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Happy Birthday, Aquarius! January 20-February 18

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Happy birthday all Aquarius natives! Though we’re just getting into our new year, this is the 11th sign of the zodiac, and we’re coming to the end of our list, with just Pisces to go.

The Decans of Aquarius are:

  • January 20-29
  • January 30-February 9
  • February 9-18

Aquarius natives tend to be more socially aware, and have a tendency towards being very active in humanitarian or charitable causes. They’re all about making things better and trying to help others to see the bigger picture. Visionary and progressive, they tend to try to cheerlead everyone around them into getting in on the causes they care for.

Aquarius’s symbol is the water bearer. They are a fixed air sign and ruled by rebellious Uranus. The Sun moves into Aquarius right around January 20th until February 18, depending on what year it is.

One thing you probably already know, if you’re an Aquarius or you love one: They’re really not keen on the status quo or doing things the same way they’ve always been done. This can make them a little on the insensitive side when it comes to traditions or people caught up in mindsets they don’t understand. Those who get stuck in ruts confuse them deeply. Don’t think that any of this means they, themselves, cannot be stubborn. Oh, they can and they will.

Some people feel like Aquarians are hard to understand, imagining that they’re a bit on the aloof side, but they still have something about them which draws others in. Deeply inquisitive and very astute, they pay careful attention to things around them and tend to be very tolerant of others’ on a bigger picture scale. It’s very rare to find a bigoted Aquarius, but they do exist. (I haven’t MET one yet, but I am sure they are out there.)

When we talk about the water carrier, that refers to Ganymede, who was a beautiful young man and the son of a king of Troy, King Tros. One day, he’s watching his father’s sheep up on Mount Ida when Jupiter, or Zeus, sees him. He decides he must have him. So, he turned into a bird and kidnapped him. He becomes his personal cup-bearer, and his father is gifted with a herd of the finest horses in the exchange. In time, Ganymede gets tired of this arrangement. So, he dumps out every last bit of the Gods’ water, wine, and ambrosia, letting Jupiter/Zeus know he’s done. This, they say, is how rain came to the Earth in the first place, but also, how the Earth was flooded, similar to Biblical lore, just with a bit of a different background there. Though Jupiter/Zeus was really angry about the whole thing, eventually, he figures that he’s actually done the wrong thing. (Which almost never happens, incidentally.) So, he grants Ganymede immortality, and this is how the constellation of Aquarius originates, more or less.

When the Sun is in Aquarius, it’s a good time to try new things, expand your mind and learn things. You can really get in touch with who you are and what you truly want during this time, opening your mind to others’ and be much more objective in your approach. On an astrological level, matters shift more towards the collective and understanding ourselves and others much better than we did before.

You may find yourself looking into the more practical solutions to bigger issues which sounds a bit weird, given how idealistic this sign truly is, but it all balances very well and you will find that the detached Aquarius energy helps with this a lot. Also during this time, communication gets really interesting as ideas and other information are exchanged in much broader strokes for the greater good. Concerns with equality, also long standing solutions, will come into play and things that were only just concepts will begin to gain steam, even as new ideas and feelings may emerge. 

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