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January 2017 Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Hey, everyone!

Wheeeew! Welcome to 2017! Let’s have a look at how the opening month’s going to go.

Hope you’re having an excellent one thus far!


Aries ♈

After the way 2016 closed out, everyone will be glad that 2017 starts off fairly quietly. This month is definitely a good one to take stock of the ups and downs, the ins and outs, of 2016, so we can remedy what didn’t work and emphasize what does work. Early on this month, the fireworks of December die down, and the plans for stable gains that you made carry on into the 24th of this month, as shown by Jupiter being sextile to Saturn.

Going from there, the first half of the month is characterized by straight up “taking care of bidness.” As soon as that Jupiter opposite Uranus nonsense ends (you know, the conflict between the habitual “how it’s supposed to work” and finding new ways to do things), the Sun conjuncts Pluto and Mercury goes direct. Meaning that not only is that cosmic weather that put the monkey wrench in the works to start with is behaving now, but you can easily tap into your core of inner strength to pull off the “miracles from thin air” that you might need to straighten out the BS that came up.

In the second week, the Sun squares Uranus and Jupiter, while Mars sextiles Pluto and Venus conjuncts Neptune. Well, ummm, this is significant. Now having the bottom line nailed down, other things that were put on the back burner come to the forefront. To start with, the Sun is basically calling Jupiter and Uranus – the king and the rebel – onto the carpet for their antics. Neither one was actually in the right last month, and now their being made to cooperate and compromise where they weren’t quite doing it before. Short version: what actually works between diplomacy and individuality, dominance and petulance, not to mention tradition and innovation, comes to the surface, and the rest is thrown to the scrap heap.

Now, about the Mars/Pluto and Venus/Neptune activity. It’s significant that the personal planets; Mars and Venus; are favorably aspected with their respective “higher octave” planets, being Pluto and Neptune. Essentially, both men and women are getting in touch with what it REALLY means to be masculine and feminine respectively. But what if you don’t identify as either male or female? Well, depending on where you’re at in the spectrum, your masculine and feminine qualities shine out in an almost exaggerated way. While cis-identified people express near-caricatures of their genders, you do as well, but you dip from both of the wells of hypermasculinity and hyperfemininity. Thankfully, these energies aren’t in conflict with each other.

Wrapping up the month, Mars and Venus continue this dance of being close to conjunct, but never quite making it. Meanwhile, Mars squares Saturn, Venus sextiles Pluto, and later squares Saturn. It’s Venus chasing Mars now, slowly catching up, and especially as she aspects Pluto and Saturn, it’s the ladies that have the power. Speaking of which, for you specifically, dear Rams, you could well have an admirer who suddenly becomes quite forward in their advances.

Taurus ♉

You’re generally not much of a fan of conflict, Taurus, so this month will largely come to you as a sight for sore eyes. Having flipped the bird at 2016 and told it to eff off, 2017 starts right off with some things that bode well. One thing, though, it’s not a relaxing month; you’ll be strapped to the yoke of demonstrating your power. Not in an arrogant way, far be that from you, just as a matter of fact. Let me explain.

Almost immediately after the flames of December die down, the Sun conjuncts Pluto and Mercury goes direct. This puts power completely in your hands, and that chaos factor that you loathe so much dies down. Your communication channels, be they just your voice, or email, texts and video conferencing, all quit glitching on you. The trains run on time, and everything is alright with the world. Even more, your biggest talent, to be able to reach deep down to find the strength to accomplish what you need, is on gamma rays and steroids.

The next week, things get quite interesting. Mars and Venus aspect favorably to their higher octave (transpersonal) planets, being Pluto and Neptune respectively. To you, what really sticks out is the Venus/Neptune conjunction. Your love and sense of beauty become transcendental, even awe-inspired. Look up the word “agape,” and you’ll have a way of wrapping your normally very personal mind around this all-encompassing sense of love and beauty.

