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July 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscope

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

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Hey out there!

We open the month with Chiron retrograde which I get more into in this week’s Weekly Star Blasts. Be sure to check those out for a basic understanding of how this may influence you.

On to July’s monthly horoscopes!

Have a great month,

Aries ♈

The month opens with Venus moving into Gemini, which will help you to rise to some mental challenges and inspire you with plenty of innovative ideas. You may also find it’s a bit easier to communicate with others. So, resolving emotional issues or getting support for those ideas may be on your agenda and people will tend to respond better to you, now. When Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th, you’ll find it easier to keep focused if you can be creative- so, if something’s a bit boring but you have to do it: try using creative methods to reign in your brain and get things done.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 9th will either serve as a motivation or a reminder, Aries. If you find that you just aren’t seeing reward in what you do, it may be time to rethink your approach. However, if your ethics have been solid and you’ve been taking steps: you may see some rewards or recognition come your way as a result during this time.

When Mars moves into Leo on the 20th, you’ll find a playful and encouraging feeling to pretty much everything. This can particularly impact your love life as it brings a much more affectionate air to everything and if you have been looking for love, you may get more attention and those in existing relationships may find a little friskiness helps reignite the spark.

When the Sun links up with both Mars and Mercury in Leo on the 22nd, you might just find some attention coming your way feels pretty good. You’ll be feeling a bit more heart-centered and fun loving. So, this will feel like a bit of a weight off after some heavier months.

The New Moon in Leo on the 23rd brings you some new beginnings, Aries. You’ll find starting new projects or taking on a new hobby is a bit more tempting and you also may find some intriguing options in love emerge. Whether you’re looking for someone new or wanting to reconnect with your partner, now’s a great time for it.

Mercury goes into Virgo on the 25th and that will help further streamline your focus. You’ll find that making sure you’re doing small clusters of things instead of looking at a huge project all at once helps. You will also find, though, that this influence enables you to much better organize and streamline the things you have to do on a day to day basis.

You may find that you get a bit less playful outwardly as we close out the month, Aries. As Venus goes from Gemini to Cancer, the energy is a bit slower, a bit deeper and more in line with deepening emotional bonds and nurturing yourself and others. Connecting with those who understand you or being heard will be very important and seeking out support in what you do can help you get that.

Taurus ♉

When Venus goes into Gemini on the 4th, you may find yourself feeling a bit more relaxed and wanting to spoil yourself a little. This is a good thing and likely, a balance of healthy boundaries with others and giving back to yourself is going to help give you just the pick me up you need in order to recharge after a few tense months, Taurus. Then, Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th, so you’ll be able to both understand others and make yourself understood in a better way which can have a great impact on your close partnerships and friendships.

Our July Full Moon is in Capricorn, which brings about a great sense of closure for you, Taurus. You may find that there are things you’ve had in motion that can now be concluded in a positive way. As a result, you have room for newer things. You may find that your convictions or mindsets get tested a bit and either you decide they’re deeper and more important than you thought before, or you change your perspective and adopt a new approach.

Your priorities may get a bit of a shift as Mars moves into Leo alongside Mercury on the 20th, Taurus. Home and family take center stage as your feelings about your responsibilities evolve. You may begin to adopt a much more serious approach to taking care of what matters most, and be better able to balance what you need to in order to better express your priorities there.

On the 22nd, The Sun also moves into Leo and this helps you to convey your feelings to those who are the most important to you. More than that, you may begin to recognize who has been supportive and who has not, Taurus. You will want to openly express your gratitude to those who have and seek out their encouragement and advice more. Also, you may find yourself wanting to stick to the familiar a bit more than usual, and for now, this is a good approach.

The New Moon for the month happens the next day, which may give you added emphasis on support of those who’ve supported you. You might be taking a look at where you’ve been expending your time, money or energy, and recognizing that sometimes, you stretch yourself a bit too thin for those who aren’t doing the same. It’s important to cut the ties with those who aren’t meeting you measure for measure and instead, apply your focus to those who are now, Taurus.

