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December 2016 Monthly Star Blast Horoscopes

Posted by Victoria Reinertsdatter on

Important points:

  • Jupiter exits Pluto square on the 1st
  • Sun exits Neptune square on the 1st
  • Sun sextile Jupiter, conjunct Saturn 8-11
  • Sun trine Uranus 11-13
  • Full Moon 13
  • Saturn trine Uranus 16, exact 24, on out
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus 19, exact 26, on out
  • New Moon 29
  • Uranus stations direct 29
  • Sun sextile Neptune 29-31

Hey, everyone!

The month of December has a lot of highlights and many of them with unique interplay between your signs. This month, I will just go right into your sign by sign horoscope for the month ahead so we can get right to the heart of the matter. 

Have a great month!


Aries ♈

This month starts off with a bang for all of us, and you no less than anyone else, dear Aries. To be more accurate, though, it’s more like the echoes of the explosions that have been going on, with a forecast of tinnitus. At its best, Jupiter square Pluto is a big, swaggering, swinging wiener of cocky overconfidence. At its worst, it’s a global Purging on Devil’s Night. You know what it is you’ve been looking at, and though the aspect ends on the first, its aftermath will last for a few more weeks.

After a little cooling down period, the Sun sextiles Jupiter while conjuncting Saturn (which naturally, is sextile Jupiter, too.) This is actually a pretty good arrangement of planets here, especially after the Godzilla Rampage atmosphere that ended a week ago. It’s like, now that everyone got all that out of their system, we can work on pragmatic, practical solutions to the issue now that power plays aren’t so much a feature. This continues on with a sense of implementing reforms from the 16th on through to next month.

This “moving forward” theme starts with the Full Moon on the 13th. This Full Moon is in Gemini, suggesting that the paperwork generated from the productive debates gets signed, contracts are formed, and other legal stuff comes to fruition.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be rocky moments moving forward, though. Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 19th and goes on through to next year. This aspect is, if not, in fact, the apocalypse that many people seem to want, it wouldn’t be from a lack of effort on their part. This aspect is one to pay special attention to since it will be a running theme for the next year. The last time it happened, while Jupiter was in Cancer, Edward Snowden got asylum in Russia, and it just so happens that his asylum runs out this year.

Mainly, this aspect points at two major currents: The underdog striking at the underbelly of the incumbent, and religious fanaticism rearing its ugly head again. Overall, there’s a sense of upheaval going on, so I wouldn’t speculate in stock markets, or cling too hard on beliefs you take for granted. Especially since Uranus goes direct on the 29th, during the New Moon. Definitely time for new beginnings.

Taurus ♉

If you’re one of the more feisty Bulls out there, this looks like a fun month for you. But for the rest of you, well... you’ll have breaks from all the excitement here and there this month. Like in the first week, during the echoes and aftermath of the thankfully departed Jupiter/Pluto square, and those few more days of structured and systematic restructuring that will be happening until the Full Moon.

After the Full Moon, though, I’m not gonna lie, things get pretty intense. Fundamentalism and progressiveness clash in a big way. I won’t go so far as to say that it looks like straight up civil war or anything, but I will say that a lot of people will be a lot of tired of the way things have been going, and they’re more than happy to lash out. This is likely to put you into one of two places: either you’re “all in” for the traditional school of thought, or you’re likely to be casually supportive of it, in the way of “It’s worked all this time (for me),” and “why can’t we all just get along?” Let’s face it, you’re more comfortable in tradition.

Taking this attitude, though, can put you in an awkward space toward the end of the month. Uranus stationing direct during the New Moon will leave you with little space to not “pick a side,” and apparently, the tide seems to turn in favor to the new progressive ideology. I say “new progressive” in this case, because it seems highly doubtful that it’s the same kind of progressiveness that we’ve been talking about for the past few years. One thing I can say with certainty is that the “status quo” will not be the way to go.

Gemini ♊

This is an exciting, if not confusing, month to be alive and to be a Gemini. It can hardly be argued, right? Giving us a week to let the dust from last month settle at the start, we then have a few days to build a more stable and pragmatic outlook on things. While you ultimately need such things in your life, dear Gemini, just on the sheer “bread and butter” level, it doesn’t exactly suit your edgy “seat of the pants” nature. And like most everything, this too comes to an end, right about when the Full Moon culminates in your sign.

