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May 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscope

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Hey out there!

Don’t worry, May’s a bit less AAARRRGHH! than April. That’s for sure. Here’s your look at the month ahead.

A few key players this month:

Mercury stations direct May 3, at 24’15 degrees Aries, yet, will remain in shadow until May 20.

The shadow phase of any planetary retrograde cycle is where you may find yourself getting nudged, challenged or otherwise pushed and encouraged to put things into motion to change the issues you were confronted with during the cycle itself. Whether that’s organizing things better, addressing painful issues in your relationships or otherwise, during the shadow period you may find those problems emerge a bit- but not with the intensity they did during the retrograde motion itself. Given it formally leaves the retrograde cycle on the 20th, in Taurus, most of those issues will revolve around love and money, particularly, stabilizing your life in respect to those things. If you’ve been trying to hold onto a self-destructive or limiting mindset: you may find this challenged, as well.

Full Moon in Scorpio

May’s Full Moon occurs at 20 degrees Scorpio and offers a collection of remarkably powerful but also, very empowering influences. I’d like to highlight the fact that this full moon forms a sextile to Pluto, which also works alongside the Sun trine Pluto. For the two weeks following, it’s an excellent time to better understand those black and white issues in your life, especially areas of conflict and polarity. You may find during this cycle you experience some very profound things that get your mind and emotions moving in new directions if you allow for it. Existing relationships will find that this is either a “make it or break it” moon where feelings are revealed, and things can evolve tremendously through deep discussions and emotional vulnerability. If there are things in your life you’ve felt were sort of stagnant or even hopeless, you may just find you are able to resurrect those things in a sense and start anew, with more optimism.

New Moon in Gemini

Our new moon this month is on May 25th and falls at 4 degrees Gemini. It’s really not a cluttered moon, which does tend to single out the primary focus. This one, in particular, carries with it a square between Venus and Pluto. You may find that little, yet damaging annoyances set off desire for change as control issues may also erupt. Be very careful about indulging in jealous behaviors or attempting to manipulate those you are closest to, and be on guard against this happening to you. A more positive use of this influence would be to get at the root cause of the insecurities you have in both love and money, finding a middle ground from which you can better communicate and organize things. Do not allow your insecurities to paralyze you, but also don’t allow them to inspire negative lashing out. Instead, confront and explore them with honesty and openness so that you can begin the process of resolving them.

Have a great month!


Aries ♈

You know those problems you have been tangling with, since April? Most of them financial? Well, you may find that as we go into May, the solutions begin to reveal themselves, or you find them. For the first two weeks, you’re gonna find yourself still working out the finer details in terms of a plan: but, feeling a little more optimistic as Mercury stations direct on the 2nd. Remember, though, we’re still going to be seeing little burps in things and, that’s just the shadow of the retrograde helping challenge you to finish some things up and tie the loose ends.

This month’s Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th will bring with it huge opportunities for a little bit of a karmic makeover, if you will. You’ll find that you’ll be looking into the more serious matters in your life, wanting to get things on a much better track. If you allow yourself to let go of some things, you’ll find that your personal power and magnetism play a key role in where things go under this influence, and ultimately, those things you were dealing with earlier in April really do come to a culmination. Your key to unlocking the power of this one’s gonna be letting go of some hurt and anger so that you can be open to better things, Aries.

When Mercury moves into Taurus on the 16th, you will find that you can take a bit of a breather and be better able to work out some of the details in your plans and finalize some decisions with a bit more clarity than before.

Mercury then enters earth sign Taurus on May 16th, and you can give your mind a much-needed break after the craziness of last month, and take your time with decisions and with plans. Once the Sun moves into idea-driven Gemini, you may find that it gets a bit easier to work out some of your more pressing goals and you may also want to connect or reconnect to others on an intellectual level. You may find that you’re a bit more optimistic and enthusiastic than before. As a result, people respond to you in much better ways. You may find your curiosity leads you down some interesting paths and you will feel more inclined than you already were towards letting people know just what you think.