You may find that it gets even easier to express yourself on the 25th, when Mercury moves into Virgo, Taurus. Additionally, you’ll find your focus on projects you feel fully invested in becomes a bit more intense and you are able to give them more attention. Though mundane day to day tasks may not seem as appealing, you still may find that applying creative approaches makes that go smoother for you.

On the 31st, to close out the month, we’ve got Venus moving into Cancer. This will help you better connect to those you love on a mental level, and make communication a bit easier as you come across in a much more caring and sensitive manner. You’ll be feeling more like taking a balanced approach of both heart and mind, and find many solutions right there in that balance.

Gemini ♊

The month begins with... not so much a bang, though that may be a factor, Gemini. Venus goes into your sign on the 4th and this may have you not only really wanting a bit more attention and affection, but getting it from all the right people. On the 5th, your ruler moves into Leo. When Mercury goes into this fire sign, you may find that innovative ideas and dreams get a highlight, and you may feel a bit more enthusiastic about most things. Being able to speak your mind is also highlighted, and you’ll be doing so in a way others are receptive to, as well as getting some much needed advice and support.

July 9th’s Full Moon in Capricorn may heighten your focus a bit too much, Gemini. Be careful not to get so wrapped up in solving one problem that you miss out on details. Exploring thoughts and feelings with others may help you with much needed perspective that also enables you to resolve a few things with a bit more ease.

When Mars goes into Leo on the 20th, you’ll find you are really motivated to make some big changes. You have to be very careful to just go with one or two of your best or biggest goals or you may burn yourself out, Gemini. Take care to find appropriate outlets for your mental energy so that you don’t wind up overthinking anything.

Leo season begins on a high note on the 22nd, allowing you to freely express yourself. Those around you will respond to this very well, and it’s important to make sure that you are being totally honest with yourself and others.

The New Moon, also in Leo, on the 23rd brings about a bunch of ideas and goals that you’ll want to throw yourself into, Gemini. You may find yourself feeling a bit more optimistic and ready to take on some issues, and finally, get into a new chapter of your life. You might find yourself better able to sort the emotional concerns that got brought up earlier in the month.

As Mercury moves into Virgo later that week, you’ll find you are better able to convey your feelings and thoughts. You are more capable now of getting your heart and mind on the same page, which helps you to not only better understand the emotional underpinnings of certain situations, but make your own heart understood better, as well.

As Venus moves from your sign into Cancer on the 31st, you’ll find that your desire to be closer to others meets your standards, Gemini. You may find yourself feeling as though you’re more deserving of affection, and, if someone’s not meeting your standards, able to discuss it with them. If they are, however, this can be a time when you really just want to stay in and enjoy yourselves. If you’re single, you may find yourself contemplating what your real deal breakers are and what you’re actually looking for in love. Either way, be good to yourself and allow for some self-care.

Cancer ♋

As Venus enters Gemini to start the month, you may not particularly be keen on being out and about. While a healthy social life is important, it is also important to take care of yourself and be sure that you’re giving yourself the opportunity to rest up. Taking some time to reflect on what you want and need is also important and you may find yourself wanting to connect with others on deeper levels, rather than just the superficial.

Once Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th, you’ll find that you are better able to take your time and plan things out. Less inclined to feel rushed or pushed to make decisions, you’ll find clarity in your thoughts which will enable you to take control and move forward with more confidence.

Because the Full Moon on the 9th is in Capricorn, which is the sign that opposes yours on the zodiac, you might find this one’s a bit tense, Cancer. The best way forward here is going to be in making a solid decision about what you want and need. From there, if you find that certain people or situations aren’t up to snuff, it may be time to close that door. If these things can be improved, make a solid plan in terms of how you want things to progress and go from there.

