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March 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Hey, everyone!

Here we are in March. In like a lion, out like a lamb, they s- or is that April? Either way, we are in for an interesting month, particularly coming on the heels of February. Let’s get right to it.

Have a great month!


Aries ♈

Having decided to take the steps to better yourself at the end of last month, this is the month where the real work gets underway. I won’t pretend, dear Rams, that this is going to be an easy process; quitting bad behaviors seldom is. At least you have a fair number of breaks on the way, allowing you to recoup your energies before attacking the next stage of your process.

The first week of the month is one of those times, and the first big issue will be attacked between the 8th and the 10th, when the Sun is sextile to Pluto. Many of the other signs may well see this as being a difficult transit, having the opinion that there’s nothing good about Pluto. But you know better.

After all, you’re of the opinion that “pain is weakness leaving the body,” and that to be a “bigger, stronger, leaner you,” the fat has to be cut off as much as the muscle is built. Well, the latter point is one that you go into begrudgingly, but as long as you keep up with your figurative cardio along with the figurative weightlifting, you’re good. It’s boot camp, baby, and you live for times like this.

The Full Moon this month continues the self-betterment theme, with the Sun in Pisces and Luna in Virgo on the 12th. This is where you recognize that many of your habits have gotten sloppy, your edges are dull, and “go with the flow” simply isn’t going to work anymore. The Virgo Moon points to the solutions to these habits; habits that you need to adopt to shore up where you’ve been careless and carefree.

Between the 16th and 18th, the Pisces Sun squares Sagittarian Saturn. This is, well... hoo boy. This is a point where you may have to check your “gung ho” attitude at the door. We’re looking at some intense work with an intense trainer (teacher, guru), and you could well overexert yourself if you’re not careful. Overestimating your abilities is an issue at this time, and the kinds of “learning experiences” you’re likely to encounter will be humbling.

On the 20th, though, you’ll be right back in your element with a fair assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, as The Sun schleps from dreamy Pisces to aggressive Aries. Even better, on the 27th, the New Moon will be in Aries, showing a very well integrated you!

Taurus ♉

This month’s astrological weather isn’t exactly your cup of tea, dear Bulls, but it’s not anything you can’t handle. In fact, you’re capable of handling it with aplomb once you get over the inconvenience of it all. And this you’re quite capable of doing, as well. It’s the “hurry up and wait” vibe that might trip you up.

That is, the intense bursts punctuating week-long breaks of little activity is a bit disorienting for you. You’d much rather get a good running start and go straight on through riding on your momentum. This could well be the outmoded habit that you vowed to shrug off last month, and now you’re faced with the work of doing exactly that.

Such is what’s ahead of you for the first couple of weeks, and this changes somewhat on the 12th, when the Full Moon graces the sky. At this point, it’s time to regroup and think things through, which is something you’re good at. After all, much of the “rush-halt-rush-halt” during the first two weeks involved a lot of unforeseen, certainly unplanned for events. Having taken this lump, you know of a new thing to keep an eye out for.

When the Sun squares Saturn between the 16th and 18th, and later on the 23rd when Jupiter squares Pluto, you enter into more familiar territory. Activity now is slow moving and longer lasting. Certainly, the Jupiter/Pluto transit is a pretty big deal for you. Expansion strains with contraction here, which is ideally good for seeing the forest AND the trees. At worst, it’s a tug of war between the two, with no victor in sight.

Of course, we can’t forget that on the 20th, the Sun enters Aries, marking the first day of Spring in the north and the first day of Autumn in the south. Happy Equinox! While things aren’t quite in your element as yet, the Equinox is your favorite time of year. Time to build, time to breed, time to do all those things that you truly love to do. So, don’t fret none over the Spartan vibe at the start of the month, it will all come out in the wash!

Gemini ♊

Almost as much as the Aries, you’re going to be feeling quite alive at the start of this month, dear Gemini. The darting “stop and go” energy is rife in the air, demanding quick adaptability. This is something that you’re not just familiar with, you’re an old pro at it. The trick for you is a matter of intensity. You could be tempted to handle things with a careless ease, which could well throw you from your motorcycle.