We close out the month with a new moon on the 25th, also in Gemini and you’ll find that new beginnings are the name of the game. Because your mind will be absolutely primed with inspiration and an almost excitably optimistic energy- you’ll find that those connections you make towards the end of May really do bring about some fantastic new mindsets and opportunities to explore.

Taurus ♉

Well, opening the month with Mercury stationing direct doesn’t suck but, until it does, you may find yourself still grappling with some uncertainties which will continue to play themselves out in small ways until about the Full Moon on the 10th, Taurus. You might find that the issues you have had with direction and where to apply your focus really come to a head before this occurs. However, as what you find most important versus some of the more self-destructive mindsets and habits you’ve been holding onto become highlighted. Rather than continuing to try to avoid those issues. It is high time you met them head on and put them to rest for good. You’ve got a lot of wonderful things in your life, and, all too often, trying to cling to those comfort zone areas can put a hinderance on that. So, stop it.

This will become MUCH easier when that Full Moon in Scorpio hits on the 10th, but, it may shine a huge spotlight on the areas in your personal relationships where you may need to do a little course correction and work. While this may not be the most comfortable thing in the world to address, typically under this particular cluster of influences, there’s a make it or break it point reached. If you want to “make it,” you’ll need to lean into being more open to those you are closest to and being more present in your relationships on the whole.

Think about it like your drinks: you probably like your coffee and tea piping hot and your water or juice ice cold. Nobody likes lukewarm beverages- and they don’t like lukewarm involvement, especially in romance. If you happen to be on the receiving end of such treatment- it may be time to discuss that more fully and if need be, let go. As I said, it’s really sort of a crossroads point where you need know or get off the pot. The awesome thing here is, after this, on the 16th, Mercury moving into your sign, in particular, will enable you to convey your feelings, ideas, and plans better than ever- and certainly better than those solid retrograde days of last month! Though you’ll definitely need to be more active and involved in your close relationships: another thing to note is that need for balance.

If you’ve been emptying your cup for others- with nothing left over, you may find yourself getting a big wake-up call about balance there. Be good to you, Taurus, and you’ll have plenty of energy left for those you care about most. It’s all about where your priorities lay. Once we get into the second half of the month, when the Sun moves into Gemini: you might find this all comes together in helping you recognizing those missing pieces and areas you may not have recognized that should be priorities and aren’t. The big emphasis then: a new beginning that is not only stable, but sustainable and helps you thrive rather than merely surviving. As you go about this work, you’ll find that your confidence levels begin to improve a great deal- and more opportunities cross your path as a result.

Gemini ♊

Oh, it’s your month, Gemini. Sort of… We begin with Mercury’s direct station, and this is an awesome thing: one I know many, many Geminis to breathe HUGE sighs of relief about. Because Mercury rules both you guys and Virgo, these things tend to be pretty hairy but: that’s over. More or less. Things won’t get completely smoothed out until around the middle of the month, but you can almost feel the pressure and the weight lifted, I know. If you’ve been feeling somewhat lost and out of it- well, that direct station tends to feel like that’s finally letting up.

So, we go into the second week, though, and there’s a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th. For you, Gemini, this is an excellent lunation for putting some things behind you, finishing up projects and getting your priorities in order, both on practical and emotional levels. Keeping things balanced for this two-week window is key as you may push yourself to burnout if you’re not careful: but, if you find balance, this can help. Additionally, it’s a good idea to adopt meditation or other relaxation rituals you can use to help prevent stress from piling up. When Mercury moves into Taurus right after this on the 16th, you will find that you feel a little more withdrawn and introspective. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, actually, as you’ll be more inclined towards wanting to plan things out better and being around others might feel like a bit of a drain. Ideas abound and you may just find that you’re just wanting to spend some time with your muse a bit and indulge. Nothing wrong with that!