You know about as well as anyone else that there’s always the fine print in signed documents, especially contracts. Loopholes, earmarks, and so on. looks like this pile of paperwork might be the spark of some hardcore rethinking of things. A virtual bonfire of that, really. Dysfunctional fundamentalism and petulant progressives lock horns again. It’s a time for people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the status quo raise their voices. Each in their own way, each for their own reasons. Of course, you’re savvy enough to realize that this new progressive ideology isn’t the same animal as what’s been going on. Because, basically, it wasn’t progressive enough. Now the big question everyone needs to ask is: Just because it’s progress, is it progressing in the right direction?

Now, it does appear as though being on the progressive side is being on the winning side, and there was never any doubt that you’d throw your hat in the arena for that side. For that matter, the question of if it’s the right side or the wrong side isn’t one that you would consider before doing that. It is, ultimately, one that you would consider well after the fact, and you have nearly the entire year to figure that out.

Cancer ♋

Did you ever see the meme about the “prayers of the zodiac?” Where Cancer’s was simply, “Dear GOD!!!!!” Well, this month starts off somewhat quietly, but we could well be getting to that point by the end. Unless, of course, you still have that lumbering sleeping giant thing hanging around from last month, and I recommend keeping that card in your game.

It may well have been you stomping all over Tokyo as a giant lizard last month, and for the first week this month, we’ll be looking at the quiet aftermath of that display, maybe with a ringing in our ears from all of the sound and fury. And it would seem at first that this outburst got you what you wanted: Everyone sitting at the table, having a human-family meeting about how we can make this all work, without overstretching ourselves, and everything seems fair…

...and once everyone seems to be in agreement, a dissenting voice cries out, and that apple cart is officially upset. That will be sometime around the Full Moon on the 13th. Don’t fret, though, agreements made at this point are really only bandaids on festering wounds, and those have to be drained out before real talks can commence.

The second half of the month is largely characterized by that exact draining of mental/emotional pus. Everyone is fairly fed up with “the way things have always been,” that much they can agree on, but now the big question, the big fight, is “where do we go from here?” Some parts are entrenched in a fundamentalist philosophy of “Good old days” that may have never happened, while others are fighting for a progressive future that may not be possible or sustainable. Much compromise is needed, but this is a huge issue, and not one to be worked out in a few days, or even the majority of the coming year.

The prevailing attitude seems to be for the more progressive approach, but there are so many questions to be sorted out within that one thing. While Uranus going direct suggests that it’s the favored approach, does that mean that it’s correct in a real sense? The Sun’s sextile with Neptune does confound seemingly simple questions like that, and once it ends on the 31st, maybe there will be a clearer view of everything.

Leo ♌

You are quite the mover and shaker this month, Leo, and an unashamed agent provocateur. For the most part, at the beginning of the month, you’re great for keeping things together, bringing people together, and advocating for the most sensible solutions to the issues at hand. Oddly, too, since you’re the one advocating restraint versus overweening... shall we say “colonialism?” “Expansion” seems kind of an understatement.

Your involvement in this way diminishes after the 13th, after the Full Moon. Until the end of the month, your mantra looks more like “Did you see what God just did to me?” Uranus, your exalted planet, is quite busy, it looks like. And as it tends to do, it’s upsetting the status quo, big time. In the figurative family room, you’re the one who, after the Monopoly game is said and done, flips the board and screams “no fair!” You, or Aquarius.

Jupiter opposite Uranus... it’s like both sides of the debate suddenly jumped out of the rafters and started a melee in the boardroom. But while this all seems needless, obviously it isn’t, because there’s still a long way to go before everyone’s satisfied with things again. Obviously, a huge cross-section of people wasn't happy with the election results, but it seems now that nobody is. And ironically, at least until the 1st of next month, nobody really knows for sure what they want or where they stand, thanks to Sun sextile Neptune. A better 2017? We’ll see.