Taking action on those things you have been working on can help. On the 20th, when Mars moves into Leo, you’ll find it a bit easier to reclaim the power in your life. You’ll feel ready to take responsibility for your own stability and happiness, which will help you be more open to more positive steps. Though you may still take a bit more time planning this out, you’ll feel much more optimistic about it. As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, balancing this with self-care will help you to strengthen your resolve.

Our New Moon for July is in Leo, which will bring about a desire to explore some new things. You might find yourself wanting to take classes, pick up a new hobby or even possibly start a new job. You may also find that connecting with nature in some way helps to foster a stronger sense of calm and clears your head so you’re able to make decisions with more confidence. Once Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th, you’ll find that getting the encouragement, support and advice you may need is easier and expressing yourself with clarity helps.

When Venus moves into your sign on the 31st, you’ll find it a bit easier to both give and receive attention and affection, Cancer. Additionally you may find that you are better able to find the middle ground in a lot of situations as well as helping foster understanding between yourself and those you care about.

Leo ♌

The month starts with Venus in Gemini on the 4th. This will help you to feel more passionate about those things you believe in, and expressing them to others. Connecting with people will come much easier and you’ll find that others respond very well to what you have to say. When Mercury moves into your sign the next day, you’ll feel the rush of creativity coursing through all you do. You’ll find that getting others to pick up and carry your torch is a bit easier when you’re honestly expressing yourself.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 9th sets a serious tone to things as you recognize the things no longer working for you. You may find yourself letting go of habits, people and mindsets that really no longer serve you. This will help you to free up your time and energy for the things you feel truly passionate about, which will enable you to set better goals. Skipping ahead a bit, Mars moves into your sign on the 20th, and it only does this in two year cycles. This will further your resolve to make changes and embrace new beginnings in your life.

The Sun, Mars, and Mercury will all be in your sign on the 22nd. This will help you feel a much stronger sense of new beginnings and being able to get things moving. As things seem brighter and more optimistic, you’ll feel ready to take steps and get life more on your terms. When the New Moon (also in Leo) happens the next day, you’ll have an even stronger ally in this, and it will seem you can turn things around on many fronts. Mercury in Virgo on the 25th will solidify your plans and enable you to organize them better so you can focus directly on the most promising.

Though you might feel more introverted and wanting to stick to the home front at the end of the month, Venus in Cancer on the 31st can help strengthen existing connections. You may find that it’s a little harder to open up emotionally for you but once you do, that vulnerability brings you closer to your partner. If you’re single, you may find that this time has you contemplating what you truly deserve, and setting a higher bar in terms of what you’ll expect in love.

Virgo ♍

The month opens with Venus moving into Gemini which, may have you feeling a bit less inclined to put up with much. This is in more of a positive light, however, and you’ll feel a bit more on the ambitious and confident side, ready to go after the things you want and need. The next day, when Mercury moves into Leo, you’ll find that if you want the job done right, sometimes it truly is better to do it yourself- in fact, social settings may be a bit too distracting for you.

A Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th gives you a positive feeling that it’s time to change. You may find that you are letting go of things that no longer serve or even picking up more interests. Resolving longstanding issues with those you care about will be a bit easier, and you may feel ready to move on in a lot of ways.

Mars’s move into Leo will make you feel even more like taking control of things and doing them alone- as a matter of fact, you’ll find that you feel a bit more introspective. You may find yourself musing on the spiritual or simply taking the time to work on some personal issues.

When the Sun goes into Leo on the 22nd, you may find that you need a little time to rest up. Additionally, you may be feeling a bit more understanding of others, and you gain new perspectives that help you meet in the middle. The New Moon the next day helps you to let go of more of the clutter in your life, both literal and figurative, so you can move forward. You might also learn some things you didn’t know, and in doing so, be better capable of making a fully informed choice about what to do next.

Mercury goes into your sign on July 25th and this brings new clarity and sense of purpose your way. A bit more inclined to be open about what you know and feel, you’ll find that others offer interesting and useful advice in terms of how to work things out. You’ll find it’s easier to have constructive conversations that help everyone get on the same page.