This is all about gunning the engine and hitting “The Zone” on a crotch rocket and not much about only going slightly above the speed limit on a cruiser. Very much “all or nothing, go big or go home.” Berzerker fury over cool and collected James Bond. Got it? Okay, so much for the first two weeks.

We’ll be cooling off and truly leaving your comfort zone in the second half of the month. Starting with the Full Moon on the 12th, you’ll actually have to gasp plan and coordinate things in your life. The first half of the month was about getting past that James Bond thing as a matter of intensity of effort. Now, we’re looking at planning and organizing, something else that “the competent man” isn’t exactly known for.

The thing is, secretly, the “competent man” archetype of James Bond is in a constant state of strategy and planning. Is it a matter of luck that Q JUST SO HAPPENS to give him exactly the right tools for the job? Or that he just happens to know that train is going to be conveniently under the window for his escape? Oh hell no. That was all researched, conceived, and planned for before he ever entered Dr. No’s fortress.

This gets into another transit that you’ll be facing right around the end of the month. The Jupiter/Pluto square. Something that the secret agent man can do that no one else seems to do is see the big picture of his mission without missing the tiny details that could either ensure success or failure. And let’s face it, this is something that you could stand to work on some. The Sun/Saturn square prior to the Jupiter/Pluto square will help you immensely in learning that before you have to hit the big time with the strain between two very different, yet massively powerful planets.

Cancer ♋

If there was one sign that resists change as much as Taurus, it’s you, dear Crabs. Well, maybe Capricorn, but anyway, change is in the air to start this month, and you’d better be on board. Direct action hasn’t ever really been your strongest suit, and that’s something you’ll have to address to get the most benefit out of this month.

It could well be that this side-stepping is what you vowed to change in February, and it’s a good thing if you did. This gives you the resolve to go with the changes that come on the 8th through the 10th, when the Pisces Sun sextiles Capricorn Pluto. This transit shows that all that side-stepping energy benefits from taking on a more direct and balls to the wall approach to life. You certainly don’t lack in the intensity department when it’s called out of you, it’s just all in how you apply it.

You’re good at seeming to meander and suddenly grasping onto something hard and tight, with no signs of letting go. In fact, some turtles, also Cancer animals, are known to not release their bites until they bite through or are decapitated! But again, they do this by seeming evasive and plunging forward to snap down on whatever they’re after. It’s that indecisiveness and uncertainty that comes along with the “evasive” stage that you have to dispense with.

Now, I’m not promising that you’ll actually be full of win while you work on your quick thinking decisiveness; there’s every chance that you’ll have some failed experiments. But then, in the case of no guarantees if you act and guaranteed failure if you hem and haw or do nothing, where do you put your odds? It’s better to act and maybe screw it up than to do nothing and for sure screw it up.

The Full Moon this month will give you the opportunity to think all of this over, as it lies on the axis of Pisces (Sun) and Virgo (Moon). It’s a time to think over what worked and what didn’t over the past two weeks, and finesse out your “direct approach skills.” Consider also your feelings in this. It’s true that Virgo energy isn’t too fond of the feels, but you’re known for attaching emotional importance to non-wins. This mentality can all too easily lead you to think that it’s not worth it to make a stand if you let it. And that’s the least helpful mentality you can possibly have!

Later in the month, your “god” Jupiter squares against Pluto, a planet you’re not terribly comfortable with, especially lately. Pluto being in Capricorn casts a light of hellfire to you, so the following weeks can certainly seem like the epic fight between good and evil. The thing is, it’s only a fight if you make it a fight. Both planets are massive powerhouses, no doubt, and it’s easy to see with a square that they’re against each other. What is expansion versus concentration but two opposites? Let’s look at it this way: gravity versus centrifugal force puts planets in their orbits in a state of dynamic tension. Look at the orbit, not the contest.

Leo ♌

Your ruler, The Sun, is probably the busiest planet this month, dear Lions. Until the 20th, it’s still hanging around in placid Pisces, but it’s doing far from placid things. If anything, it’s purging exactly that. Let’s start with the first event of this month, where The Sun sextiles Pluto. Purging Pluto plumbs the depths Pisces represents like no other, and if you feel like you’re kind of soggy from all of this water energy, Pluto is something like a nuclear-powered blow-dryer for you. Slow and sluggish are a thing of the past here, but it’s not without some discomfort.