Virgo ♍

This is definitely a good month for you to let go and roll with it, Virgo. Things start off great in your worldview. All the racket from the Jupiter square Pluto nonsense dies down the first day! We have the whole week to clean up after that mess! And everyone’s getting along and hashing things out during the second week! But wait... who threw that golden apple into the room? Oh dear God, it says “Kallisti” on it.

Well, at least things started out and developed to your liking for a minute there, dear Virgo. Now, let’s talk about what happens next, because normally, you’re probably the one most likely to be upset by this turn of events. You like control and when things run smoothly. But Jupiter opposes Uranus on the 19th, and Uranus stations direct on the 29th. What’s more, the Sun sextiles Neptune from the 29th to the 31st, and so rational ideas aren’t exactly forthcoming.

The nature of unrest and outrage is that it’s an irrational reaction to a very rational assessment of things, a lot of the time. We’ve all seen that the way things have been going hasn't been working for a long time. Politics has become the worst kind of puppet show. Entertainment has been dumbed down unbearably. You’re probably sure that we literally live in “Idiocracy” now. Sometimes, when things get just so ludicrous, “talking it out” can only come after venting. A hell of a lot of venting. Think of a global-size “tantrum yoga” session, and that’s exactly what we have. Rational solutions? Let’s see what next month brings.

Libra ♎

You’re a peace-maker by nature (or a muckraker on occasion), and you’ll be glad for the break from the power games that this month starts us off with. Even better, after that week long break, having a general air of rationally talking through issues between the 8th and the 13th is just 7th Heaven to you. Having it all on paper on the 13th, when the Full Moon comes? Absolutely fabulous! Too bad it’s short-lived.

Unlike many people out there, though, you understand deeply the idea that politeness is often just veneer over rotting plywood. As much of a fan as you are of being civil, you’re as guilty as any of the occasional outburst; that swing from Alpha to Omega as it were. So you may be quite taken aback by the rational truce turning into the twin sniping snakes of fundamentalism versus progressiveness at first. But at least you’re in a unique position to negotiate some compromise, just like a Libra do.

Unless you jump early on this, though, things could get muddied between the 29th and the 31st, as the Sun sextiles Neptune. The fine line between “good and evil” is incredibly blurred at this time, and we’ll have to wait until next month to get everyone on the same page again.

Scorpio ♏

You were “on the front lines,” as they say, last month, and that power struggle ends on the first of this month. And though that precise struggle is over, you can still hear the echoes of it, and you’ll still have to pick up the pieces. The first week of this month is good for exactly that since there isn’t much going on in the cosmic weather then. Making amends and talking through issues that may have arisen in your relationships characterize the second week, and things look pretty good once the Full Moon comes around on the 13th.

But you’re never good about “letting sleeping dogs lie,” and that tendency splashes all over the place on the 19th, when Jupiter opposes your exalted planet, Uranus. Almost compulsively, you pop that zit that is, ultimately, a stalemate between progress and settling into a sort of zealotry; a fury-backed “how it’s s’posed to be” self-righteousness. It’s fear versus courage, and here’s the thing. You’re likely to be misunderstood over this. You see, much like Libra does, that there’s a rotten core of resentment underneath the veneer of politeness. This has to be exposed and cut out, or the whole construct will collapse.

At the end of the month, things get really “interesting” for you, though. Simultaneously, we have a New Moon, Uranus stations direct, and the Sun sextiles Neptune. It’s a huge upheaval... at night... out at sea... but somehow, it’s what makes everything right in the end. And maybe this bodes well for 2017, because, well, most of us can agree that 2016 was a pretty harsh year for everyone.

Sagittarius ♐

You’re representing heavily this month, Sagittarius; whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of perspective, as you well know. The power plays of last month are gone as of the first of the month. Things are quiet for the first week, and you can peacefully enjoy your pastimes before managing the business of hashing out a more balanced approach to life. That all gets settled, or so you think, on the 13th, during the Full Moon.

The thing is, you know all too well that some things aren’t so cut and dry, and that all comes to the surface on the 29th. All the same, it’s nothing short of mind-blowing to you... it’s a new start, to be sure, with the New Moon hanging overhead. But Uranus stationing direct while the Sun is sextile Neptune makes a huge mindf*ck of it. Didn’t see that coming.