You may find that at the end of the month, you’re feeling a bit more like connecting with others. Venus’s move into Cancer on the 31st will have you feeling much more optimistic about things, but also more like exploring new things.

Libra ♎

With Venus’s move into Gemini on the 4th, you’ll find you feel a bit lighter, a bit more playful and a bit more like seeking out new information and experiences. Though you may feel a bit more rebellious in love, you may also really find yourself wanting to get to the heart of matters with a partner or love interest.

Mercury heads into Leo right after this, and this will enable you to feel even more ready to open your mind. Though in this case, you may take a look at the things you already have planned and recognize new approaches may be needed- so you might revamp your path a bit. Bouncing your ideas and goals off of others or even reaching out to them may help give you the missing pieces.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th may help on the home-front. As you begin to take a look at your family and other supports, you may find emotions run deep. Reaching out to those you trust to talk it out so that you can resolve some longstanding issues calmly will help. If you’ve felt your circle might be lacking, later on, on the 20th with Mars in Leo, you may find that improves. Unconventional solutions again may play a key role.

On the 9th, the Capricorn Full Moon may make things a bit emotional. If you find yourself getting upset or angry about some issues with your home-life or family, it may be time to reach out to an objective, but trustworthy friend, to talk things through so that you can then address the issue and resolve it more constructively. Later in the month on the 20th, when Mars moves into Leo, you might just find less expected solutions to the issues, and you will also find yourself interacting with new people who may offer support and encouragement.

For you, the Sun moving into Leo on the 22nd may bring about social interactions that just get you pumped up. You’ll be meeting new people a bit easier, and getting to know them, but also ready to change up things that aren’t working so that you have a better handle on the steps you will take to build a stronger future.

When the New Moon in Leo happens on the 23rd, you’ll feel more ready to change than ever. You might find that you have gotten bored or stagnate in a lot of things, and now’s the time to change that. Do something new, try something out of the ordinary and approach changes with more optimism.

Heading into the 25th, Mercury makes its way into Virgo, which may have your brain feeling a bit scattered, though quite creative. If you can focus on those things that require innovation and creativity: this is great. If not, you might want to give yourself more time and double check things, to make sure you haven’t missed some details.

Once Venus moves into Cancer on the 31st, you’ll find the month ends on a high note. Now more focused than ever on your dreams and goals, you’re ready to take some bigger steps. The things you say and do may impress all the right people, which makes for a much needed boost in your confidence levels.

Scorpio ♏

As Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th, you may find that you’re in research mode, Scorpio. You have made a more solid commitment to your future or you’re working on it, and you only want to focus on those things you know will bring improvement. You may find this hits your love life a bit, too. If you’re single, you want to avoid people who aren’t looking for a deeper connection. Those in relationships may find the desire to further solidify things is high.

On the 5th, Mercury moves into Leo and this will bring steps you can take right now to help you build towards your future goals. You may find that you’re more practical approach makes it easier for you to accept advice, and feedback is essential for you now. Being able to refine your plans and make sub-plans of sorts will help you move forward in a stronger, more organized way.

The Capricorn Full Moon on the 4th brings some interesting things to a conclusion, but really, they’re just the fine details that needed sorting. You’ll discover that there are many smaller issues that can be resolved now and that will help you move forward in a much more organized way. If you find some emotions coming into play, it’s best you don’t beat around the bush or try to be subtle. Just the facts- honesty really will be your best policy now.

With Mars moving into Leo on the 20th and The Sun following suit on the 22nd, you may find you are finally getting some attention and recognition for your hard work. Though you won’t really feel inclined to rest on your laurels at all, your nose is to the grindstone now and you may be a bit like a dog with a bone in terms of your goals. If you find that they seem to get hung up or you face some challenge, take a step back and look at your plan. There may be areas you need to improve upon and this will prevent further issues down the line.

