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Star Blast Horoscopes for July 2-8, 2017

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey there!

This week might start out on a little bit of a tense note, but don’t worry. It mellows somewhat towards the weekend. Take a look at those tensions and see what can’t be resolved.

Also this week, I wanted to touch on the fact that Chiron stationed Retrograde on the 1st. I think that many people know about Mercury retrograde and certain other planets, but it’s only been recently that people have really begun to explore Chiron’s role in our lives more fully on a wider scale. We begin our month with Chiron retrograding in Pisces, and it will go direct on December 5th, also in Pisces. Of course, our “week” for our weekly horoscopes begins on Sunday, the 2nd, I felt this was an important thing to explore for you guys as we head into it, and I hope you find it useful.

Also known as the “Wounded Healer,” a brief lesson on Chiron for a moment. He was a centaur, but not just any centaur. Considered the wisest of the then rowdy bunch, he was injured by Hercules’ magic arrow which causes incurable wounds. Because he was immortal, this meant that he would have to live out eternity in pain. As he went about this, he studied more and attempted to learn ways to cure this wound, but never really did. As he tried, though, others benefited from what he learned. Eventually, he would trade spots with Prometheus; and in his sacrifice of his immortality, he no longer felt the pain of his wound. He then became a part of the constellation Centaurus.

One of the important things to remember about Chiron’s original wound is that it wasn’t intentional. Hercules was his student at the time. But because of the more or less hard partying ways of the other centaurs, he was struck accidentally. This shows us not only how rash actions can unintentionally inflict harm, but also that our worst woundings come at the hands of those we care about the most.

Knowing where Chiron is in your chart is the key to figuring out how you can heal repeating hurts, but it’s also how we see those sacrifices and pain that may play out. You find out what house and sign it’s in, and you can then look at the aspects it makes as well to further explore these things. Often, if we have repeating patterns that hurt us, we can look at Chiron to figure out how they can be healed, but it’s also important to understand that Chiron uses that pain to help heal others as well.

For example, my own natal Chiron is in the 7th house, Aries. Now, mine may not be the best example, but it’s sure an ironic one, given what I do for a living and the bulk of my work involving relationships because that 7th house placement tends to indicate that I can be a bit of a shoemaker with no shoes in respect to marriage. My own relationships tend to be chaotic but, I am skilled at advising others on theirs. It isn’t just romantic, though. I also tend to be fairly adept at teaching others to manage their businesses and helping them thrive while being somewhat unorganized in my own. Going into the Aries placement, on a basic level, this means that the reason this is so is often due to my tendency to lose myself in other people. I could go into the aspects, but self-sacrifice for my partners is a very big problem for me and finding that balance has been an ongoing journey. There’s a really excellent book by Barbara Hand Clow which deals with this and ultimately the lesson of those two placements is in learning who I am and what I can do by way of recognizing what power there is in my influence on others and not using that in an unhealthy, co-dependent way which relinquishes it. There isn’t a whole lot written about natal Chiron retrograde, but this factors in, in my case, as well. With Chiron retrograde natally, balance in this is essential due to a sort of polarized impact, but also understanding true Worth versus simply fiscal worth or empty popularity.

Anyway! That was much longer than I intended to touch on, but I felt it was an important thing to mention as we head into this week.

Take the time to look up where Chiron falls in your chart, and you can get a good idea of the things you should be working on or with during this retrograde cycle. You can also take that a step further and look into where it is currently, and go from there.

Also! I noticed that some of you are stoked that the horoscopes are being posted to Facebook again. If you’ve got any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to pop on over and drop us a note!