Basically, we’re looking at the Equinox coming in full swing, and we’re all aiming to have our beach bodies again by summer. That little bit of flab here? Those areas that have gone unshaven? Well, now is a good time to take care of all of that. Crunch those abs, get those tattoos, whatever it is that you need to do to feel better about how you look, and get on it! One thing though, let’s do something completely new and different to your new look.

See, the thing is, you’re probably bored these days with your presentation as it’s been. You need something new and different; a whole new style. That steampunk thing is on its way out, decopunk is where it’s at now. Be impulsive and throw a new look on the wall to see if it sticks.

Whatever your new appearance is by the 12th, whether it’s the latest exercise routine, new ink, or a new hairstyle, or a full-on transformation, the Full Moon is a good time to take a serious look at things and begin organizing your life around that. Time to clear out the closets and drawers to make space for your new garb. Time to plan full arm sleeves. And so on.

Just before the Sun enters Aries marking the first official day of the Equinox, it squares against Sagittarius Saturn. It’s to be expected that “the new you” is going to take a minute to be accepted by everyone around you. Okay, I’ll be blunt. Some people are going to call it silly, a “midlife crisis,” or something like that. While you should take these comments as duly noted, I wouldn’t let it crush how YOU feel in your skin right now. You love external validation (really, who doesn’t?), but you’re gonna have to flex that “I love my own self” muscle.

In a way, it’s odd that Jupiter isn’t in your list of favorite planets, because you invest yourself in so much that’s “all things Jupiter.” The reason I bring it up is that Jupiter is squaring Pluto at the end of the month, and it’s something for you to look out for. Like Jupiter, you’re great at seeing the big picture, or at the very least, not sweating the small stuff. With this transit, it would do you some good to invest some energy into small stuff. One shining example that comes immediately to mind is that you don’t tend to romance unless it’s something BIG and GRANDIOSE. Sometimes, a simple card is the best thing to do. It gives the BIG and GRANDIOSE a basis for comparison.

Virgo ♍

This month is patently one for you to say “I told you so,” dear Virgo. Things are quiet for almost a week, and then we launch headlong into a stage where things change quickly and passionate adaptation is the rule of the day. You, of course, have prepared for this, except maybe for the passionate, decisive action part. The tricky business for you is in being secure enough in how you’ve insulated yourself from the unforeseen that you CAN act without waffling.

Things cool off enough when the Full Moon comes for you to take stock of things. How’d it all work for you? These first two weeks have been about exposing the holes in your theories and chinks in your armor, and it looks like things are largely in your favor. This is especially so if you’ve ingrained your newer practices into second nature. Just be sure to not be too smug about things!

The Pisces Sun moves on in the next week to square with Sagittarius Saturn. If you still have some unpolished or even sloppy elements in your way of going, it’s going to crash against the rocks of hard pragmatic principles. This is actually a welcome situation for you, unlike many others, you actually enjoy learning from your mistakes. As long as you find a more practical way, you’re perfectly content with this arrangement.

Following the Equinox, two major planets in your two favorite other signs (Libra and Capricorn) come into a square, they being Jupiter and Pluto. No mincing words on this, you’re not terribly fond of this transit. That is, if you haven’t as yet thought to aspire to seeing “the entire picture” as a whole and in its parts. Short of that ambition making this an opportunity, it’s likely that you’ll just see a tug-of-war between loftier goals and the bottom line.

If “the whole picture” is on your agenda to see, then this is a perfect time to reach that goal. You might have to invest some work into seeing this not as a conflict, but as a great power source to drive you toward your ultimate goal. It’s not everyone that can juggle the milestones and the final goal with both in mind, and this ability will help you avoid some pitfalls that plague those who have too small of a view or too large of one. If you encounter hiccups with this toward the end of the month, don’t worry, this aspect will be around for a while.