The New Moon in Leo on the 23rd will bring you some more chances to broaden your horizons, Scorpio. Allowing yourself to compromise with others is probably your best approach in situations where you feel your influence is waning and now’s a good time to better understand what your appeal may be to those who don’t seem to be towing your line. If you find yourself stuck, you might also consider that the feedback you obtain from those who do not see eye to eye with you, may be an unexpected strength you’re not fully taking advantage of.

The need for further innovation and out of the box thinking is further emphasized the next day as Mercury goes into Virgo. You will find that some weird solutions to your problems come to mind, except if it works, it works. Go with it. Similarly, you may find that outside perspectives you hadn’t considered are excellent additions to your existing plans and you may also help others with theirs.

The month closes on a lighter note, with Venus moving into Cancer on the 31st. You may find yourself feeling a bit less serious, but a lot more passionate, Scorpio. Allow yourself some rest and relaxation so you can find the balance and not burn out as you continue to pursue your dreams.

Sagittarius ♐

Venus moves into Gemini right from the jump on the 4th and you will find you’re feeling more like socializing with people you care about. This may mean you are thinking in more serious, long term ways, and wanting to connect with others in deeper ways so you’re willing to compromise a little bit and encourage others. You’ll find that people respond very well to you now and you easily charm them with your wit. Once Mercury moves into Leo the next day, you’ll find your ideas just blossom, and others are receptive to them. Additionally, you’ll find your confidence levels get a bit of a boost and you feel more in control of your life on the whole.

On the 9th, a Full Moon in Capricorn may prickle some of your insecurities. If you have a lot of concern about what others think of you, now may be a good time to consider why. In some cases, just further developing your skills so you have confidence in them will help. In others, well, maybe they’re just jerks. Either way, it’s best to not take things personally. You will also find this influence is most beneficial for letting go of things that haven’t been working out and being able to correct problems that arise. Once those things have been resolved, you’ll find the repeating issues they manifest in.

Mars will be moving into Leo on the 20th, with the Sun moving into Leo on the 22nd. This will have you feeling like there’s a lot more to explore, and wanting to check out everything. You might also find that you are more focused on teaching others what you know, but completely open to learning new things from others, too. It’s important during this time to really map out your plans for the future and where you want to take things. Other people will be responding really well to you now, unless they’re sort of buzzkills, but why would you want to listen to them?

As we end the month, Venus moves into Cancer and this will have you feeling like connecting in bigger, better ways. Whether you have a partner or are just looking for one, you’ll find this influence helps you to further balance your heart and mind. Additionally, it will provide just the boost you need to feel like your connections really can grow much stronger.

Capricorn ♑

With Venus moving into Gemini on the 4th, you’ll be feeling a bit more like it’s time to take care of business, with the focus being on the minor details. Taking care of things that need to be completed will be more important for you, but also you may find that you’re feeling a bit more desire than usual. Others may be just a little thrown off as you’re quite a bit more affectionate, and wanting it returned. Any scatter brained feelings you may have will somewhat soften as the next day, Mercury moves into Leo making your focus a bit more streamlined.

Now, the biggie for us this month is going to be the Full Moon on the 9th, which happens in our sign, fellow Capricorns. Though this is usually when everyone’s reaping the rewards of hard work. In this case, you may find that though that still holds true, you might be just a bit more emotional than usual but, you’re also more perceptive, as well. You may find though that you’re being challenged a bit to follow your heart in terms of the things you want to do as things that just don’t do it for you may not “do”.

When Mars moves into Leo on the 20th and is joined by the Sun on the 22nd, you’ll find that the pull towards more serious things is too strong to ignore. You might not have a very high tolerance level for those who aren’t taking important matters seriously, but be careful not to express yourself in a way that alienates others. Still, if you find someone’s not giving their all, it may be time to get things more balanced.

