a way out, but the steps towards that may be daunting. If burnout has been creeping up on you, sometimes a reset is what you need to clear your head and get yourself into a better frame of mind to make stronger plans.

Cancer Affirmation this week: Self-care needs to come before the care of others.

leo-icon.png LEO

Though things may seem a bit hectic early in the week, by midweek they start to slow down and the problems creating the mess become readily apparent. Correcting the issues seen in the process is more than just putting out fires this week; it’s setting things up so that plans go much more smoothly going forward, Leo.

Leo Affirmation this week: An ounce of prevention and taking care of things first prevents big headaches later.

virgo-icon.png VIRGO

Though the start of the week may seem a bit head over teakettle there, Virgo, it quickly moves into a routine you can more readily embrace. Being able to line things up and knock them down, in terms of goals is key this week. Though if you’re not very clear with others about your expectations, you may find they fall short.

Virgo Affirmation this week: Letting people know exactly how they can help is important.

libra-icon.png LIBRA

This week’s balancing act of emotion and forward movement may be a little hard to handle if you don’t have solid goals lined up in your timeline, Libra. Take steps to solidify your plans and make sure you have healthy boundaries in place for those who may rely on you a bit too much. They may come out of the woodwork towards the end of the week and saying yes to yourself will mean a firm no to them.

Libra Affirmation this week: You do you, let others do themselves.

scorpio-icon.png SCORPIO

Though the start of the week seems to bring some progress, by midweek you might find things to be a bit on the hectic side in terms of emotional entanglements going awry. If you start to notice some red flags, it’s going to be very important to not ignore them. You may close out the week with some very telling emotional confrontations, and it’s best to pay attention to what is actually more a longstanding behavior and not simply a momentary lapse.

Scorpio Affirmation this week: Being sorry only works if there’s corrective action alongside.

sagittarius-icon.png SAGITTARIUS

You may feel ready to rush headlong into new territory, Sagittarius. However, there are some things you probably should address before you do. Keeping things on the down-low is fine for some things, but in others, may cause you to be dishonest in a way you’ll have trouble rationalizing to yourself later. Be upfront about what you think and feel, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable.

Sagittarius Affirmation this week: True honesty begins with self-honesty.

capricorn-icon.png CAPRICORN

This week might bring some big steps taken forward, as we open the week, fellow goats, but then, a bit of a frustrating slowdown. This is okay. Take the slowing down for a time when things can be better fine-tuned and do that for best results. Be careful as emotions run a bit high later on in the week and take care not to lay down some laws you’d probably rather take back later.

Capricorn Affirmation this week: Keeping flexible keeps me adaptable.

aquarius-icon.png AQUARIUS

Though others may be a little frustrating early on in the week, you’ll find tactful dealings helps you move forward anyway. Allowing yourself to outline the things you want and need will reveal the areas of your plan you could be best suited to working on now and, giving yourself the time to process some existing disappointments as you close out the week brings a clean slate.

Aquarius Affirmation this week: Bottling things up only works out well with beer.

pisces-icon.png PISCES

This week may seem to move by a little faster than you’d like to start with but by Thursday, a weird slowdown has you feeling you can catch your breath. Just in time for this, you may find that your feelings get a bit of a nudge and a blast from the past may well have you questioning your current plans and motivations. Healthy skepticism is exactly what you need.

Pisces Affirmation this week: Sometimes, things are just exactly what they appear to be, and that’s a good thing.

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