Maybe you’re emboldened a bit by the way you’ve been plowing through obstacles. Following your agape experience, at any rate, you’re well beyond “the power of love” and taking a far more aggressive approach to claiming that love experience that you’re craving. Normally pretty passive and laid back in your approach, to call it surprising how aggressive and bold you are at this time is far from an understatement. I could make a dark joke here about “naked puzzle basements...”

Anyway, since I’m not making that joke, I’ll just wrap this up by saying that this month is one where you show everyone, especially love interests, exactly what you’re made of. And you might even be nice about telling them to put the lotion in the basket.

Gemini ♊

I'll say straight from the start that your natal chart isn't built for you to be alone – you’re a Gemini, and that means you’re intrinsically a people-person. Your dating life can be confusing at times and uncertain, because Mercury’s retrograde at the start of the month, and things get pretty weird for you when Venus conjuncts Neptune in the middle of this month. It also makes it all too easy to drop a love interest if he doesn't live up to your dreams also. But other than that, the Full Moon is there at the time, showing a great ability to emotionally bond. The whole trick to getting to the marriage part is getting past the hurdles I just mentioned.

So great, we got that covered, now the big question is “when?” Right now, your transit activity is showing mostly a focus on your career direction, and that's probably why things are slow right now. What I'm about to tell you about are opportunities, not about romances dropping out of the skies, it doesn't work that way. Mercury's very easy come, easy go. So, it was probably something along the lines of you chatted up on the bus or something. True to Gemini life events, you’ll probably bump into that person again towards the end of the month; with Venus sextile Pluto between the 19th & 21st, you just have to put out the effort to meet them again, and BLAM, there they are.

I would be careful about how you handle things after this, though. Venus positively aspected to Pluto spells obsession, either for you or for them. There’s also something of a... I hate to use the word “karmic” about it, but... karmic element to this kind of aspect. Meaning that if you tossed someone aside when they quit being shiny, you might get to know how that feels. Or they may uncomfortably obsess on you.

You might be tempted from this to just avoid that whole love thing altogether this month. The thing is, dear Gemini, it seldom ever happens that the “logical thing” isn’t the right thing to do in love. It’s cheesy as hell, but that old saying “every rose has its thorn” is true, and you can’t hardly appreciate a rose’s beauty without risking getting stuck by a thorn.

Cancer ♋

Much of what’s going on in your world has a lot to do with your love life this month, dear Cancer. Thankfully so, since all that business of “business” was quite taxing last month. As a matter of fact, for the first week of this month, you’ll probably be sweeping up that mess, but after that, it’s time to think of nicer things like what Venus is up to.

Mostly, this Venus activity suggests a lot of getting your house in order in the interest of bringing a potential lover into your home, and especially when it comes to internal work. The Saturn activity isn't quite so hopeful that way, but here's the thing about Saturn. It can make things difficult in the area that it's transiting, and this month, it’s all about love relationships, whether we’re talking about Mars or 10 days after that with Venus. It may feel something like a dry spell, even. But what happens really is that Saturn prevents things you don't need from happening, keeping you open for the right relationship(s). Further, you yourself are being more discerning about who you let into that space. “No scrubs, please.”

Pluto's transit is something of a side note to love and your career, but it's definitely worth talking about. On one hand, this suggests that your traveling over the next few months has a huge element of a search for meaning for you. Pluto is all about stripping away things that don't really matter to get to what really does (you're not your f***ing khakis!) In all honesty, it looks to me like this will be defining your life more than anything else in the next few months, or perhaps even years the more you focus on reaching your truth. This does somewhat play into your career since Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn.

Pluto is all about our inner sense of empowerment, and being in Capricorn, it shows how we relate to authority, especially being in authority. It seems to me really that you probably haven't been feeling the recognition you deserve in your career and have ultimately taken a break to process that feeling. For you, travel is a necessary part of that process. And really, you wouldn't feel right in any career direction until you have a good handle on this relationship with authority and power.

