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  • Aromatherapy First Aid Kit eBooks
  • Aromatherapy First Aid Kit eBooks

Aromatherapy First Aid Kit eBooks


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What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the treatment of physical ailment by using essential oils that contain natural healing properties that come right from nature.  

Part of the reason we're suffering more now than at any other time in history is because we've become very out of touch with nature.  Things that we used to rely on 100 years ago barely get a thought as we reach for the medicine cabinet to help with a headache or sinuses.

Nature is perfect in itself.  It functions in harmony without a second thought, it's people that synthesize and derive all of our medicines from nature's example.  We don't have to recreate what nature has so perfectly created for us. Instead of using chemicals and toxins that were copied in nature's image we need to utilize ingredients and building blocks from nature itself.

So that's why we've created this amazing system that will bring nature back into your life and back into balance.

Instead of looking for solutions outside of nature, we're going to get right back to nature.

Modern medicine has its place, but the point we're making is you don't need to take a pharmaceutical pill for every illness or problem you encounter or use a toxic commercial brand cleaner that could easily harm your health because there's natural always has its own alternative. C
onsider this kit an intervention of your dependency of chemical based products. 

It's alarming to admit there are hundreds of banned chemicals that still today lace our household cleaners and various cosmetics that use each day.  

We tend to associate toxins with skull and crossbones yet with some products there's little difference.  In fact if haircare and cosmetics products displayed the skull and crossbones on its packages, would we be so eager to use them?  I think not.

The UK has banned hundreds chemicals on its hot list, chemicals that are poisonous to human health.  Unfortunately, not all nations have adopted their stance on banning toxins and they still continue to be used.

This means unless you know the exact harmful chemicals used you'll continue to use them and be oblivious. 

Some of the negative side effects from these chemicals, range from increased sensitivity and new allergies, reduced fertility, damage to the central nervous system, Alzheimer's disease risk, increased cancer risk, difficulties breathing, brain tumors, coma, stroke and even death.

Knowledge is power.  

Don't wait for you government to intervene because they've failed so far and continue to allow the use of these toxic chemicals in everyday products.  Nothing can take the place of knowledge when it comes to your own due diligence.

In the US unfortunately, cosmetic corporations are not required to disclose ingredients in their products on packaging so it means you have to be even more careful to protect the health of you and your loved ones.
There's never been a better time to go natural!  We've become a "sensitive and allergic" society and it's no wonder.  With all the artificial toxins we come into contact with every day, it's no wonder we're getting more allergic and more sensitive than ever before in history.

In fact, a toxin found in your typical hair dye contains what is known as a sensitizer.  You can go cluelessly unaware that this chemical is breaking down your defences, making you susceptible to allergies until one day and you can no longer dye your hair because you've developed an allergy towards hair dye. Not only that, the sensitizer has left you vulnerable to the effects of other chemicals that come into contact with your skin because the sensitizer facilitates easy penetration of your skin allowing toxins to enter into your bloodstream.  Once in the blood these toxins come in contact with internal organs like your liver and kidneys.
Another example of typical harmful toxins is deoderants.  Many deoderants contain aluminum that's used for its anti-microbe properties, this essentially controls the level of odor from bacteria in perspiration.  But, aluminum is toxic to the body and is harmful to the central nervous system. It's also linked with Alzheimer's disease and even cancer.

As humans, we need to sweat, that's the purpose of our glands, to remove toxins from our bodies, yet we're so concerned with cheating this basic biological function.  Blocking our glands with aluminum based products not only prevents sweating it also prevents the body from draining impurities.  At times, our pores can get blocked and even infected. It's suggested there may be a link between gland blockage and breast cancer.

This doesn't mean that you have to go through life with sweaty armpits.  There are natural remedies that can help combat sweating, odor, an almost every ailment, naturally and the key is aromatherapy!




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