Once the Sun enters your sign on the 20th, you’ll REALLY be feeling like it’s time to shine and you will have a greater handle on what you desire and how to get it. You may find that others take note of you or your ideas and attention comes just a bit easier now. As you work on those new plans and beginnings, you will also discover that closing out the month with a new moon in your sign seems to set things up on a high note and unexpected opportunities and surprises may also emerge for the taking.

Cancer ♋

Though things have been frustrating because you could identify the problems yet not find the solutions, Cancer, you may find that with the passing of this particular Mercury retrograde cycle you are better able to see which way you should take things.

When the full moon happens on the 10th, you may find that you are really feeling more open to out of the box thinking, but also driven to express your feelings. You may find that this is a time when changing things up in respect to your closest relationships will either mean an evolution of sorts, the next steps taken- or, a clean break. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find you’re able to close out some old cycles to begin newer and more optimistic ones by way of adopting new perspectives and being less stuck in the comfort zones you’ve kept.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you will find that you’re feeling a bit less inclined towards socialization and you want to dig deep and focus on yourself. It may be a time when you’re feeling a lot more introverted than usual, and if you allow yourself some time alone, you can channel this and use it to really take care of some of that inward work.

The new moon on the 25th brings with it a whole lot of intuition and understanding. You may find that you’re still feeling more like stepping away from the focus of others and this is a good thing- you will be a lot more productive in situations where you can simply keep to yourself and take care of what you need to.

Leo ♌

Though some of the events of the past couple of months may have made you feel a little less than confident, once Mercury stations direct you’ll begin to feel a bit less hindered. Feeling more open in terms of what you can do and express, you’ll find that it’s a good month to work on long term plans as well as exploring some new things.

For you, the full moon on the 10th may help you to figure some things out on the homefront and be more in touch with your own emotional well-being and strength. You may be a little more easily triggered, emotionally but once you zero in on the base insecurities at play within you: you can find a balance and feel more stable on the whole. Once Mercury moves into Taurus, for you, you’ll find that being grounded and balanced affords you some unique opportunities you might not have seen otherwise.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini, later in the month, you’ll find that you’re wanting to reach out, wanting to make new connections and engage with a more diverse group of people. You may find yourself taking some risks, both calculated and not so much, that bring about some open doors. As you begin to develop a stronger sense of reciprocity, you may also find yourself supporting others in similar positions to your own. You might also find that the muse takes a hold of you and you are able to use your creative approaches to move forward in new and exciting causes. The new moon on the 25th in the same sign will help you to feel much more confidence in pushing your own personal limits and being able to take further steps towards your long-term goals, or even change them entirely.

Virgo ♍

Though you haven’t felt quite yourself in a while and things have been sort of down. You may find that once Mercury stations direct you can snap out of it and get things moving again in a more optimistic way. You may also find that a lot of the tensions, stresses, and otherwise of the past month or so begin to fall away and this enables you to feel like you can move forward with a lot more hope.

For you, a combination of the Full Moon on the 10th and Mercury, your ruler, moving into Taurus on the 16th bring about some great things. Both of these influences can bring about a bit more optimistic thinking but, the moon works more with helping you get things off your chest whereas that Taurus influence will enable you to think about things logically. So, utilizing the energy of both that week will help you to resolve some problems, finish up some things you need to, and be better able to obtain the support and advice you need as well as being able to do some giving of your own in that same light.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you’ll be feeling a bit more direction and focus in terms of tackling long-term goals. This influence is sort of a double-edged sword for you because whereas it may help you feel more open to praise, you may be inclined to take criticism a little too much to heart, as well, so you’ll need to work on a balance there. Once the new moon hits too close out the month on the 25th in that same sign, small victories and even larger ones will bring about a lot more courage in you in terms of setting new, exciting goals and even really helping you grow in hope. As a result, you may be inspired to start a new venture, or adventure and find success comes a bit easier.

Libra ♎

The relationship concerns that have been problematic over the course of the past couple of months may begin to ease up, this month, Libra. You will find that though it’s not likely to be THE solution. A lot of things come together to help you begin the work of getting things back on track and better communicating with those you care about most.