The New Moon in Leo will bring about a much stronger desire to change things for the better but also you may find that working with someone else helps move this along much faster. While there may be some challenges, you’ll find you’re able to take care of them and prevent others issues stemming from them from rearing their ugly heads later on.

Once Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th, you’ll find things lighten up a bit and you’re ready to have some fun. Feeling much more optimistic about things, you’ll also have a bit of a confidence boost in terms of putting the plans you’ve been working on throughout the month into play in bigger ways. As Venus moves into Cancer on the 31st to close out the month, you’ll find that you’re just generally feeling lighter and more sociable. You may also find that you’re a bit keener on settling down, and ready to take the next step in romance.

Aquarius ♒

When Venus moves into Gemini to get the month started, you may be feeling just a bit friskier, Aquarius. You will be sort of shaking off some of the heavier emotions from the first part of the year and ready to hang out with those you care about most. You may find that you’re a little more inclined to seeking out connections and a lot more inclined towards being affectionate with them once you do. The next day, on the 5th, Mercury heads into Leo and this will have you seeing both sides of the story and ready to compromise on some things.

The Full Moon this month is on the 9th and in Capricorn. You may find that this brings a much more serious approach to most things, but you will also probably be feeling a bit more like some alone time, now. Spend some time working on issues you’d like to let go of, so that you can move forward unhindered by wounds from your past. When Mars moves into Leo on the 20th, you’ll find that helps you to deepen your connections with those you care about the most.

As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, you will find yourself wanting to keep the peace more. Enjoying your time with others is more important to you and you also make lasting impressions. The next day, the New Moon may provide some opportunities for those impressions to be romantic if you’re single and if not, you will find that reconnecting with your partner is a bit easier.

When Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th, you’ll find things get more serious. If you have been looking for certain information, you may well find it and it’ll be easier for you to learn some new things. While you may feel like you’re doing all the talking in conversations- others are going to be listening carefully: so that’s not such a bad thing.

Venus heads into Cancer at the end of the month which will help you to feel like you’re getting closer to your goals. Additionally, you may find that your practical observations about things lend a great deal of confidence and also, help you convince others to follow your lead.

Pisces ♓

Usually, I’d be saying “Pisces! Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone!” and I am not saying you should stay there, but with Venus moving into Gemini on the 4th, you’ll find yourself craving the connection of those who do support you: and that may be just what you need. Keeping yourself to the things you do best, and the people you know best may help soothe any burn out you may have been feeling.

Mercury’s move into Leo the next day brings a more realistic air to things and if you’ve had some bad experiences which have brought some things to light, it’s a good time to work on correcting them. You may find a bit of time to yourself or amongst friends helps sooth wounds from disappointments earlier in the year.

The Full Moon on the 9th is in Capricorn and is a sort of “make or break” point wherein you may find that while some things go by the wayside: deeper and more fulfilling experiences may take their place. You may find that a certain level of detachment helps you to see things as they really are, and as a result might discover the potential you missed or possibly recognize some things that should be corrected.

Later in the month as Mars moves into Leo on the 20th, with the Sun following suit on the 22nd, you’ll find not only are you much more efficient, but you begin to be recognized for a lot of your hard work, Pisces. You may want to go ahead and tackle some organizational things that have been lacking to make the most of this, and don’t push so hard you burn out. An even balance of self-care and taking care of what you need to is in order, but generally, this will be a good time for you to broaden your horizons and take bigger steps. When The New Moon hits on the 23rd, also in Leo, you may just find that new opportunities emerge which tie it all together nicely.

Things begin to lighten up and become more sociable towards the end of the month. When Mercury goes into Virgo on the 25th, you’ll find your focus shifting more towards enjoying yourself and spending time with others. Bouncing your ideas off of a partner and working with others may be a little easier now than it was before. Once Venus moves into Cancer to close out the month, you’ll find that you’re feeling a bit more playful and wanting to enjoy yourself even more, and perhaps enjoy spending time with others for fun’s sake rather than being all business.

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