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Your Lucky Numbers for Nov 30-Dec 6, 2016 in Love & Money!

Hello again! If you read the Star Blasts, you know. Opportunities abound, and things seem quite fantastic. Make sure to read the fine print and take your time. You’ll find that inspiration now does pan out, but you’ll need to be careful not to get ahead of yourself this week! Good Luck, Victoria Aries ♈ Highlight Days for Money: Wednesday, [...]

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Hypnotherapy Can Ease Some Symptoms

When you think about hypnotherapy, it’s probably in the context of a swinging pocket watch and a voice intoning, “You are getting very sleepy.” But neither watches nor sleep are part of hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis, which is the therapeutic use of hypnosis. Here’s what research suggests — and what you probably don’t know — [...]

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Managing through AIDS Wasting Syndrome

AIDS wasting syndrome causes unwanted weight loss that is equal to more than 10% of a person's body weight. Losing weight can be devastating for someone fighting an illness because weight loss results in the loss of both muscle and fat. Once this weight is lost, it can be difficult to gain back. However, it is possible to feel [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for November 23-29, 2016 in Love & Money!

Hello again! This week, a bit of balance could do you a world of good! Though there are many reasons to be hopeful, a more cautiously playful and adaptive approach would be the best. Whether in love or in money, be sure you’re investing wisely! ‘Til next week, Victoria Aries ♈ Highlight Days for Money: Monday and Tuesday Highlight [...]

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Financial Astrology: Astrology of the US Federal Reserve

Though the actual announcement is an incredible piece of history all in its own right, being as it was one of the first radio broadcasts to be given live at the White House, you’d be hard-pressed to find the original clip of President Woodrow Wilson’s clip wherein he is announcing the establishment and signing of the Federal Reserve Act.You’d be [...]

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Can Meditation Really Cure Disease?

A growing body of research now links the Eastern practice to improved conditions for serious ailments, from diabetes to heart disease to cancer. How? By "treating the whole person... so they can live in greater health and joy," says Shauna Shapiro, a clinical psychologist and professor at Santa Clara University. And from that so-called "joy," [...]

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Your Lucky Numbers for November 16-22, 2016 in Love & Money!

Hello again! This week, with that Full Moon, it’ll be a good week for investing in your long-term future, but be careful: whether it’s love or money, you make sure it’s the real thing before you sign on the dotted line or head out to Vegas for an Elvis-themed wedding. Good luck! Victoria Aries ♈ Highlight Days for Money: Friday [...]

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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! November 23-December 23

Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Before we get into this, I have to tell you that my very favorite Sagittarius of all has a birthday and I know she’s in excellent company. Be sure to pop over to our Facebook page and tell Occult Expert and your Mistress of All Things Tarot, Jen Devillier, Happy Birthday! Her birthday is on November 23. The [...]

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The Surprising New Age Habit of Outrageously Successful People

What do Oprah, Russell Simmons, and Arianna Huffington all have in common? While they are all obviously successful people they also all engage in one very important daily habit, meditation. It used to be people made fun of those who were "new age" but meditation may just be the new hip thing to do. After one [...]

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Free Astrology Lesson - November 2016

So, last month we had a look at the ascendant/descendant axis, and it got me thinking about the areas I most get asked about, in terms of how I was writing these little explorations out. Of course, as I have mentioned in the financial astrology blog posts, people ask me about love and money. Whatever else I [...]

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