The full moon on the 10th in Scorpio may bring about the conclusions of a lot of things while at the same time, bringing about many solutions to fiscal concerns you may have been facing. In some cases, this may mean closing one door, leaving a job or changing jobs, perhaps starting out on your own and in others, it may just be the options you weren’t aware of before before to help you resolve the issues become more apparent. Unfortunately, with this influence, you might also feel a bit more sensitive to the things others have to say: be careful in seeking the validation of others where you don’t actually need it. Once Mercury moves into Taurus, however, you may find that you gain more insight in terms of why some are more critical and can ferret out those who aren’t acting in your best interests, but rather trying to derail you. Once you clear the emotional clutter in this way, you’ll find your focus becomes laser-like and strong.

When the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you may feel more compelled to take on challenges, try out some new things and get other wheels in motion in terms of your future. You will be passionate about not just figuring things out, but also conveying what you know in a way that others look up to and respect. Once the new moon occurs there, as well, you will feel like the doors have flung wide open and being able to carry a much more positive attitude will bring about opportunity that wasn’t there before.

Scorpio ♏

Though things have felt pretty stuck on several fronts, Scorpio, with Mercury stationing direct, you’ll find May brings about a lot of chances to right some wrongs, change things up and be better able to complete things you may have had a hard time with before. Things begin to sort of unstick- and, you also feel a bit more confident in your role in how that happens.

This month’s full moon on the 10th will sort of tie into a Mercury transit into Taurus on the 16th, and both of those things will help you to encounter karma in very real ways. Granted, if you haven’t been doing what you should be- that’s not going to be great for you, but, for those of you who’ve been on task and trying to make progress in ethical ways will find that things begin to open up. Progress can be made by being much more mindful and accountable for your own actions, and communication will further help to stabilize things.

When the Sun moves into Gemini later in the month, you’ll find that you’re ready to get down to business on your goals. You will be able to better ferret out the information and tools you need to take care of things or set things in motion now, and though you might be feeling things much more deeply: if you take care not to fixate, this should bring about some progress in your relationships, as well. The new moon on the 25th, also in Gemini may help you in terms of collaborative efforts, and new beginnings seem much more promising than before.

Sagittarius ♐

Though you might have felt a little adrift and have been struggling with some doubts, Sagittarius. May will bring with it a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. Though you may note that you’ve been in something of a funk for a while now, as the month progresses towards the full moon, you’ll find the haze lifts a bit.

On the 10th, that full moon in Scorpio is going to bring about some intense emotional interplay which may feel like something you should just stifle or stuff down. While it may not be the right time to express those intense emotions, you shouldn’t stifle them either. If you are not in a position to actively convey the things on your mind, you do still need to sort through those on a personal level, and you’ll find even that helps you to feel a sense of letting go and renewal of spirit. This same week, Mercury’s movement into Taurus will help this along, having you feel a bit more capable of focusing on the practical matters that enable you to bring better balance to your life.

As the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, you may find that you start to recognize who should be a priority in your life, and who should not. You will be wanting to spend more time around those you care about the most and you may find yourself being the rock that someone close to you needs to lean on but also, you might have to play diplomat between friends or loved ones, too. This sounds like a pain, but in reality, you feel pretty good about being able to help others which does help you to be more confident as well. However, the highlight here, the need to better balance your time will happen and if you find yourself getting overwhelmed: it might be time to consider again, better organizing your priorities.

The new moon at the end of the month, in Gemini on the 25th, may well bring with it startling new beginnings that happen as a result of your collaborations with others. You may also see your closest relationships open up or even new ones emerge.

