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  • Detailed Numerology Compatibility Report for Two

Detailed Numerology Compatibility Report for Two


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Ever thought about why you enjoy the company of one person more than someone else's?  This high-quality Compatibility Report highlights areas of harmony and disharmony between any two people.  It's approximately 20 pages in length and is suitable for any two people: lover's friends, co-workers or even those you're in conflict with.

When two people get involved in a relationship, they learn to know one other more deeply as time passes. In the beginning, things usually are wonderful with little friction. As time goes on, however, individuals gain a deeper insight into the other person's personality and the qualities they don't care for, and the other qualities they appreciate. But even for those who think their relationship is perfect, they will undoubtedly realize at least some areas of potential conflict.

The purpose of this Compatibility Report is to highlight the personality traits and qualities you and your partner possess and how to realize a more harmonious relationship. The report identifies areas that are, to a greater or lesser extent, less compatible.  It also provides suggestions for how to prevent these less compatible areas from eroding your relationship.

It's important to remember that each of you have qualities that, while considered positive, are less compatible.  Negative qualities are routinely a cause for conflict. So, you could find this Compatibility Report is a bit more critical and even sometimes a little harsh - unlike other readings of its kind. If you feel apprehensive about the directness of the report, just keep in mind is created to highlight areas in your charts that require a better understanding and full recognition.

You will also notice some numbers in your Personal Numerology Report are omitted in the Compatibility Report. This is because two people's core numerology numbers represent as much as 95% of their overall compatibility. The lower numbers in your numerology are relatively inconsequential and would only muddy the waters if analyzed in the context of this Compatibility Report.


Delivered straight to your email inbox in as few as three business days, these custom-made, comprehensive reports make great gifts that let people know you went the extra mile for a personal gift. And everyone will enjoy discovering page after page how their unique numerology provides remarkably accurate insights that help us to understand ourselves and others more completely.

Please note:  all our products are 100% custom made based on your individual birth information, allowing them to speak to and about you individually and in specific and concrete ways.  Each report is approximately 20-pages and is presented in a beautiful high-quality PDF format emailed to your inbox in as little as three business days and ready for home or professional printing if you choose.

  • 100% custom made based and personalized with unique birth information of two people
  • Delivered in PDF format by email within three to five business days
  • Presented in a lovely high-quality PDF document suitable for home or professional printing
  • Make a great personalized gift
  • Intended for persons aged 14 and over only

We use the exact text and other information you enter to produce a custom product.  Double check your entries.  We are not responsible for errors resulting from inaccurate, false or incorrect customer data.

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    Very details and the customer service very good too. Thank you very much.