Libra ♎

Ready to be on your toes, Libra? Well then, be ready! You’ll be facing a flurry of activity at the end of this first week, and as quickly as it comes, it leaves. Then a long wait, and BAM, there it is again. You’re usually pretty flexible and able to handle this kind of change, but you still might be careful for a classic Libra blow-up in the process. Make the most of the breaks you get so that you can handle the crazy moments with your traditional Libra aplomb.

The Full Moon comes on the 12th, and it has the air of accounting for how you handled the first half of this month. While some people are content to “slop it through” times like that, you’re not so much. You demand precision and poise, and above all, coming out smelling like a rose. If you don’t measure up to yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself. “Failure” is a word that might come easily to you, and if it does, well, STOP IT! You don’t do yourself or anyone else any good by picking up your toys and going home.

The Sun will be squaring against Saturn the exalted one on the 15th. You could find yourself in a teacher position, or be the “toldja so” person during this time. People will certainly come to you for advice about how they can do this life thing better and address how they might be sloppy with some of the things they do. You will no doubt have perspective for them, given what you experienced earlier this month.

Jupiter has been retrograde in your sign since last month, and toward the end of this month, it squares against Pluto. This marks a time for you where your more liberal tendencies come out and grate against the more extremely conservative ideas that you’re exposed to. Politics are a huge thing these days, and you’re getting bruises on your forehead for all the face-palming you’ve been doing lately.

You need some time to relax, there’s no arguing about that! But for now, try to have some perspective on how this tug of war can lead to something productive rather than bickering. You are, after all, the zodiac’s diplomat, and in order to do that effectively, your personal opinion has to fade into the background so that you can effectively address everything as it is.

Scorpio ♏

While many others might see the first part of this month as a vexing time, you’re just having the time of your life, dear Scorpio. Those promises you made to yourself last month are starting to take fruit. Sure, it takes work, and it can be a bit uncomfortable, but you’re no stranger to this kind of process. It is, in fact, what you do best.

The 12th is Full Moon time, and how are you handling it? You might be having some doubts, especially when it comes to your own part in things. Make sure to take care of yourself and above all, LOVE yourself since it can be all too tempting to beat yourself up about any shortcoming, real or otherwise. That’s also something Scorpios do best, and now is not an ideal time to burn it all down and rebuild.

When the Sun squares Saturn, this especially becomes a thing. The areas where you feel sloppy could actually smack you around a bit, and needs no help from you. The thing is the real lesson of this time comes from being good to yourself. Self-pity isn’t just an overreaction at this point, it’s flat out masochism. See things for what they are, and not through a lens darkly.

Wrapping things up, your ability to love yourself can help you anchor yourself through a retrograde Jupiter square with Pluto. This transit will go on for a while, and what it basically amounts to is a push among your friends and associates to push past your boundaries, something that you’re not much game for these days. There are merits to both sides of the equation here, just so you know.

The thing is you’re all about protecting yourself to the extent that you’re not very outgoing. You’ve effectively cut off chances for new contacts and experiences. You’re safe, yes, but where’s the joy in that? The trick to find that joy AND protect yourself from hurt is in the self-love thing. Looking out for your own good as much as anyone else can keep you alert to hurters and haters, and avoid them while still being “out there.”

Sagittarius ♐

This month seems to actually be pretty good as far as you’re concerned, as far as months where the Sun is in Pisces, Virgo, or Gemini go. You adapt easily to rapidly changing environments, but you might get a smidge bored during the down times. And that’s the thing, the breaks between the hubbub time frames are a bit drawn out; just long enough to loll most people into a sense of security. Or boredom, in your case.

Anyway, you’re making great progress after the first week on your quest for “a better you.” Your successes come out of nowhere, and the flashes of inspiration really seem to stick. By the time the Full Moon comes on the 12th, you’re feeling pretty confident in your progress. Be careful of being too confident, though. Your optimism can get in the way of your goals.

If you missed something during the Full Moon, it won’t be too long before The Sun squares Saturn in your sign, and you’ll definitely know what you glossed over. The great thing about being you is that you can take your barked shins as “duly noted” and move forward with your life. You don’t beat yourself up too much about falling short.

After the first day of the Equinox, your ruler Jupiter squares against Pluto, and stays there for a long haul. This has an effect of aggravating your efforts to grow, or at least you may think so. That’s the thing, times like this are only frustrating if we don’t see the bigger picture...or the minutia. It’s the details that you may be missing, rather than the larger perspective. So, overall, it can seem like a big, monstrous thing instead of a collection of bite-size things.