Leo ♌

Your place in the world this month is often as an arbitrator. All of that strife last month about who’s right or wrong in “the way things are done?” Well, though you may tend to favor the new and innovative approach over the same tired thing, you could find yourself needing to be an impartial peacemaker between rival factions in your social circles. Listen closely to this dispute, because it probably relates to an inner struggle you have that’s likely a blind spot for you.

But this month isn’t all about the work of making people get along for you, dear Lions. I mean, if you’ve read the other signs’ forecasts, and I’m sure you have, you’ve seen a fair amount of love and relationships. So what about you? Well, it just so happens that much of what’s stressful in the love vibe this month is vicarious to you. Let’s make that clear: it’s not about you. Meaning that what stress is going on isn’t your fault.

You have no particular vested interest in playing hyper-gender games, but you’re more than happy to watch it happen with a huge bag of popcorn. You may be kinda-sorta partial to the Mars side; being a fire sign, you can’t help that. But you have quite a softer side about you, a more Venusian side, that likes to be stroked and petted. Between asceticism and opulence, give you opulence! So this puts you in a good place to take in the energies of Mars and Venus playing with Pluto and Neptune, and even view it philosophically, as each gets its expression in its purest form, and when countercharged.

Overall, once the aftermath of December is wrapped up (that whole arbitrator thing), it’s a pretty laid back, though entertaining month for you!

Virgo ♍

There’s a certain level of emotional detachment that you idealize, dear Virgo, and this month has a few of those moments that you’d love to cling onto. But then, there are moments when the complete opposite happens, and in fact, more often than the logical Zen that you crave. So this month is going to largely be an exercise in acceptance of your passionate nature, peppered by breaks of Vulcan logic.

Thankfully, at least, Mercury goes direct early on this month, and that Jupiter vs. Uranus static is over with along with it. A lot of unreasonable nonsense that was in your opinion, but I should remind you that sometimes, some things can only be resolved by heated dispute, as much as we all would like things to go reasonably and with Robert’s Rules of Order. Which, by the way, comes into play when the Sun squares with both Jupiter and Uranus... the Emperor’s gonna call both the King and the Rebel on the carpet in the second week of the month.

I gotta say, much of the emotional world this month is outside of your comfort zone, because largely Mars is involved, and so is Pluto. And, well... that Venus conjuncting Neptune about mid-month isn’t exactly your cup of tea. You want elements of Pluto and Neptune energy that ultimately amount to Saturn energy. The problem is that these energies are being expressed by themselves, channeled through Mars and Venus... all around, an uncomfortable arrangement of things for your sensibilities.

You’re better able to handle that Mars energy when it squares Saturn between the 17th and the 20th. For that matter, the same’s true for Venus when it squares Saturn from the 26th to the 28th. For most people, these aren’t terribly good aspects, but you’re a bit of a fan of Saturn’s energy because Saturn means control.

Overall, this experience is one where you can learn a lot about the extremes of control and submission. Dominance and submission, if you will. If you happen to have a partner that you can explore these dynamics with safely, so much the better!

Libra ♎

As the lover of harmony par excellence in the zodiac, not to mention you were in the thick of it, you’ll be relieved to see the end of the strife that closed out December and the year 2016. Odd, though, to be in the fanatically “conservative” camp, despite being one of the most liberal signs, isn’t it? Anyway...I guess that’s what happens when we get used to doing the progressive thing, and the “progressive” thing to do from that is doing the “conservative” thing.

So that nasty noise is over, and we have to start off with a cleaning. There’s an uneasy truce in the air, and eventually, that gets decided by a higher power (higher than King Jupiter??? Yes, I’m talking about The Sun). The Sun squares both Libra Jupiter and Aries Uranus mid-month, and unfortunately is keeping his own counsel... hasn’t told me a dang thing about what he’s deciding.

But on to more pleasant things: You love duality, especially when the two halves aren’t being feisty at each other. I’m talking, of course, about Mars sextile Pluto and Venus conjunct Neptune. Here we have that masculine planet with its “divine” counterpart, and that feminine planet with its own “divine” counterpart. The polarities of Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is obvious, and Pluto and Neptune have something of a similar dichotomy, though it runs much deeper.