Have a great week!


aries-icon.png ARIES

You may still find that due to some tense alignments with Mercury and Mars, the week starts a bit on the sense side, Aries. You will, however, notice that if you get beneath the surface of this tension, there are things you want to change in your life. Take a long hard look at those you need to just let go, and those you can change. (Serenity Prayer or something?) This week, you may find that you’re taking a look at your closest relationships a bit more deeply.

taurus-icon.png TAURUS

This is an excellent week to do some thinking about what you want and need, Taurus. You may find that earlier in the week, some encounters have you tempted and if you’re single, that’s great. If you’re not, not so much. Honesty is the best policy. Still, it’s nice to enjoy a little attention as long as it doesn’t go overboard. Much of what you’re dealing with now involves your desires, and you may find your needs get met, both fiscally and romantically, with careful communication and planning.

gemini-icon.png GEMINI

You may be feeling more than ready to get some things on track, Gemini, but not ultimately sure where to begin. Still, this is a very good energy you’re working with. So, it’s going to be important to organize your thoughts. Take stock of the things you want to accomplish and prioritize things, and just focus on a few key things for best results.

cancer-icon.png CANCER

You may be feeling oddly competitive this week and that might make you just a little aggressive, Cancer. This is a good thing. Don’t freak out because you suddenly feel like getting yours. Man, everyone knows you deserve it. Reconcile the fact that you work hard with the fact that yes, you do in fact, deserve to have some good things and go, go, go!

leo-icon.png LEO

Though things do start out a bit on the grrrr side this week, Leo, you’ll find that quickly dissipates to an optimism and drive to get things done, assuming you don’t let the buzzkills harsh your mood. You will, however, find that as you engage with others allowing your good feelings to show- you’re something of a contagion. Happiness zombie? Naaaah. Just spreading good vibes.

virgo-icon.png VIRGO

You can tell things are starting to settle down a little from last week, which, is both good and bad. A little excitement never hurt anyone, but now you might be taking a look at your close relationships with a new perspective. You may be starting to seek out a new balance, and noticing where you’re being met halfway... and where you’re not. Take some time to muse on that without ruminating before you act.

libra-icon.png LIBRA

You are ready to take the world by storm, or at least, your corner of it, Libra. Kind of an unusual aggressiveness for you but boy, it feels good, doesn’t it? Be careful, though, as you may have some competition that’s just looking for any possible inroad to knock you down a peg or two. Still, doing your best and avoiding negative behaviors will shine the light on them to reveal the ooginess inherent, and show you to be the better person, here.

scorpio-icon.png SCORPIO

Your closest relationships, particularly the intimate ones may come into focus this week, Scorpio. Fortunately, you may find yourself feeling a bit calmer and detached so that you can clearly see where things are out of whack. Addressing those things will be easier, so that you can either resolve the problems or bring that spark back. If you happen to be single, making emotional connections may be just a bit easier. So don’t shy away from that.

sagittarius-icon.png SAGITTARIUS

So, last week, not to put too fine a point on it, you might have allowed your emotions to override your intuition and might have taken a few things more personally than they were, Sagittarius. That’s ok! Well, sort of. You will find this week helps you resolve some of the insecurity at play and enjoy a bit more time with those you care about. You will also find you’re feeling just a bit more confident about making the changes you need to.

capricorn-icon.png CAPRICORN

After being kicked down for quite some time, you might be a little nervous as you start to feel that ol’ urge to get back up on the horse hit hard, this week, fellow goats. Do it anyhow. You know you’re going to do it anyway. Remember that old ad “Weebles wobble but they don’t… fall down?” Yeah, pretty much that, like a mantra. Though there may be those who’d rather not see you succeed. You’ll spot them fairly quickly and taking the high road here will reveal them for the jerks they are while you come out smelling like a rose.

aquarius-icon.png AQUARIUS

If you feel like you have to do battle early this week to get ahead, consider the biggest enemy you face is the one in your mirror, Aquarius. Honestly, that’s the only one that can shoot you right in the foot and derail you now. So, allow yourself to feel the more confident feelings rising up and start taking the steps you need to. It’s time.

pisces-icon.png PISCES

You may find yourself feeling unusually domineering this week, Pisces, which is fine as long as you channel it constructively, and dominate your own emotions, first. If you find yourself tempted to resort to something less-than-above-board to achieve the success you seek… resist! Taking the high road now is everything and will lead you to more advantages than you’d get with the instant gratification route. You’ll see more growth with truth and positive steps than anything else. So, go for it, confidently!

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