The thing is, it’s about old resentments coming to surface that need to be dealt with. It’s an essential clash of values that has been swept under the rug until it became the biggest dust-bunny ever. So it’s going be ugly at first. It’s going to not make sense. The direction isn’t going to be clear. And I’m not going say that it’s something that can be resolved in the first few days or even this month. But that confounding factor of Sun sextile Neptune ends on the 31st, so stay tuned next month to see what things look like then.

Capricorn ♑

Largely this month, you’ll be playing the role of peace-keeper. Well, the voice of reason, anyway. Dear Cappy, do you feel like you’re surrounded by completely irrational people? Well, the stars sure make it look that way, don’t they? So, just as that nastiness from the wrap up of November clears away, where you kinda lost your cool, you get to spend a week on at least a mental vacation, as there isn’t much going on in the skies at that time.

On the 8th, the Sun conjuncts Saturn, your ruler, and sextiles Jupiter (your antagonist last month, by the way), meaning that a much more structured parley is in the works, and a balanced approach to expansion versus security gets reached. Papers get signed, and everything is right in the world, at least for a few days.

On the 16th, Saturn trines Uranus and holds that position beyond the end of this month. While things were hairy with Jupiter there for a while, this arrangement is a great balance of inventiveness and pragmatism. So, what of all this crazy “fundamentalism versus progressiveness” that has been a thread throughout all the signs in this post thus far? For you, thankfully, that’s mostly someone else’s problem. You’re more on the progressive side of things so that Jupiter guy might naggle you a bit, but really, you don’t have time for that. At most, your response would simply be your patented “Are you out of your mind?!” glare.

Aquarius ♒

By and large, there isn’t much going on in your world at the start of this month. The Sun conjuncts your old ruler Saturn while sextiling Jupiter on the 8th. This is a great time for planning things out in a mutually beneficially way with someone you have to work with. Just make sure that things are truly to your satisfaction by the 13th, when the deal is sealed, or things could get ugly at the end of the month. You may think that you can “take one for the team,” but the stars are saying that you won’t maintain that for very long.

You see, first, your rulers, Saturn and Uranus, trine each other on the 16th and hold that position on out from here. This is totally workable, again as a balance of what has proven to work and what has yet to be tested. Good so far? Then Jupiter positions opposite Uranus, and that’s when things “get fun.”

This is the conflict between fundamentalist and progressive values that have marked much of our generation’s culture. The last time we saw this configuration, Edward Snowden got sanctuary in Russia. It just so happens that his sanctuary runs out while this transit is in the air. Also, the manned space program got shut down and is scheduled to resume during this transit. Now, the big question for you is, what happened to you back then that might get reversed this coming year?

This is especially a thing to think of, as Uranus stations direct on the 29th, while the New Moon’s in the air. New beginnings, but of what? Well, from the 29th to the 31st, coming to an answer might be hard to do, but it IS a good time for some soul searching.

Pisces ♓

This isn’t a month where you’re terribly in the mood to be “go with the flow,” but I gotta say, it would definitely make things easier if you did! That aggro energy at the end of last month dies down before this month is a day old, and you’re just fine with that. “Let’s have some quiet for a week, and we’ll talk this thing through like rational human beings.” And that’s exactly what happens during week two of December. And while you’re fine with sealing deals with just a handshake, it doesn’t hurt that you get something more solid than that on the 13th.

Everything looks fine from there until the 19th when your old ruler Jupiter opposes Uranus. This is where a bit of that “go with the flow” energy would come in handy, because what we’re looking at is some fundamental assumptions you make are challenged, nay, even called out, by more progressive, maybe even weird to you, ideas, and this could get ugly if you don’t take things in stride. This isn’t something that will go away soon, it a “heads up” for next year, because this will be in effect until September.

Now, where you stand, and what all of this means to you, are all great things to meditate over from the 29th to the 31st. The New Moon heralds a new direction in life, Uranus going direct backs that up, and while most others might get muddled by Sun sextile Neptune, this aspect is where you go pro. You may not work it all out during this time, but you’ll be better prepared for January and the coming year if you do.

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