Pluto is the most concentrated point – the most individualistic “zeitgeist,” and Neptune is the most expansive ocean – the least personal collective unconscious. On the surface, men are remembering being capital “M” Men, and women are doing the same with a capital “W.” Then, interestingly, they sort of swap off these channels. It’s seeming like we’re all getting in touch with ourselves to better get in touch with others. Then, your buddy Saturn pulls all of this together into quite an interesting view of society. Does this appeal to your “social engineer” self? You betcha, it does.

Scorpio ♏

“Did you see what God just did to us, man???” This may well be your exact thoughts at the start of this month and year, dear Scorpio, once the smoke clears from the sound and fury of December and 2016’s death throes. You were in the heat of it, in spite of yourself, and quite hotly in the mood for change. Now, let’s pick up the pieces and see what the rest of the month has to offer you.

The last echo of December dies down during the first week, and things look frickin’ great for you at the start of the second, with the Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury coming out of retrograde. All the stuff that kinda got pushed aside for last month’s big hoorah can now move forward, and you have more than enough strength to drive this baby home. Though it looks like there’s some comeuppance for you over December, at least the people on the other side are in the hot seat, too. Of course, you don’t mind too much being raked over the coals if your enemy is getting the same. It’s almost as good as winning.

Interesting power plays come out for the rest of the month. It’s like everyone is tapping into their own sense of awe and sense of awesomeness all at the same time. There isn’t any conflict in it, though. It’s more like some soul-searching. And then, there’s something of a role reversal wrapping the month up. You generally prefer to be chased, ironically because Uranus exalted throws a kink into the Mars/Pluto rulership, and as it turns out, you find that one who normally goes for being chased is chasing you.

Sagittarius ♐

The first half of this month is going to be the most active for you Centaurs out there. Largely, it’s a matter of wrapping up the...shall we say...philosophical differences you’ve been having with a certain select group. It can seem kind of odd that you want to hold onto a way of things that many would think is outmoded, but here you are. Even more ironic about it, this “progress” that you’re grating against is some homesick fantasy in your mind about “the good old days.”

This isn’t coming without some mixed feelings on your part, and that plays a lot into why you might be denigrating it so much. You yourself have some longing for “the good old days,” but you realize, at least for yourself, that it’s an illusion. Anyway, the first week of December for you is a kind of armistice, or uneasy truce. It’s a time to clean things up a bit.

The second week shows that this whole thing’s not quite over, but it WILL BE. You and those you were against are entering... for lack of a better word... arbitration. A higher power; a boss maybe, is calling everyone on the carpet for their shenanigans, and you’re definitely included. I can’t say what the outcome is, the arbiter (the Sun, if you need to know) is keeping his cards close to his chest in this matter. At any rate, this thing is OVER.

So, now what? Well, as far as you’re concerned, the rest of the month is smooth sailing. Mostly. Mars squares Saturn in your sign from the 17th to the 20th, and Venus does the same about ten days later. There’s liable to be some aggravated tension during the Mars transit, some frustration, as that tends to be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object paradox. In this case, you’re in the “immovable object” camp, and you might consider some compromise to break the tension.

When Venus squares Saturn, on the other hand, this is a great time to consider the rational elements of relationships. We all know that sometimes, love is not enough to keep people together, largely because they don’t work well together. This is ultimately the theme here that the business element of a love relationship needs some fine-tuning.

Overall, though, this is a great start to your 2017!

Capricorn ♑

Besides the fact that many of you will be celebrating your birthdays this month, January is shaping up to be an all-around good month for ye olde Goats. The sideshow that was Jupiter opposite Uranus ends in the first week, but then, so does Saturn trine Uranus. 2016 was quite a year for ups and downs, and you’re kinda glad that it’s over. Well, there is one order of business first.