Capricorn ♑

It certainly seems that this is a bright and shining month for you, dear Cappy. With the Sun sextile Pluto in your sign, you’re showing a lot of reward for your work, and the work is coming along steadily. Your goals are within your site, so it seems, but it still takes some effort on your part to get there. Not that you mind too much.

Milestones on your path appear and are overcome suddenly, with minimal effort going on in between. When the Full Moon makes its show on the 12th, you can rest assured that you’re satisfied with the way things are going so far. In fact, it seems that your lesson during this time is about pursuing your goals without the same level of hunger that you’re accustomed to. By all means, let things go in autopilot while it lasts.

Not long afterward, you may find yourself in the role of teacher, or even disciplinarian, when the Sun squares your ruler Saturn. At turns, you will be sought out, and you will be calling people on the carpet. It is something of an inconvenience that comes with not being a micromanager, but you’re calm, and your judgment is sound during this time. Get this out of the way before the 20th, because the Equinox is upon us, and it’s time for a new beginning.

There could be something of a hassle during the last week of the month, and this is one of those long haul gripes. Essentially, you’re feeling a need to stay put and stay lean, while others may be barking up your tree about building on things and relaxing your hold on the steering wheel. Now is not a good time to dig in, there’s something to be said for conserving your energy by loosening your grip a little.

Aquarius ♒

This month probably will seem like a lot of “nunya bidness,” Aquarius. You don’t go completely unaffected by things that are going on, but the effects are vicarious at best. The great thing about this perspective is that though you don’t get the planetary support for the goals you set in February, you also don’t get much of the more challenging effects either. All in all, this puts it all on you, and you’re the captain of your fate. Of course, you love having that kind of self-determination.

Again, this insulated situation affects you when the Full Moon rises on the 12th. Just as it’s been completely your choice and within your power to follow through on what you decided on in February, this personal audit of your progress is totally on you. Of course, it’s a good idea to do all of this as a general rule, just to improve yourself, but you don’t HAVE TO.

This all changes in the middle of the month, when the Sun squares your old ruler Saturn. You see, this is where it’s a good idea to have been working on yourself all this time. What you’ve accomplished so far comes into the spotlight, whether it’s been good or bad. Naturally, everyone wants to have their best presentation out there, and this is when it can happen. This event comes and goes, and we’re back to how things have been, more or less.

One great thing about being an Aquarius is that you can often, seemingly intuitively, see the machine as a whole and in parts. This is the exact perfect perspective to have at the end of the month when Jupiter squares Pluto. Most people would see this as a clash between growth and condensation, but you see how extroversion and introversion in balance creates a way of going that manages things as they actually are, without overlooking any part of it.

Pisces ♓

The Sun wraps up its trip through your sign this month, and it’s definitely a busy time for you Fishies. You had set some goals back in February to improve your life, or at least yourself, and the 8th through the 10th is a great time to have some forward movement on that. The Sun in Pisces sextile Pluto shows a time of immense, intense progress, if you’re willing to put the work into it.

When the Full Moon rolls around on the 12th, you can step back and take a look at what you’ve done. In fact, “taking a step back” is highly recommended, since your polar opposite Virgo comes into play. Try not to be too hard on yourself at this time – the Virgo Moon has a way of doing that – because you could easily undo a lot of your personal progress by beating yourself up.

This “beating yourself up” issue also comes into play when the Sun squares Saturn just before leaving your sign on the Equinox. For the space of these few days, it could be easy to give up, thinking that it’s not worth the effort. But that’s a misunderstanding of what Saturn tries to tell us. Saturn is all about reality, and if you’re fooling yourself, it’s through a lack of optimism at this time. So you’d do well to focus on the positive and not so much on the negative.

As this month wraps up, a fairly universal transit is happening that sets the mood for April. It’s not a good time for you to paint things with a broad brush. Instead, pay attention to detail and read the fine print. While it can be hard acting out of character, it can be even harder dealing with things we overlook and be forced to “act out of character” anyway.

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