Capricorn ♑

It’s so funny whenever I go to write the Capricorn horoscopes, and maybe you do this, too, as you read them, I don’t know, but usually, I look at the ephemeris, think about my own life and know exactly what’s going to play out. If you guessed that those issues you’ve been dealing with on the home front are what the order of the month will be, you do it, too. Many of the challenges that we Capricorns faced during the retrograde cycles not only involved our home life, but how that impacts our sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

This month’s full moon, in particular, offers a lot of hope. It’s on the 10th and it is in Scorpio, which does mean that passions go on high and this can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you happen to be passionate about. In many cases, that may well be an incredibly hard slam of a door, letting go of something that has simply not been working out so that you can move forward to something that will. In others, you may find that longstanding issues take on new light, and that clarity enables you to finally resolve those problems. Oddly enough, for us, the emphasis is less those passions and more the rather intellectual way we think about them and express them, and that’s a big asset in this. Mercury’s movement into Taurus on the 16th will enable this further, and help to bring about a much more optimistic view of a stabler future.

Once the Sun moves into chatty Gemini on the 20th, you may find yourself dialing up the productivity and feeling very good about it. As you better organize a lot of the things you have been working on, you will find that so many of them had much more potential than perhaps the haphazard approach showed, and these projects, plans and otherwise begin to show much more potential. The new moon on the 25th will embolden you towards exploring more options and taking on new projects as opportunities emerge, but because of this sort of cluster of astrological weather, early in the month you may want to make sure you do organize things, and you DO find that work-life balance. You’re gonna need it, in the best possible way. Put those fires out before you burn out, and the sky will truly be the limit.

Aquarius ♒

Those cases of the brain farts and scattered headspace are almost coming to an end, Aquarius- so, take heart, your focus is on the way back in and the lack of organization: on the way out. Though the muse may continue to whisper in your ear, the way you convey those thoughts, feelings and ideas to others may bring about opportunities you may not have known were there but also, people to help you make them reality.

When the full moon hits Scorpio on the 10th, you’re going to find that those of you who’ve been putting in the time and effort, paying your dues and working towards those things you find most important: well, you finally experience some acclaim and recognition. Of course the opposite holds true if you haven’t been- but, let’s keep it positive. Even in those cases, this full moon is a fantastic time to get it together and course correct. Mercury in Taurus on the 16th furthers this along in helping you finally express what you have really been thinking and feeling in a way that is definitely heard and better understood than before.

Once the Sun moves into Gemini- you’re going to find that you are able to work more along the lines of those things that truly matter to you and you’ll find tremendous progress happens as a result of that. Things lighten up and get a bit less tense, enabling you to cut loose and unwind a bit- which provides much-needed fuel and motivation for taking care of things on a practical level. A new moon in that same sign brings new starts on all fronts- and optimism abounds.

Pisces ♓

You’re probably starting to get a much stronger handle on what needs to change in order to have the security you want, Pisces. This last retrograde cycle may well have been a doozy for showing you areas of your life you could stand to course correct but, it’s almost over. Once Mercury stations direct on the 2nd, it may nearly feel as though you’ve finally gotten that splinter out that’s been bugging you. Though, it may be a couple of weeks before things really begin to line back up right.

Motivation may be hard won and it may be difficult to get going, but get going you must. When the Full Moon in Scorpio hits on the 10th, you may recognize that a lot of limiting beliefs have been at the root of that lack of motivation. Areas you may have experienced disappointment may emerge, but with a fresh new perspective that lights an old fire. This will enable you to feel much more open to making positive changes and taking some risks. As Mercury moves into Taurus on the 16th, you just may find that the focus returns and you have some great new ideas of your own to be optimistic about.

When the Sun goes into Gemini on the 20th, you will find that creature comforts, and the familiar are the things you crave, and it’s a good time to indulge in that, too. You may also find that you come to a place of recognition in terms of who has been truly supportive, and who might have just been out for what they can gain from you. In some cases, this can be a painful revelation, but if you focus on those who are standing with you, rather than those who aren’t: it’s one you can move on from in a better way. The new moon in that same sign will enable you to manifest a lot of dreams into reality in a short time frame, and you may find that collaborations undertaken during this time build a remarkable foundation of support.

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