The Sun in Capricorn will square Jupiter and Uranus between the 9th and the 12th, meaning that although the open warfare of Jupiter opposite Uranus is over, there are still some hard feelings that you’re called on to work out. What you’re being asked for is to work out that whole problem that business leaders routinely tackle – progress and new ventures versus the bread and butter. The standbys versus the ambitious.

A Cancer perspective could help you on this. Yes, Cancer is your opposite side, but the great thing is that largely, this sign has no planets in it this month, and what that means to you that they have “no dogs in the race.” In other words, since you’re basically “down in it,” an outsider’s view could help you see what you’re missing.

In the second half of the month, you’re knee-deep in some “Mars and Venus” action, when Mars squares Saturn and Venus sextiles Pluto between the 17th and 21st. Here we have a situation of power plays and some deep, kinky stuff. I’d say that probably the ladies will be “on top,” and gents “on bottom,” as far as that goes. That situation will likely change, flipping the script with Venus squaring Saturn from the 26th to the 28th. So, if you enjoy a little sting in your bouquet, that’s your best timing, and if you’re not down with a little “love hurts,” well...there’s likely to be some stinging going on between you and a loved one. Nothing too serious, though.

Aquarius ♒

After the wackiness of December dies down this month, things look really good on the work front for you. While Uranus perfectly expresses your more playful and impudent side, there’s a time and place for everything, and your more serious “down to business” Saturn side starts to shine. Essentially, your ideas have been taken well, and the wheels are starting to roll on putting them to use for most of the month. Also, in the first week, misunderstandings from Mercury retrograde that seem to have died down flare up once again, in that special way that means understanding is being reached, as Mercury stations direct.

This, just before the Sun squares Uranus again. Some melodrama might be afoot from the 10th to the 12th because of this. Maybe it’s a bit of the old “Full Moon Fever,” since that event happens on the 12th. It also marks what may be a budding romance, or an especially romantic time in a love relationship. Things are pretty low-key after that for about a week until…

The Sun enters your sign on the 19th, and a Happy Birthday to all of you born this month! If you are born between the 19th and the 26th, your birthday goes by largely without a fuss or complications, and even the overall swell vibe from your work successes this month fall back into the scenery. Naturally, you can’t stand to stay in that situation for very long -- what are you, a plant?

Venus squaring Saturn wraps up your month, and this is your kind of romantic situation. That is, romance in and of itself, as most people know it, isn’t your forte...this is an area where you are strangely pragmatic. And that’s exactly what this transit represents; a love situation that gets serious and practical. Talks of the business end of love abound, and “how do we live on more than just love?” So, expect bills to be divided, talks on who does what in housekeeping, and so on as January closes.

Pisces ♓

This month looks way more cooperative and easy going for you fishes, with Jupiter sextile Saturn until the 24th. It can seem odd to you sometimes that Aquariuses and Capricorns are good at putting a practical spin on your ideas, and that you can make theirs make bank with your artistic flair, but it’s something you should definitely roll with here.

Mercury stations direct on the 8th, so things might be a little disorienting for you before they settle back down. It’s when Mercury changes direction that things get disrupted usually, kind of like the sound an old record makes when you start playing it backwards, and when you switch it back to playing forwards. It’s easy enough to get used to the sounds of people talking backwards or forwards. It’s that “WRRRP” noise in the transition that’s jarring.

Full Moon Fever strikes on the 12th, showing you returns on that artistic spin you put on things at work. This could even mean a pay raise or a promotion if you’ve played your cards right. With Venus conjunct Neptune in the meanwhile, it certainly looks like a good time to celebrate with a loved one, or to start a new romance.

Closing out this month, there isn’t a whole lot to speak of for you Fishies. Venus in your sign squares Saturn, which definitely suggests a serious, practical look at your love life and art collection. Sure, this basically means that the honeymoon is over, but really, this is a great transit in working out the less “pie in the sky” parts of a relationship, like who’s going to take out the trash. The New Moon on the 27th marks a new beginning in this area of your life, so things are definitely looking up for you!

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